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Proverbs & poems for 20th birthday

20 in cloud form

For the 20th birthday, in addition to congratulations, there are also sayings and poems. We have collected some for you, which you can of course use in your greeting card. Make your card unique with it, every birthday child would be very happy about it for sure. - YOUR portal for congratulations!

Proverbs for 20th birthday

You can use these birthday sayings in the congratulations. But you can also use them as SMS message or for a photo album etc.

The years were good to you. It was the weekends that got you through.

Smile while you still have teeth! Happy 20th birthday.

You crossed the threshold of old age today - happy 20th birthday greetings.

Were you actually very sad when the dinosaurs became extinct? Congratulations on your 20th birthday!

Cheers, may you grow as old as you look.

Older is like young, only better! Congratulations on your 20th birthday.

Humor is the salt of life, and those who are well salted stay fresh for a long time. The warmest congratulations on your 20th birthday.

Right now, 1,785,965 people are celebrating birthdays, but yours is the only one that really counts!

The more consciously you go your way, the more successful your life will be.

The happiest days of the past year may be the worst of the future. Happy 20th Birthday.

You have to make your mistakes early so you can learn from them for a long time.

20th birthday poems

The birthday poems often introduce the congratulations, you can then refer to the lines of text and design your congratulations accordingly.

Life really starts now,
all the best and cheers too!

20 years you were in no time,
that's part of growing up.

20 years, that's a big celebration,
that makes the walls shake.

It's strange with age -
when you're ten and still a child,
you know very clearly that your age
starts around twenty.

20 years, don't take it so hard!
Keep your shenanigans,
because otherwise you are grown up.

20 years are worth
that you be honored in a special way.
That is why we want to say to you today,
it's good that we have you!

A little poem for your birthday:
You turn 20 today,
- I not yet.

Oh shock, the 10s are gone.
But you'll see,
with 20 it's only really beautiful!

20 greetings I send you,
20 wishes I send here.
20 dear thoughts are with you,
20 hugs are coming over!

Full of cheerfulness and sunshine
shall be your birthday today
and also be wonderful
the whole new year of your life!

At your age you have big goals
and there are also many wishes.
Always trust your inner voice,
then the future will be sky blue!

This morning - oh my!
the 1 and also the 9 are gone.
The 2 and the 0, they came very quickly
and as of today, they are up to date.
So rejoice in the new number,
You have no other choice.

You are a little tree, not yet a tree.
Ahead of you lies a habitat,
in which you will experience
you will still experience so many things.
Experiences are very, very important.
Memorize them well, then you will do it right
and on your journey through life
a little bit wiser, piece by piece.

At 20, you have your life ahead of you.
All the best wishes from me too.
Search your way only further,
in a good mood, happy and cheerful.
With laughter and courage it's always easy,
Your wishes will be achieved effortlessly.

Congratulations on the 20th birthday

In addition to a birthday saying or birthday poem, you should also express a wish for the 20th birthday. Templates, examples and texts for the greeting card can be found at: