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Christmas wishes for Christmas card

Poinsettias on white background

Send your blessing greetings to the world at Christmas! At the feast of love, probably everyone is happy about a heartfelt Christmas greeting and auspicious wishes for the coming year. Pack your Christmas wishes in a particularly pretty Christmas card, which already pleases the eye when opening and the heart of the beholder when reading.

Christmas card design

The traditional Christmas card usually contains religious motifs, such as stars, bells, candles, the decorated Christmas tree or the nativity scene. However, contemplative winter landscapes, a brightly lit Christmas market or sparkling snow crystals also adorn the Christmas wishes. If the Christmas greetings are addressed to a child, then cute snowmen, funny reindeer and Santa Claus are particularly well received.

Personalization of Christmas wishes

Individually designed Christmas greetings are truly "glad tidings" for friends and relatives at Christmas! In addition to traditional Christmas wishes, it is the personal touches that spread special joy for the holiday. A funny family photo, where even the pet dog wears a Christmas hat, or a successful picture from the last joint celebration are a great surprise, along with contemplative sayings and poems. Those who have a beautiful handwriting, should write the Christmas wishes themselves with a fine fountain pen. This looks even more festive!

The structure of the Christmas card

Start your Christmas greetings with an appropriate salutation. With friends or relatives, this may be cordial, with business people rather discreet. Now go into detail about Christmas and the upcoming festivities and convey your wishes. When sending a card to business partners, do not forget to thank them for their cooperation. Finally, end with a warm Christmas greeting.

The salutation

Even when addressing your Christmas wishes, you should choose warm-hearted words that greet the reader in a festive manner. Friends and relatives may of course be addressed as "Dear ..." or "My dear ...". With business partners, however, a little tact is called for. A formal, not too pompous form of address is the safest option in this case. "Dear Mr...", "Dear team of the company..." would be conceivable.

Christmas wishes for relatives and friends

Here you will find Christmas wishes and greetings to relatives, friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, etc. The Christmas wishes range from very simple to heartfelt and sensitive. We hope you find a suitable wish text, further down there are still special wishes for parents and for the dearest / the dearest.

The message is to celebrate the Christmas season in a contemplative way. But this should also be the case outside of these days. Christmas is only again and again the reminder
not to forget it.

More than two thousand years ago occurred the birth of Jesus, which even today has not lost its special appeal. That is why every year we celebrate this event with great joy.

Every year anew the child deep inside us reappears! The Christmas season puts a smile on our faces and fills us every year with a promising impatience. Enjoy this childlike anticipation to the fullest!

At Christmas we wish for peace on earth, but this is also true during the rest of the year. Nothing is as grueling as strife, small and large.
To live without strife is the most difficult task of being together.

Do you smell this sweet fragrance? Do you see this radiant glow of lights? Do you hear the cheerful ringing of bells? And do you feel this special, heartwarming feeling that spreads more and more inside you? Then, yes then, you are ready for Christmas with all your senses! I wish you a merry Christmas full of sensual wonders and only the best for the New Year.

Can you already feel the magic of the Christmas season?
No, no - I don't mean the hustle and bustle in the department stores and the hustle and bustle on the crowded market streets!
Rather, I'm thinking of the quiet beauty of a snowy winter landscape, precious time spent with family, baking delicious cookies together, enjoying a mulled wine with your best friends at the Christmas market, and cozy evenings cuddling up on the sofa.
I wish you and your family many of these magical Christmas moments.

The wish lists are written, the holiday roast ordered, the fir freshly cut and the cookies baked according to grandma's recipe - Christmas can come! Look forward with us to a peaceful and relaxing time and let yourself be filled with the magic of Christmas!

Every year - merry Christmas mail from Musterdorf flutters into your mailbox! After exciting and busy months, we are looking forward to a peaceful and relaxing time, full of quiet moments and cozy comfort. We hope that you will also enjoy the holidays and start the New Year full of energy! Let yourself be richly blessed and stay healthy and lively!

From the bottom of our hearts we wish you a merry and harmonious Christmas!
In today's hectic and stressful world, it is no longer a matter of course to find the necessary peace and quiet.
In the peaceful days around Christmas, man can again learn to come to his senses.
In this way, the joy of harmony is awakened and the necessary strength for the whole coming year is gathered.

