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Congratulations, greetings, sayings and poems

Sample texts for congratulations, greeting cards and sayings

Every year has its festive days: whether New Year, Easter or Christmas and, of course, the days with family celebrations - on all occasions you should bring your wishes and greetings and congratulate with joy. One wishes health, days without haste or a carefree and happy new year. One congratulates on the driver's license or on the marriage, one wishes the very dearest people a never-ending happiness and hopes that every day in the future is blessed with health and success. One tells one's sweetheart or loved one that he or she is the most important person in the whole world and longs for a long life together. In case of illness, be it mother or father or relatives or good friends, one looks forward again full of confidence with the congratulatory text.
But sometimes the congratulations are difficult to put on paper, writing is difficult and you are looking for texts, examples and templates. Exactly here the advice pages of would like to help you, with us there are personal congratulations, a suitable saying or the perfect poem for every occasion, for every celebration or anniversary.

Christmas wishes

Christmas, the festival of love. Your Christmas wishes should capture the magic of the Christmas season and also convey it in your wishes. On our Christmas page, you are sure to find the right wish for your loved ones. We have distinguished between family or friendship Christmas wishes as well as business Christmas wishes. We have prepared the following topics for Christmas greetings: Christmas wishes, Christmas sayings, Christmas poems as well as Christmas greetings for companies and SMS sayings for Christmas.

Wedding congratulations

Wedding, what a wonderful occasion to deliver heartfelt congratulations. We have compiled unique and very personal wedding congratulations for you. With the texts you can make your wedding card very appealing - it will surely remain in long memory of the wedding couple. In addition to wedding congratulations, you will also find funny and romantic wedding sayings as well as unique wedding poems. Bridal couples will get templates for their wedding invitation and thank you card.

Birth congratulations

The birth of a child is the most joyful event in the life of a couple. On this special occasion, heartfelt birth wishes should be delivered to the new citizen of the earth and parents. Relatives, friends and colleagues will find on our pages congratulations on the birth, as well as poems, sayings and quotes. The birth congratulations can thus be made very appealing and unique. In addition to the congratulations, parents can find sample texts for a birth announcement in the newspaper.

Congratulations for the church feast

Special church celebrations for children and teenagers are First Holy Communion, Confirmation in the Catholic Church or Confirmation in the Protestant Church. Present individual congratulations on this special day, for example, with a beautiful saying or quote or festive poem and convey the best greetings.

Wedding anniversary congratulations

The silver wedding and golden wedding are probably the best known wedding anniversaries. This is followed by the diamond wedding and iron wedding. The 100th wedding anniversary would even be the marriage to heaven. For all these special anniversaries, a good wish should be delivered. One congratulates warmly and celebrates with the jubilee couple the past happy time and wishes a long life together.

Birthday wishes

Happy Birthday - the warmest birthday wishes can be found on these pages. Your wishes should contain love, happiness as well as success and health, they may be formulated with pleasure wittily. Of course, the birthday greeting card can also contain a saying, a quote or a poem. With us you will find congratulations, birthday sayings, birthday poems as well as very special congratulations for birthdays, such as the 18th birthday, 40th birthday, 50th birthday and for all other round anniversaries.

Easter wishes

Spring is finally moving in, so Easter wishes are cheerful, flowery and filled with sunshine. The wishes in your Easter card should include a happy, blessed and relaxing Easter. The card should also be colorful and cheerful, often you can find sayings with humor and wit. On this page you will find Easter wishes but also Easter sayings and Easter poems for your Easter card.

Design of congratulations

Congratulations are structured according to a certain pattern. One begins with an appealing salutation, followed by the wish or greeting, a greeting formula and the signature round off the congratulations. Before the salutation one often finds a saying, a quotation or a wisdom. Poems can also be used as an introduction.

This is how a congratulations can be built:

Address: Dear ..., Hello my darling ..., Dear Mr / Mrs ...

Main part: Congratulations on your / your / your ..., All the best for the ..., Best wishes on your...

Closing sentence: Warmest regards, Your / Yours ..., Best wishes ...,

Signature: A personal greeting card is always written by hand!

Short example:

Dear sweetheart,
on your birthday I wish you all the love and lots of sunshine.
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