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Christmas sayings for the Christmas wishes

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Many celebrities have managed to capture the magic of the Christmas season in beautiful verses, wisdom and sayings. These traditional Christmas sayings adorn many a Christmas card and convey the Christmas greetings to the recipient in an appropriate and festive way. Would you like to surprise your loved ones at Christmas with an individual or times quite different Christmas wish, then holds for you contemplative and funny Christmas sayings ready.

Contemplative and classic Christmas sayings

We may present you here special words, beautiful wisdoms, romantic quotes and Christmas verses. These sayings emphasize the contemplative, quiet and peaceful character of Christmas. You can use the Christmas sayings as an ornament for a cover page, as introductory words in a letter or for the front width of a Christmas card. Christmas sayings can be highlighted by a different color, font or font style when printed.

Christmas time is memory time.

Jesus comes into our night so that we can come into His light.

Every time we let God love others through us is Christmas. It becomes Christmas every time we smile at our brother and reach out to him.

Just as the buds of the Barbara branch open by Christmas, so man should open to the coming light.

If ever the divine appeared on earth, it was with the birth of Christ.

Coming home is what the Child of Bethlehem wants to give to all who weep, watch and wander on this earth.

Christmas is not a season. It is a feeling.

The commodity Christmas is not the real Christmas.

A clear conscience is a constant Christmas.

Christmas is the great season of too much.

Let the peace and joy of Christmas remain as a blessing in the coming year.

A year counts with as many days as you have used.

Whoever gives Jesus a place in the center of his life, whoever lets Christmas into his heart, will soon find that he gives up nothing, but gains everything.

I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year long.

On Christmas Eve, one likes to step out of the door and stand alone under the sky, just to feel how quiet it is, how everything holds its breath, waiting for the miracle.

Giving means giving something to someone else that you would prefer to keep for yourself.

When the Christmas bells ring, even the devil becomes mild.

Much would be achieved in the country if our White Christmas gave way to a Wise Christmas.

White are towers, roofs, branches, and the year is running out, and the most beautiful feast is here!

To make happy is the highest happiness.
But to accept gratefully is also happiness.

The more joy we give to other people,
the more joy returns to our own heart.

If the old year was successful, then look forward to the new one,
and if it was bad, then even more so.

Advent and Christmas is like a keyhole through which a glow from home falls on our dark earthly path.

The most beautiful thing in the world is a shining face.

This is the miracle of the Holy Night, that into the darkness of the earth the bright sun shines.

The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem is not a one-time story, but a gift that remains forever.

My most fervent Christmas wish: Cain and Abel would make a non-aggression pact and all people would be brothers.

It is beautiful to meet the eyes of the one to whom you have just given something.

With a candle, it is not the wax that is important, but the light.

Only those who move hearts move the world.

The mystery of Christmas is that in our search for the great and extraordinary, we are pointed to the inconspicuous and small.

It should be a celebration of joy and friendship.
Because friendship is the most beautiful gift that people can give each other.

A star shines in the sky,
leads us home. To us.

It's not lights and lamps that matter,
and it's not in the moon and the sun
but that we have eyes
that can see God's glory.

When one gives love to the other,
when the hardship of the unfortunate is alleviated,
when hearts are content and happy,
God descends from heaven
and brings the light:
then is Christmas.

When Christmas comes closer,
it becomes brighter in our lives
and the Christmas expectation,
it's like beautiful music.

Funny Christmas sayings

A Christmas saying does not always have to be completely serious, especially for young people are also suitable funny sayings for Christmas.

One of the dangers of Christmas is that we get gifts from our wife that we can't afford.

A man is a living being who buys soccer tickets for three months in advance and waits until Christmas Eve to go Christmas shopping.

Christmas time! Who's talking about winning? Surviving is everything!

It is very questionable whether geese, carp and turkeys consider Christmas as salvation.

The contemplative days between Christmas and New Year's Day have already brought some people to their senses.

This is the seventh time my mother-in-law has come to our house on Christmas. This time we let her in.

Sex without love: terrible! Like Christmas without Easter eggs.

The Scottish dream girl... has a birthday at Christmas.

To me, Santa has always been something of a reactionary symbol of comfort and abundance.

No matter how many people you may have sent Christmas greetings to, the first card you get is from someone you forgot.

I can certainly understand the anger that can grip you when the Christmas bells are already ringing at the beginning of November so that the cash registers ring better.

Christmas - a celebration of joy. Unfortunately, there is too little laughter.

Advent and Christmas - time of silence and reflection, until someone came up with the idea that gifts must be.

Christmas wishes and Christmas poems

The Christmas card is usually adorned with a personal Christmas greeting. We have created for you personal greetings and festive wishes. You can use these greetings for family and business Christmas cards. In addition to above Christmas sayings and quotes, you can also find funny and romantic Christmas poems that can also be used in the Christmas card. If you want to send your Christmas greetings by cell phone, you can visit our page with SMS sayings for Christmas. There you can find contemplative, but also funny Christmas sayings.

Funny Christmas sayings - allowed what pleases

The time around Christmas is contemplative, romantic and quiet. And that's why Christmas cards are very often printed Christmas sayings with these characteristics. As graphic elements serve star, bell, candlelight, angels, the Christmas tree or the Christmas crib. But why can't a Christmas card be designed in a fun and colorful way? Especially for young people and the young at heart, it doesn't have to be the traditional Christmas card. They celebrate Christmas and the time between the years perhaps no longer in the classic form and then a greeting card with a funny Christmas saying is also appropriate. The Christmas card can also be decorated with a funny photo and the Christmas wishes may have SMS character.

How can the Christmas sayings be used?

A Christmas card initially consists of a salutation, a wish and a greeting. A Christmas saying can be inserted in addition. The saying emphasizes the festive occasion and is usually perceived as a very personal addition. However, the Christmas saying can also serve as an adornment on the front of a Christmas card. This makes your card unique and the reader is already pleased at the first sight of a contemplative or perhaps funny Christmas saying. Every card should also contain wishes - what could be more appropriate than: "Merry Christmas!", "We wish you a Merry Christmas!" or "We wish you a happy and reflective time, and good luck in the New Year!".