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Retirement congratulations

Retirement congratulations

Many people look forward to the end of their working life and the beginning of retirement. At last, the evening of life can be enjoyed to the full thanks to the new free time. However, the sudden absence of working hours also requires a major adjustment, which is managed more easily by some and with more difficulty by others. In any case, it is important to celebrate the exciting new phase of life and honor it with congratulations on retirement or retirement.

The right greeting card for congratulations

For retirement, relaxing landscapes such as a sunset by the sea or a blooming garden are often chosen as card motifs. They also like to show the things for which the retiree finally has time: Gardening, traveling, crafts, painting.... thereby the personal interests and hobbies should be dealt with. An extremely active retiree will probably be more attracted to a skydiver than to a quiet garden landscape. Finally, motifs featuring sleeping or lounging animals are also a fun, tongue-in-cheek choice for your congratulations. Include a nice group photo with all your colleagues as a memento.

Personalization of congratulations and greetings

Those who retire can look back on a long and hopefully successful working life. Recognition of years of service and gratitude for the many good deeds that the newly retired or retiree has done in his life are possible ideas for a personal greeting or saying. A witty poem on growing older also fits the occasion. Encouragement to finally fulfill long cherished wishes and dreams is also important. Congratulations and greetings should be written legibly and large enough by hand.

Congratulations on retirement from colleagues

Finally you have time for yourself, can relax and devote yourself to your favorite hobbies! Congratulations on the retirement of ...

May all your long-awaited dreams and wishes finally come true! All the best for your retirement from ...

We wish you all the best for your retirement and a nice and peaceful retirement. All love from ...

For your well-deserved retirement, your colleagues wish you a lot of rest and relaxation, time for your hobbies and, above all, good health.

You may not be so young anymore - but you're as free as a toddler again! Enjoy the new season!

Dear Horst, we wish you all the best for your retirement. Congratulations from the entire workforce ...

You have always taken your work with a sense of humor, so it will certainly not be difficult for you to always have something to laugh about in retirement! I wish you that with all my heart.

Finally you can spend more time with your husband/wife than with us! Your colleagues wish you all the best for your retirement!

On the occasion of your farewell from professional life, we would like to thank you very much for the years we spent together. You were always a humorous and loyal colleague. For your retirement we wish you all the best and lots of fun fishing!

For a long time rumors have been circulating among us about an infinite lunch break, an infinite vacation... - For you now begins this fabulous time, of which we still have to dream! Congratulations and all the best for retirement!

From now on no more alarm clock rings and the obligations and worries will be less, that is, now you can really let it rip! All the best for your (un)retirement!

You are irreplaceable! But somehow we will run the store without you! So enjoy your retirement, we wish you health, creativity and lots of fun!

Your helpfulness and your funny sayings made my job easier for many years. I will miss them! Always stay as cheerful as you are and enjoy your long-awaited retirement!

Let's give you a big pat on the back that carried the load of work for so many years! It was always nice with you and we will miss you! Let yourself have a good time in retirement - congratulations on your retirement.

We look forward to your retirement with one laughing and one crying eye: We will miss you, but we are also very happy for you! Congratulations and all the best!

You were always particularly busy and diligent at work... - now I wish you an equally busy retirement! Finally, no boredom, but a fresh breeze should blow through your retirement time! Congratulations!

Congratulations on retirement from supervisor / boss

We will miss you! All the best for the well-deserved retirement / pension!

Your friendly "good morning!" will be missed in the company! Stay happy and healthy and enjoy your well-deserved retirement!

Thank you for your efficiency, your helpfulness and your wonderful ideas. You have always been a valuable part of our company. Best wishes for your retirement ...

Retirement is not the same as standing still, but rather moving on calmly, fulfilled and unhurriedly. In this sense, congratulations on your retirement!

You can now look back proudly on a successful and eventful working life. It is certainly now time to increasingly pursue your own hobbies! All the best for your retirement wishes ...

Thank you for everything! Your superiors wish you a wonderful retirement in which many more dreams will come true and in which many more exciting chapters will be written!

We would like to thank you very much for the many years of trustful cooperation. We wish you much joy and peace in your well-deserved retirement!

With retirement begins a new phase of life full of freedom, new opportunities and enjoyment! I wish you all, all the best for this time and congratulations on the well-deserved pension / retirement!

I thank you most sincerely for your long, dedicated and always very good work! For your retirement I wish you always the best health, so that you can fully enjoy your newly won free time! Best regards ...

Your valuable work has enriched our company for many years. You have truly earned your retirement! We wish you a fulfilling, both exciting and relaxing time! Best wishes from the entire staff and me ...

You have been climbing the mountain of working life for many years; and even if your strength is slowly diminishing a little, your foresight has increased and the view has become more and more beautiful. We wish you a stress-free, vigorous, healthy and fulfilling retirement!

Such a talent and role model of reliability, expertise, experience and friendliness is a true blessing. We have always appreciated your great work and release you into the harbor of retirement with great appreciation and gratitude! Congratulations ...

I would like to congratulate you most sincerely on your retirement! Your experience, reliability and friendliness will be missed by the entire team. Enjoy your time off now and pursue your hobbies without any worries! Best regards and all the best - your ...

You have played a major role in moving this company forward - with your expertise, your dedication, your innovative ideas and your likeable manner. Now it is time to use all these talents to shape a fulfilling, healthy and exciting retirement! I sincerely wish you all the best for this!

Retirement sayings

Sayings can be used to introduce your congratulations, but they can also be used in a speech.

After work is done rest well.

For many, retirement is restlessness.

Ruhestand: Duty-free-life

Everything that is fun keeps you young.

Anyone who maintains the ability to recognize beauty will never grow old.

Saying goodbye always hurts, even if you've been looking forward to it for a long time.

He who does joyfully and rejoices in what he has done is happy.

Old age has the serenity of one who is free of his shackles and now moves freely.

Not what he acquires with his work is the real reward of man, but what he becomes through it.

Youth is the time to learn wisdom. Age is the time to exercise it.

All things come to him who knows how to wait.

Start living now and count each day as a life in itself.

In retirement, you no longer have to do what's profitable, you can do what's worthwhile.

Retirement does not mean standing still, but moving on quietly.

Future presents itself wherever goodbyes are said.

Retirement must be something glorious. After all, you can't keep your stomach in forever.

No wealth surpasses the wealth of health, no good surpasses a cheerful mind.

If you do not find tranquility within yourself, it is in vain to seek it elsewhere.

When you retire, Saturday loses all its appeal.

Poems about retirement

Poems can frame the congratulations in the greeting card.

How wonderful it is to do nothing
and then to rest from doing nothing.

A long working life came to an end,
we congratulate you on your retirement.

After many long years
now comes the right reward:
We congratulate warmly
and happy retirement!

Use your free time,
make journeys, quietly also times completely far.
You now have time for your goals,
fulfill many of them.

Pacemaker, reading glasses,
hearing aid, some pills,
I don't wish all that for you!
Nobody is eager for it!
But for a lot of trips,
hobbies and very good food!
Health, joy, all kinds of -
I wish for retirement!

Paperwork, baskets of files,
certificates, hard facts,
all that is now behind you,
We don't begrudge you your retirement.

You don't feel old yet, you are fit,
dancing and rocking to every hit,
Now you have time for hobbies and fun,
and as a retiree, you're really stepping on the gas.

Much too late many realize
the missed goals in life:
Pleasures, beauty and nature,
health, travel and culture.
Therefore, man, be wise in time!
It is high time! Travel, travel!

Work, that was a matter of the heart for you,
Achievement was your principle, not doings.
To recognize this after our long time,
is today's opportunity.
Thanks for exemplary efficiency,
for strength of character and attitude.
Our wish: Still a long time,
poor in sickness, rich in shaping!

I wish you so much happiness fine,
so many stars in the sky.
I wish you so much good time,
As much as the sand on the sea
I wish you all the best,
As much as the tree has branches.