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Birth congratulations, sayings and poems

Baby feet on white velvet

On the next pages you will learn how to write very personal Gratulations for the birth. Because when a child is born, so the greeting card should be something very special and unique. Just as unique as the birth of the daughter or son is for the parents.
You will also find a wide selection of sayings and poems for the birth, which you can also use for congratulations. A saying or poem enhances the greeting card in any case and makes it something unique.
In addition to the congratulations, saying or poem for the birth, you can also find text for a birth announcement at Some parents want to share your happiness with many people and publish them in the local press.

Birth congratulations

The birth of a child is a magical and unforgettable event. This little miracle makes the parents' heart beat faster with joy and happiness. Mom and dad are proud of your daughter, son or even twins. Grandparents, friends and relatives want to welcome the girl or boy and may organize a baby shower. But in any case, greetings for the birth will be delivered. With us you will find sensitive texts for personal and unique congratulations on the birth.
Many parents keep the received congratulations cards for a lifetime, because they are a romantic memory of this happy day. Together with a current daily newspaper, small dried flowers, a strand of hair and photos, all congratulations are collected in a box and gladly retrieved at birthdays and other celebrations.

Proverbs, Quotes and Wisdom for Birth

In addition to the texts for congratulations on the birth, there are also beautiful sayings, quotes and wisdom at These can introduce your greeting card, but in the congratulatory text can also be referenced.
Possibly the small saying accompanies the enchanting girl or the little boy for a lifetime and thus becomes a very personal message.
We have divided the sayings for the birth into quotes and wisdom as well as Bible verses, so you will find very quickly the appropriate words.

Birth poems

Small poems, rhymes and verses are perfect to text his congratulations and greetings. With poems specially adapted to the new inhabitant of the earth, your congratulations card becomes a very personal message.
. You can easily adopt our poems for the birth or get ideas for your own poem to the baby. In any case, your congratulatory letter will be framed and decorated with kind words.

Texts for a birth announcement

If parents want to announce their baby happiness to a wider circle, you can place a birth announcement in the newspaper. We have created texts for this purpose, which you can easily adopt. You will also find birth announcements created with a bit of humor.
A motto or a poem can also be used for the birth announcement. All texts for the birth can be found at!