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Poems for confirmation

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Confirmation is a significant religious event for a young person. In your congratulations you can honor this with a poem or verse. You create with a poem and thus with poetic words something very special, these personal congratulations remain so in long memory.
. On this page we have collected poems and verses with which you can convey your best wishes.
The poems for confirmation but can also be used for a thank you note. Here, too, they frame the text, which would like to express the joy of this unique day and thanks.

Poems for confirmation

You can use the poems to frame your congratulations and create a very special greeting card.

No sound can be so sweet in eternity,
than when a man's heart agrees with God.

When we fold our hands,
we feel: There are three anchors in the world
there are three anchors that hold us firmly and securely.
The anchors are called: faith, hope, love!

The world is full of God's blessings;
If you want it, it is yours.
You only need to move hand and foot,
You need only be pious and wise.

The most beautiful day in your life,
should give you the confirmation.
Let the memory never fade,
Then good will always triumph!

May God always guide you
over ways near and far,
may he build bridges for you
through space and through time.

Become what you are not yet,
Remain what you already are:
In this staying and this becoming
lies all beauty here on earth.

Do not meet the evils
of the world with brooding,
decisive action
can change circumstances.

On such a day in life
be given expression to this wish
that God's blessing, God's goodness
may always accompany and protect you.

With God as your companion
you will not go astray.
Because he is the fighter
for truth and light!

You shall trust in him
and his commandment.
On him you can build
in every need!

Believe firmly in the Lord God;
Believe in his will!
It is never out of fashion
to hold on to God.
Be confident: In God's hand
you will always stand firm!

With God - so you shall walk.
With God - so you shall act!

Your eye can make the world
dull or bright to you.
How you look at it,
it will weep or laugh.

Time never stands still,
the moment floats away,
and which you did not use,
you have not lived.

Wonderfully protected by good powers,
we confidently await what may come.
God is with us in the evening and in the morning
and certainly on every new day.

Congratulations with a Poem Templates

Dear Daniela!

"With God - so you shall walk.
With God - so you shall act!"

Friedrich Morgenroth

The warmest congratulations for your confirmation

Julia and Horst

"The most beautiful day of your life,
Let your confirmation be the best day of your life.
Let the memory never fade,
then good will always triumph!"

Dear Samuel,
on the occasion of your confirmation we wish you the love and blessing of God, may he always protect you.

The warmest congratulations from your grandparents

Erika and Alfred

Congratulations and sayings for confirmation

Besides a poem, a congratulation must also be in a confirmation card. We have created for you very personal Congratulations, which you are of course welcome to adopt.
. Sayings can also serve as an introduction or framing for your congratulations. And here, too, we have created a page for you, where you will find the most beautiful sayings for confirmation.