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First Communion: wishes, sayings and poems

Curved cross

Children's first reception of Communion is called First Communion, First Holy Communion, Children's Communion, or Communion for short. It is the first time they partake of the Lord's Supper and receive the body and blood of Christ. Since this is a very important sacrament, you can include a saying, verse or poem in your greeting card. This will make the card a personal gift and will be remembered forever. Examples and templates can be found at!

Gift ideas for the "First Holy Communion

First Communion is a very important sacrament in the Catholic Church. As a gift are therefore suitable things with a religious background, such as a cross, a chain with pendant, a Bible or a guardian angel.
. Of course, you can also give the communion child money. Here, however, you should definitely hand over a personal greeting card with.
Since the child may celebrate the Eucharist from now on and thus was accepted in the covenant of adults, you can also give a somewhat higher quality wristwatch or even gold.
An engraving with a saying or wish enhances any gift.