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Santa Claus wishes

Santa Claus card on December 6

Every year, every child looks forward to December 6: St. Nicholas is coming! The commemoration day of the holy bishop of Myra is celebrated by many Christians with numerous rituals. For example, on the eve of December 6, children place one of their boots in front of the door, which St. Nicholas fills with sweets, fir branches, tangerines and small gifts. The good man is accompanied by his servant Ruprecht. Adults can also make each other happy with nice little things and greeting cards for St. Nicholas. Therefore, on this page you will find very personal greetings for St. Nicholas.

The greeting card for Santa Claus wishes

Christmas motifs determine the greeting card for St. Nicholas. The friendly old man with a white beard, a bishop's miter and a crozier is a popular motif. Teddy bears or animals with Santa hats, gifts, boots, fir branches, candles and snowmen are also suitable for cheerful greetings for St. Nicholas. The images exude a festive and cozy mood. Santa Claus caricatures can be a funny alternative.

Personalization of wishes and greetings

Since in many places it is customary to recite a poem to St. Nicholas, greetings in rhyming form are also particularly suitable for the card. They fit the festive character of the Advent season. But even those who do not feel called to write poetry can put some friendly Christmas wishes on paper. Typical motifs such as light, cookies, Santa Claus, snow and boots appear again and again in greetings to Santa Claus.

Greetings for Santa Claus

With the following Santa Claus greetings you can make your greeting card Christmas.

Warm greetings to St. Nicholas ...

Best greetings for St. Nicholas Day bring ...

Best wishes for St. Nicholas Day and a wonderful Advent season ...

For St. Nicholas I send you the very sweetest greetings! I look forward to our Christmas together Your ...

On St. Nicholas Day we can learn that it is the little things in life that bring the greatest joy! Love for St. Nicholas from ...

Dear grandma, dear grandpa! Hopefully the dear Santa Claus brings you also many nice things! All the best, your grandchildren ...

Much joy, Christmas magic and shining children's eyes I wish you and your young family for St. Nicholas Day!

Year after year, the feast of St. Nicholas brings back fond childhood memories. May today, the sixth of December, also become a beautiful and precious memory!

Have fun putting out your boots and we wish you a wonderful, idyllic and bright St. Nicholas Day with all our hearts!

Today comes Santa's colleague to bring you a little taste of Christmas! I wish you a happy St. Nicholas Day!

I wish you that Santa Claus fills your boot well - not only with tangerines and walnuts, but also with health, joy and success! Warm greetings to Santa Claus ...

Waiting for Christmas can be hard.... - Thank God for St. Nicholas Day and makes the long wait more bearable! Well filled boots and a happy Advent season I wish you with all my heart!

Today the Advent calendar is particularly productive: not only another door is opened, today you also get boots full of goodies. Today comes Santa Claus! In addition, I would like to bring my warmest greetings and wish a harmonious Advent season.

St. Nicholas reminds us how much the little joys of life mean. I wish you and your family a wonderful St. Nicholas Day with lots of lovely little treats! Warm greetings from ...

An important stop during Advent is St. Nicholas Day, a little taste of Christmas, so to speak. So learn your poems, sing your songs, put out dad's big boot and enjoy the magic of this special day! Love and warm greetings for St. Nicholas from ...

With you, Santa Claus can unpack properly and Knecht Ruprecht does not have to bring out his rod! You have behaved well and brought us much joy throughout the year. Grandma and Grandpa wish you a happy St. Nicholas Day!

St. Nicholas teaches us that we should live our lives well and decently. You have no trouble with that and therefore you will surely find a small St. Nicholas bag in front of your door today. Greetings ...

The holy bishop from Myra reminds us that giving is more blessed than receiving. This realization allows us to approach Christmas with a good conscience and a pure heart. Warm greetings to St. Nicholas!

St. Nicholas Day is not only for children, it is also an opportunity to send greetings to loved ones. Therefore, today I would like to bring you especially warm greetings and best wishes for the pre-Christmas period. All the love ...

St. Nicholas Day is not about the chocolate; the real joy lies in placing the boot in front of the door full of anticipation and seeing it filled overnight as if by magic the next morning - this is the true St. Nicholas magic that has accompanied us for generations and fills us anew every year! Best wishes for St. Nicholas sends you ...

While Christmas in many places has degenerated into a veritable consumer marathon, the feast of St. Nicholas still breathes the magic of times gone by: The customs and rituals, the poems and songs, the atmosphere and the anticipation are more important than the actual gifts. So I wish you an especially beautiful, idyllic and magical St. Nicholas Day!

Santa Claus poems for a greeting

For Santa Claus greetings are very often used small poems and verses.

Bells ring from house to house,
Today comes St. Nicholas!
Comes through snow, comes through wind,
comes to every good child.

Dear Saint Nicholas,
come to our house today.
Teach us to think of the poor,
Let us share and give.

Dear Saint Nicholas,
come to our house today,
teach us to think of the poor,
Let us share and give,
Show us how to give cheerfully,
How to help and how to love.

Chocolate, tangerines,
round nuts and raisins,
apples and a fir branch -
come quickly, it's time!
Santa Claus has brought over night,
brought many a beautiful greeting!

Tomorrow comes Santa Claus,
quickly put out your boots!
Because who was good, gets certainly
Sweets, nuts and cinnamon!

Today is Santa Claus, run quickly to the door,
The good boot is still here,
But now it's filled to the brim
with everything your heart desires!
Thank you dear Santa Claus
for this Christmas feast!

You are a really good kid,
who brings joy to many people,
so your boot will be well stocked
with everything that makes you happy!
So that it also remains so,
always remain friendly and clever.

Through the thick snowy forest
Santa Claus is coming soon!
Carrying a heavy sack -
what has he packed?
And is there anything in it for you?
Quickly put down your boot!

You children, put out your shoes,
because today Santa Claus is coming;
and if you've always been good and well-behaved,
Santa Claus will reward you in your sleep.
He'll bring you apples, figs, nuts
and good baked goods, sweet as sugar
But for the bad, bad child
he puts the rod down quickly.

Long, long years ago
In a faraway land
Once lived a holy bishop,
called Saint Nicholas.

He was loved by great and small,
For he wanted to please everyone.
And still from heaven he descends,
Giving gifts to the good children again.