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Birthday poems

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On this page you will find universal birthday poems. With them you will decorate a greeting card and send a personal wish. Poems for a specific birthday can be found in the appropriate sections, there you will also find templates, examples and texts for a greeting card. - YOUR portal for congratulations!

For your birthday a short poem:
You are today ... - I am not yet.

Sorrow, be lame! Worry, be blind!
Long live the birthday boy!

A joyful courage, a cheerful mind
lead you happily through life!

In a nutshell, my wish is small:
May you always be happy!

Be a sun child your whole life,
because he who has sun, can also give sun.

He who grins three times in the morning when sober,
When it rains, does not frown,
and in the evening laughs so that everything resounds,
will live to be over 100 years old!

Walk through joyful and cheerful
Your life year after year.
Happiness be your companion,
Your sky eternally clear!

A thousand colorful butterflies
wish you only good things,
Today is a special day
where happiness may be given to you!

Full of cheerfulness and sunshine
shall be your birthday today
and also be wonderful,
the whole new year of your life!

At your age you have big goals
and there are also many wishes.
Always trust your inner voice,
then the future will be sky blue!

Also passes year after year,
one thing is quite clear:
Life must always be enjoyed,
No hour may pass without joy!

Do it like the sundial,
Just count the bright hours.

With a heart full of sunshine
laughing into the day
with joy in the little things,
you will always succeed in life!

A day that was without laughter
easily puts beauty in danger.
It puts wrinkles on your face,
so laugh a lot - don't forget that.

Birthday is probably without question
the most beautiful of all honorary days.
Therefore, we want to lose no time
to congratulate on the cradle celebration.
Even if we don't always say it,
we know what we have in you.

He who wants to force time,
it will force him;
He who lets it,
it will bring roses.

Stay happy and always healthy,
Carefree at every hour;
Happiness and plenty of sunshine
shall be granted to you.

Full of happiness and sunshine
shall be your birthday today.
And also be wonderful
your whole new year of life!

I wish you joy,
happiness and blessings.
Satisfaction on all ways,
a life full of happiness
for your whole lifetime.

May three angels accompany you
in all your life time;
and the three angels I mean
are: Cheerfulness, happiness, contentment.

Happiness wreathe your days,
glad and cheerful be your mind,
Without pain and without sorrow
may your life go on.

May heaven protect you
from danger, pain and torment.
May a good angel
be the guardian of your life.

I wish you so much time in life,
as sand drifts in the deep sea there.
May you always fare as well
as the stars in the sky.
I wish you much happiness and blessings,
as droplets raining from the sky.

If you want to build a nice life for yourself,
you must not worry about the past.
The least must annoy you,
You must always enjoy the present.
Especially do not hate any man
and leave the future to God.

Happy birthday to you,
always forward, never back,
little work quite a lot of money,
big trips around the world,
feel healthy every day,
play six numbers in the lottery,
a glass of wine now and then,
then you will always be happy.

A little house made of sugar,
of cinnamon be the door,
the bar made of bratwurst,
that's what I wish for you!

Birthday Wishes &Birthday Poems

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