Ho ho ho! Here come the very sweetest Christmas greetings from Musterdorf!
After days of hustle and bustle, we can finally sit back and relax:
The shopping is done, the Christmas tree is decorated and our offspring marvels with shining eyes at the wonderful glow of lights that makes our apartment shine. Full of anticipation we are now waiting for the Christ Child!
We hope that you are also in such a merry Christmas mood. Even if we meet again next year, we are always with you in our hearts.
We wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas and only the very best for the New Year!

We wish you happy holidays!

We wish you a Merry Christmas ...

Merry and restful Christmas wish you ...

We wish you a Merry Christmas and relaxing holidays.

Merry Christmas and a blessed new year wish ...

Merry Christmas! May God bless and protect you today and for the coming year.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wish ...

Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year wishes ...

We wish you happy holidays and a good start into the New Year.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and health, happiness and success for the coming year ...

A peaceful Christmas and all the best for the coming year wishes you ...

Merry Christmas and a good start into a successful New Year wishes ...

May peace and God's blessings accompany you at Christmas and throughout the year.

Warm Christmas greetings and all good wishes for a successful year 20xx.

We wish Merry Christmas, health and happiness for the coming year.

Merry Christmas, peace on earth and best wishes for the coming year.

Light, joy, hope - for the holidays and the future wishes you ...

We wish you happy holidays, time to relax, reflection on the really important things and many bright spots in the coming year.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 20xx ...

Happy holidays and for the coming year health, happiness and much success wish ...

Peace, success and love shall guide you on your way. Merry Christmas!

For Christmas I wish you pleasant hours in merry circle, but also peace and time to relax. Many dear greetings ...

The Christmas season is a time to pause for a moment - time also to perhaps set your sights on new goals. I wish you good luck and success.

Burning a candle and really taking the time to do nothing more than this....
... that's what I wish for you!

Christmas greetings and best wishes for the New Year I send you! May God's blessing always be with you and give you peaceful and happy holidays.

It is said: At Christmas wishes come true! So I wish you happiness, health, contentment and a fantastically beautiful and successful year 20xx!

If the Christ Child rings twice ... Then you should open the door very quickly! Because it brings you magical Christmas magic and dreamlike surprises into the house! May all your wishes come true.

Powdered sugar glittering white fir tops, chocolate nut cinnamon cookies, gingerbread apple candied good smells and blissfully peaceful minds - it's that time again: Christmas is just around the corner! Open your heart and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year! The dearest Christmas greetings from ...

The greatest gift for Christmas we already carry in our hearts! Love and compassion are priceless and our greatest asset. We wish you and your family a loving and peaceful Christmas!

Advent ... when the glow of lights is reflected in expectant children's eyes and the smell of sugar cookies wafts through the kitchen. When the Christmas tree shines in the living room and candles full of flickering anticipation tell of the birth of Christ ... then it won't be long now. We wish you a reflective Advent season and an atmospheric Christmas!

Heavily packed he sets out, the man in the red coat. His reindeer put himself properly in the straps, so that he can surprise you in time for Christmas with the most beautiful gifts. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Are you also looking forward to seeing the Christ Child? Then take good care that you don't miss him when he flits through your window on a shimmering cloud of stardust! May all your wishes come true!

Christmas in Winter Wonderland - a dream come true! We send you atmospheric Christmas greetings from snowy Musterland! Slide well into the New Year and stay healthy and lively.

Finally, the time has come! The feast of festivities lets us move peacefully together and gives us a happy time in the circle of our family. Let yourself be filled with the magic of Christmas and spend happy holidays with your loved ones!

Christmas is also called the feast of love, this is not without reason the case.
Everyone should do everything to be kind to his fellow man!

Christmas wishes for parents

In addition to the above Christmas wishes, we have also written you special Christmas texts for parents. These wishes are more intimate and heartfelt, you can feel a certain Christmas harmony in every single greeting.

