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Valentine's Day greetings


Valentine's Day on February 14 is the day of lovers. While couples delight each other with small gifts and a romantic evening for two, singles reveal their feelings to their beloved or their beloved with a heartfelt wish or greeting. Wonderfully romantic love letters and love poems are in high season on this day, the boundaries between romance and kitsch are blurred. It is a day for gushing, dreaming and cuddling. Good friends are also often sent kind wishes.

The greeting card for Valentine's Day

Red is the color of love. Accordingly, strong red and delicate pink tones dominate the color palette of Valentine's Day cards. But other subtle and friendly colors are also possible. Red roses and red hearts are the typical motifs for Valentine's Day wishes. Other flowers or cute animal motifs, individually or as a pair, are also suitable. It is very important to pay attention to the personal preferences of the addressed, so as not to put your foot in it: Who loves it so really nice romantic, will also be happy with a slightly kitschy card. If, on the other hand, you like it more discreet, it's better not to shower your greetings with hearts and teddy bears.

Valentine's Day wishes design

Let your heart speak, openly and personally. If you like to write poetry, write a short poem. If you prefer to express your feelings in prose form, this is the vehicle of choice. Compliments, feelings, expressions of love, wishes and dreams make up the content. Of course, the greetings are written down by hand. If you want to add a very special personal touch, add a few drops of your own perfume or a floral scent on the paper.

Love and wishes for Valentine's Day

I love you! Best wishes for Valentine's Day.

This greeting is simply to tell you: I love you!

I love you more than anything in the world! The very warmest greetings for Valentine's Day.

You are the love of my life! Every moment with you is beautiful.

You are and will be my eternal love! Many kisses for Valentine's Day!

For me, every day is Valentine's Day, because not a second goes by that I don't love you with all my heart.

Your eyes, your mouth, your body, your laugh, your humor, your kindness... - I just love everything about you!

You are the sun that warms my heart. You are the star that lights up my nights. You are the love of my life!

You are all my happiness - my heart belongs only to you! Very dear greetings for Valentine's Day from your darling.

Since we are a couple is sunshine in my heart. Best wishes for Valentine's Day ...

Days when we are not together are lost days. I love you!

Today I called heaven to see if they miss an angel, because someone like you can not exist on earth. All the love for Valentine's Day!

There are three things in my life: the sun, the moon and you. The sun for the day, the moon for the night and you forever!!! All love yours / yours ...

When you look at me, my whole body gets warm and tingly.... every time. Thank you for being by my side! I love you, yours / yours ...

For me you are the most beautiful woman/man in the whole universe! I love you very much and look forward to Valentine's Day today!

Imagine the sweetest, multiply it by infinity and expand it by eternity and you have a hint of how much I love you!

I wish I was your teddy bear; then I would be with you every night! For Valentine's Day I send you all my love - you are the best thing that ever happened to me!

I am not a Casanova, I am not a romantic, I am not a rich man and I am not St. Valentine. But one thing I know for sure: I love you with all my heart.

I am so infinitely happy and grateful that I followed my heart back then - to you! You are the most beautiful thing I have and I love you more and more with every day. For Valentine's Day I send you all my love!

From the moment I saw you for the first time, I knew I loved you. Since then, my love for you has grown with each passing day. And I want to show that to you every day, not just today on Valentine's Day.

I don't know what I would do without you. We can laugh and cry together, be happy and sad, cheerful and angry. We can argue and make up. You are the best friend I can imagine! That's why I want to send you a very special Valentine's Day greeting! I love you!

I love you as you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses, talents and flaws. Just as you are, you are perfect - for me. Thank you for loving me the way I am. It means an infinite amount to me and makes me infinitely grateful. You are so beautiful, so precious.... I love you very much and send you a very big Valentine's kiss!

Love is the only thing that increases when it is shared. Therefore, I will give you all my love without hesitation, because I know my heart will never be emptier, but always fuller and bigger. All the love for Valentine's Day, my sweet darling!

From the moment I saw you for the first time, I knew I loved you. Since then, my love for you has grown with each passing day. And I want to show that to you every day, not just today on Valentine's Day.

When You are with me, I know how much I love You.
When I feel you, I know how much I need you.
All, all the love for Valentine's Day!!!

