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First Communion congratulations

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First Communion is a very important sacrament for children in the Catholic Church. A greeting card should therefore always have a religious character and also the Congratulations should correspond to this holy feast.
. On you will find texts and templates for a personal congratulations on the first Holy Communion. The communion child will read it with interest and keep the collected congratulations for a very long time - perhaps even for a lifetime. At times, the congratulatory words will then be read and traveled back in memory to the day of the First Communion.
Further, on the next pages you will also find sayings and poems for the First Communion. With them, you can frame your congratulations and make something very special out of each greeting card.


The greeting card

You can buy a greeting card for the First Communion or make it yourself. For a self-made card, you should make sure that you use religious motifs, since it is a church celebration. As paper you can use parchment, straw silk or clay paper. Decorative elements can be found in craft stores or stationery stores. You can also use your own photo and decorate your greeting card with it. When buying a card trust your taste, you will find traditional and modern.

Personal design

Write the congratulations directly to the child, he now belongs to the adults in the church community. Since the "First Holy Communion" is a very important religious event, you should rather do without funny and witty phrases. The right congratulations, saying or verse could accompany the child for a lifetime and be a reminder of you and a great day. Write the greeting card by hand, it is more personal and stylish.

The structure

In any case, your congratulations should have a salutation, then name the occasion, congratulate the first communion, wish all the best for the future and end with a greeting and your signature. Besides you can also quote a saying or a poem.

The salutation

Since you are writing your congratulations directly to the child, you should address them directly. Here are some examples:

  • Dear Lilly...
  • Dearest Martin...
  • My dear godchild, dear Stefan...
  • Dear communion child...
  • Dear first communion child...
  • To my dear niece!

Congratulations for the first Holy Communion

Here you will find congratulations with which you can congratulate on the First Communion:

I wish you all the best for your communion and a happy future.

We wish you all the happiness in the world. Congratulations on your First Communion.

For the feast of Holy Communion I wish you all the best and love.

Congratulations on your first Holy Communion. May God's blessing and goodness always accompany you!

Best wishes for your communion and a wonderful celebration ...

Congratulations on your First Communion. May God's blessing accompany you today, tomorrow and at all times.

All the best for your first communion. For your future I wish you success, many moments of happiness and constant health.

I wish you and your family a wonderful communion. Love from ...

May the good Lord accompany you on all your ways and keep his protecting hand over you. Congratulations on your First Holy Communion from ...

I sincerely congratulate you on your feast day and wish you all the best and good luck for the future. Congratulations on the first Holy Communion from ...

Continue to be as cheerful and diligent as before, then you will achieve something in your life. Congratulations on your First Communion from ...

We wish you a wonderful and memorable First Communion, as well as much happiness and success for your future life.

I am happy with you about your First Communion and wish you all the best from my heart.

My wish for your First Communion: May God's blessing and goodness always accompany and protect you.

We wish you all the best for your new phase of life and faith. Your uncle ...

I wish you the love of God and a beautiful First Holy Communion. Warm greetings ...

For your First Communion, I wish you the love and blessing of God, may He always keep you.

May God's goodness and love always accompany you, today, tomorrow and at all times. Congratulations on your first Holy Communion.

We would like to wish you all the best for your Holy Communion. Happiness and cheerfulness shall accompany you throughout your life.

Congratulations on your first Holy Communion. May the good Lord accompany you on all your ways and keep his protecting hand over you.

To the communion child Marie!
For your First Holy Communion, I wish you a day full of happiness and sunshine and all the best for your future! May God accompany and protect you on all your ways.

Dear Max,
With your First Communion, God invites you to participate in His banquet. This is a very exciting event, for which I congratulate you very much! I hope you have a wonderful day and can celebrate with your family! All the best and very dear greetings, yours ...

Dear Lena,
we send you the very best greetings and the very best wishes for your First Holy Communion! Enjoy this great day and always keep it in good memory.

We wish our dear communion child Max all the best for his special day! May God always be at your side and protect you at all times!

Our dear Stefanie celebrates her First Communion today!
We are very happy about this and want to celebrate it properly! We wish our "big" communion child all the happiness in the world and God's rich blessing.

My dear Moritz,
First Communion is an important step towards God and Jesus Christ. We are very happy that you can celebrate this beautiful feast today and wish you all the best for your future life.

To the First Communion child Julia!
When you were baptized, your parents and godparents spoke for you and said "yes" to God. Today you have taken on this role and recited the Creed in church, at the front of the altar. I wish you that your faith in God will never leave you and that He will guide you faithfully and reliably through life.

Dear Communion Child,
isn't it nice when we can always and everywhere count on the help and support of a good friend? God is such a good friend! With your First Holy Communion you have come very close to Him. He will never leave your side and will always guard and protect you.

To my dear godchild Benedikt!
It is hard to believe how tall you have already become! Just a moment ago I was holding you over the baptismal font and now you are standing in front of me in a fine suit and look really grown up! Your first communion is another important step in your life. It is nice that I can accompany you on this occasion as well. I wish you a lot of joy for your big day today and I am already looking forward to the next exciting years with you!

Dear Leonie,
Today we celebrate your First Communion - what a great day! Many dear people have come to congratulate you on this festive occasion. We also wish you a lot of happiness and that your life holds only beautiful surprises for you!

To the communion child Holger Bauer!
Jesus is celebrating a great feast with you today - your First Communion! We wish you all the best! Have a great day with your family and enjoy many great gifts!

Proverbs and poems for First Communion

In addition to First Communion congratulations, you can also include a saying or poem in your Communion card. These meaningful or poetic words will frame your congratulations and make your greeting card a very special greeting. Almost all children save the congratulations for First Communion for a lifetime, with your personal saying or poem you make the greeting card something unique and the card is on top.

Communion Congratulations Wording Templates

Dear Stefan,

warm greetings for your first holy communion
and a nice celebration

Julia and Horst

Dear Lilly!

We wish you all the best and love for your new stage of life and faith.

Congratulations for your First Communion

Julia and Horst

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