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Greetings for Pentecost

white dove for Pentecost

Pentecost is a Christian holiday celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the earth. The date is traditionally set for the fiftieth day after Easter. But not everyone celebrates Pentecost in a religious sense today: many people simply enjoy the extended weekend, setting out on excursions or short vacations. Regardless of whether you are a believer or not, everyone will be happy to receive a friendly greeting card with nice Pentecost greetings.

The card for Pentecost greetings

Pentecost takes place every year in late spring or early summer: Flowers bloom with all their might, birds sing happily and care for their offspring, everything is green, it is warm and sunny. These seasonal motifs are often found on Pentecost cards as well. The nature inspired by the Holy Spirit shines especially beautiful and looks particularly alive. A classic among the flower motifs is of course the peony. Cute animal pictures are also sent with pleasure. Religious images also suit the holiday: colorful stained glass windows and mosaics depicting the Holy Spirit as a ray of light or a dove flying down are a popular choice for greetings on Pentecost.

Personalization of greetings for Pentecost

The greeting words at Pentecost are also based primarily on two things: the Christian belief in the Holy Spirit and the living natural wonders of spring and summer. Appropriate Bible verses, quotes and poems convey a particularly celebratory mood. Often the choice of words is matched to the corresponding card motif. Personal wishes that fit the current situation of the addressee can also be expressed in the Pentecost greetings. Often, a short but well-worded message that comes from the heart is enough.

Greetings for Pentecost

You can surprise your loved ones on Pentecost with the following greetings and wishes.

I wish you a wonderful, relaxing and sunny Pentecost weekend!

For Pentecost I wish you an open heart and God's blessing! Enjoy the days off.

Rest well and enjoy the days off! You truly deserve a relaxing Pentecost weekend!

Enjoy the long Pentecost weekend with your family, I wish you a wonderful little vacation on the balcony!

When your heart opens and infinite love flows in, then you know it is Pentecost. Dearest Pentecost greetings!

What is the Holy Spirit? He is a warm ray of sunshine that strikes directly into the heart and fills it completely with light and love. Happy Pentecost days!

Not everyone remembers or knows why Pentecost is actually celebrated. But I think that is not bad at all: How can God's love be better expressed than in a happy, laughter-filled day with the dearest people in the most beautiful nature! In this sense I wish you wonderful Pentecost days!

This year at Pentecost, I wish for you that the Holy Spirit also enters your life again: in the form of new opportunities, new hope, new possibilities, new dreams and new acquaintances.

God's love is like the sun: it gives light, warmth and life. And it is always there - even if it is sometimes covered by a dark cloud. I wish you wonderful Pentecost days!

God is pure light and pure love. On Pentecost, it is time to bring this light and this love into the world. Every smile, every kind word, every good deed, no matter how small, counts. We wish you a blessed and love-filled Pentecost!

At Pentecost all life awakens
and even the last little larva
becomes a beautiful butterfly.
Warm greetings for Pentecost from ...

A nice little letter
flies to you today,
it says "I love you"
and that is not a lie!
I wish you a wonderful Pentecost!

In everyday life he sometimes gets lost, the Holy Spirit... but fortunately there is Pentecost, the feast that always reminds us that the Holy Spirit dwells on earth - in each of us, always and everywhere. Best wishes for Pentecost and a beautiful weekend ...

Whitsun brings back many fond memories of happy outings, sunny days at the lake or by the sea, relaxing days off and fun family adventures. I hope you can add another nice Pentecost memory to this long list! Best wishes for Pentecost from ...

What is the Holy Spirit? Theologians could certainly discuss this for hours. I think it's quite simple: the Holy Spirit is all the miracles of life that are far too wonderful to explain. Like the awe and joy that fills our hearts when we watch a sunset; or the smile that comes over us when we hear a bird sing; or the security and warmth we feel when we love someone.

When the Holy Spirit comes to earth, the way to God is open for everyone. I wish that all the paths to the things you dream of and hope for will be open to you as well. If you always keep your heart, mind and eyes open, you will discover many great opportunities and possibilities that remain hidden to others.

We can see the Holy Spirit especially well in nature: In every green leaf, in every busy bee, in every splendid blossom, in every babbling brook, every strong tree, every living animal.... not only man, but also nature is especially animated and enlightened at Pentecost! Warm greetings from ...

On the 50th day after Easter, the Holy Spirit came to earth and gave people the gift of telling about God's love - each in his or her own way. You have always been able to recognize God's light in each and every person. So I make you my role model on Pentecost and hope that I too can feel God's love in every person I meet. This is a great gift and I thank you for your inspiring and pure vision!

A seed that takes its first roots;
a bud that bursts open;
a flower unfolding its leaves;
the birth of a child;
the first bright ray of sunshine after the rain;
the first cool rain after a dry time -
all this is the Holy Spirit.
We commemorate his miracles on Pentecost
and we thank him for his boundless light.

Peony and Pentecost sun
promise such bliss
for this beautiful feast,
which is in honor of God!
I wish immediately
that my greeting reaches you.
For Pentecost my blessing,
I will gladly give!

It is not always easy to speak your own truth. Faith can help immensely in this: The Holy Spirit gives confidence, openness and courage to recognize God's light in our hearts and to speak openly about the gift of infinite love - and about everything else that moves us. Always remain loving, honest and communicative - it helps in all situations and relationships. In this spirit, I wish you a fulfilling and joyful Pentecost!

God's blessing
gives life
brings us sun
and also rain.
It is clear
in every year
he loves us,
is there for us.
The best greetings for Pentecost from ...

At Pentecost
there is something holy in the air
that exhilarates the butterflies,
flatters the blossoms,
makes the animals jump and dance
and the leaves to sprout.
And the sun shines brighter and clearer
than on any other day.

The Day of Pentecost knows no evening, for its sun, love, never sets.

Pentecost! A word that will cast its spell on the human mind as long as a tree still blossoms, a lark soars into the air, and a clear spring morning laughs over us. A word whose sound can still awaken an echo of lenzeslust even under the hardest ice crust of egoism, under the snow of age and in the heart frozen in sorrow and grief.