When you are with me
I feel
as big as the whole universe,
as strong as a pack of lions,
as light as a feather,
as tender as a rose petal,
as warm as a sunny summer day.
When you are with me
I am whole.

You are the greatest gift for me,
You were sent from heaven!
And the way you look at me,
It's driving me crazy
You are such an angel,
How did I deserve
such happiness on earth!

Whenever I see you, my heart runs at a gallop.
Whenever I hear Your voice, my ears melt.
Whenever I say Your name, my mouth tastes like cotton candy.
Whenever I feel Your nearness, I am in seventh heaven.
I bring you all my love for Valentine's Day!

Nowhere do the stars twinkle so brightly and clearly,
as in your eyes.
Nothing sounds so warm and soft,
as your voice.
Nothing tastes so breathtakingly sweet,
as your kisses.
Nowhere do I feel so comfortable and safe,
as in your arms.
Nowhere can there be someone like you

I can sink into your ocean
without getting lost.
I can fly to the highest heavens on the wings of Your love
and know that I will always land safely on the ground.
I can give You everything I have,
and only become richer.
We can become one
and yet we are two.
And therefore I can love you
unconditionally -
every moment, forever.

I send you very tender Valentine's kisses and look forward to seeing you!

Even if we are separated today, I think of you very firmly, because you are probably the most beautiful and best thing there is! All the best for Valentine's Day, my darling!

I miss you, my angel! Not only today, but every moment we are apart. I love you. Love for Valentine's Day from afar!

Best wishes for Valentine's Day! Yours / Yours ...

Valentine's day sayings

Your love and affection can be expressed with sayings and quotes. Your Valentine's Day wishes will be so personal!

Love is the poetry of the senses.

Love is the power that can forgive!

In life there is only one happiness: to love and to be loved!

Every beloved person is the center of a paradise.

Love makes the gold palace the hut.

Love alone understands the secret of giving to others while becoming rich itself.

Love magnifies and beautifies things, it gives them the breath of imperishability.

Love is as necessary as bread.

Lovers close their eyes when kissing because they want to see with their hearts.

To enjoy the full measure of joy, you must have someone to share it with.

Happiness is loving - whoever can love is happy!

We are mortal, where we are loveless. Immortal, where we love!

Only since I love has life been beautiful; only since I love have I known that I am alive.

A joyful heart usually comes only from a heart that burns with love.

To love is a blessing, to be loved is happiness.

The great happiness in love is to find rest in another heart.

The spirit that gives life to all things is love.

The most precious thing about love is trust in each other.

For only he is rich who is loved and allowed to love.

Valentine's Day Wishes Poems

A poem is a very heartfelt token of love. You can directly adopt one of the poems or collect ideas for your own poem.

I love you and thank you,
for all that you mean to me!

But the most beautiful thing here on earth,
is to love and be loved!

I'll say it briefly and in one sentence:
You are my greatest Valentine's treasure!

In my little heart you are forever inside!
So I think of you, even on St. Valentine's Day!

I give you red roses
not only for Valentine's Day,
because today like on the first day
I am in love with you.

The flowers will wilt,
That's the way of the world,
but our love always stays young,
and that's what counts.

Where loving two hearts unite,
to be only one in joy and sorrow,
The sun of heaven must shine
And smile cheerfully every time!

You are my star,
I love you,
You stole my heart
oh sweet pain!
You little thief,
I love you!

Because I like you so much,
I send you on this day
a sugary sweet greeting
and a super big kiss!

St. Valentine, you know it already,
is the patron saint of love.
It is he who watches over our love,
in broad daylight and in dark night.

You are my star,
you are the sunshine for me!
Whether near, whether far -
I will always be with you!

I love you like the rose loves its bush.
I love you like the sun loves its glow.
I love you, because you are my breath of life.
I love you, because to love you is my being.

The most beautiful thing that I see in life,
is your smile before I get up in the morning.

The most beautiful and noble, pure pleasure,
is your warm, tender kiss.

The most beautiful feeling in this world
is when your hand holds mine.

The pure happiness seizes me then,
when I can look into your eyes.

A gentle touch of your hand
makes me melt like fine sand.

Your voice is my most beautiful music,
Between us the physics is always right.

Only a few words from your mouth
cause sorrow and worry fade.

Only one embrace in your arm,
makes my whole heart warm.

I love you and thank you
for everything you mean to me.