Driving home for Christmas..." How I love this song! It makes my anticipation grow and reminds me that I will soon be sitting under the Christmas tree with you again. What could be better than coming home! Soon it will be time ... I'm looking forward to seeing you and wish you all a merry and reflective Advent season.

Christmas is the festival of love. Therefore, I would like to send you not only my Christmas greetings, but also my heartfelt thanks for all that you have done for me this year! I love you terribly - Merry Christmas!

20xx was a year full of adventurous events! We were able to experience dizzying heights, but we also had to contend with some lows. With your help, we also mastered the downs without any problems and can now look forward to a carefree Christmas and a good New Year! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish you a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 20xx.

Once again they have flown by - the last 365 days! Therefore, we should enjoy the coming festive season minute by minute! Christmas invites us to pause and direct our senses to the essential things in life. We look forward to the many precious moments together with you and wish you a Merry Christmas!

As every year, we look forward to our joint Christmas celebration! With a full stomach, a glass of red wine in hand, listening to Christmas music and sitting in the midst of the best company, it is simply the most beautiful celebration! Merry Christmas I wish us ;-)!

Every morning a highlight! When your grandchildren are allowed to open the doors in their Advent calendar, a breath of Christmas wafts through our house. The lively anticipation and this expectant cheerfulness are simply infectious! We would like to pass on a lot of this to you. Therefore we send you merry and cheerful Christmas greetings.

Christmas wishes for the partner

If you want to surprise your wife, husband or girlfriend or boyfriend with a dear Christmas wish, then you will find the right thing below. After all, your sweetheart / loved one deserves a very special and very heartfelt wish for Christmas.

Free yourself from stress and hectic and let the true Christmas in your heart! The magic and contemplation, the joy and bliss, moments in which the world seems to stand still ... Exactly such a Christmas I wish you - and me!

And again we have mastered a year together! With you at my side nothing can happen to me! I thank you for your love, loyalty and reliability and look forward to another wonderful Christmas with you and a common 20xx!

What do I want for Christmas? That I may continue to wake up next to you every morning! I love you to the moon and back and wish you a sugary Christmas!

When your eyes sparkle with joy like ice crystals and you give me a smile as tender as the snowflakes outside our window, then Christmas begins for me!

Here in our cozy oasis we can escape the winter hustle and bustle. Here there is only you and me! I wish you a (be)sensual Christmas full of love and romance.

The roles of Santa Claus and the Christmas angel are clearly distributed with us! While you take care of the gifts and the Christmas tree, I look forward to pampering you angelic during our Christmas together!

When it's cold and uncomfortable outside, it's always warmer and cozier in our home! The Christmas season is for me every year an absolute highlight! You and the kids make my life complete! I love you and wish us all a Merry Christmas.

With whom could I celebrate the feast of love better than with you?!? This Christmas will be beautiful, romantic, lovey-dovey and just dreamy! Promise!

My dear sweetheart! I wish you a full and relaxing Christmas. Let us pause together in peace, so that we can then welcome the New Year exuberantly under a sparkling sky of lights!

For weeks I have been asking myself: Will you like my gift? I hope so, because it should show you how much you mean to me. Now the big moment has come - and I hold my breath in anticipation! Merry Christmas, my angel!

A small gift that comes from the heart, should bring you joy and remind you that I appreciate you very much and love you infinitely!
Especially Christmas is the time to reveal these thoughts and feelings.
I thank you very much for your inexhaustible patience with the greatest possible degree of tolerance and wish you happy and reflective holidays!

Christmas poems and sayings

In addition to these Christmas greetings, you will also find "business Christmas greetings". These are texts for  Christmas cards to customers and business partners. In addition, there are also contemplative or funny Christmas sayings and the most beautiful Christmas poems for the Christmas card.
. Who does not want to send a card and prefers to send his Christmas greetings by SMS, is on our page "SMS or Whatsapp sayings for Christmas" exactly right.

Business Christmas greetings

On this page you will find Christmas greetings for friends and relatives as well as for wife, husband, sweetheart or loved one. If you are looking for business Christmas greetings, please visit our page with Christmas greetings to business partners, business friends and customers. These Christmas greetings were created specifically for companies and businesses, besides that, of course, there is also info on how to design a custom Christmas card.