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Congratulations for children birthday

Celebration of a child

The birthday is probably the most important event in the course of a child's year. It is eagerly awaited, an eternity seems to pass between each birthday. Gifts, cake, the favorite food, visits from friends and family and the feeling of being the full center of attention on this day and enjoying all the attention - all this makes the child's birthday a wonderful event that makes children's eyes light up.

The greeting card to the birthday boy

Classic birthday motifs such as gorgeous cakes with candles, the number indicating the age of the birthday boy or girl, balloons, teddy bears and gifts come in all varieties and designs. Funny animals wearing party hats, holding a gift, playing with a streamer or doing similar cute things are also a popular image. People also like to choose specific motifs for boys or girls: For example, this can be dinosaurs, knights and pirates on one side or princesses, horses and dolls on the other. Be inspired by the interests and preferences of the addressee. A homemade or self-painted card will be particularly appropriate for the playful occasion of a child's birthday.

Design of congratulations

No novels need to be written for the children's birthday. The picture, the card itself and of course the gift provide enough excitement. A simple, short, handwritten greeting that comes from the heart is often just the thing. Take yourself back to your childhood and think about what you always liked to hear - probably not advice about getting older or a comment about how big you've grown up. Rather, something witty, memorable, simple that gets right to the point. If you like, you can write a short, funny poem.

Congratulations for children birthday

Have a wonderful day and happy gift unwrapping!

Finally it is here, the most beautiful day of the year! I am happy with you and wish you a super great birthday!

Cake, sunshine, great gifts, fun games, nice friends and lots of laughter - I wish you all this from the bottom of my heart for your birthday!

For the new year of your life I wish you all the best and that all your wishes come true!

We are so excited to celebrate with you today and have a super great birthday! Come on, unpack and enjoy your special day!

Put on your crown quickly, today you are the king/queen! Today all wishes come true, everyone must be nice to you, there are gifts and your favorite food! Oh, if only every day were a birthday!

Here's a hot birthday tip from an old hand: Unwrap the presents first and then blow out the candles, then you can wish for what is still missing, so that it will come true soon!

Superman, Pokemon, Baloo the Bear and Sponge Bob don't matter to me today: today you are the superhero, you have grown a bit, become stronger and faster! Happy Birthday!

Do you know what makes your birthday so special? Not the gifts, not the cake, not the guests, not the candles...but then what? You! You are very special and we are happy that you are in the world! And that's why we celebrate today until the cow flies!

What might be wrapped in the beautiful, colorful, big presents this year? A train set? A doll? A cuddly bear? A coloring book? A toy car? I know you're excited, so unpack quickly and have a wonderful birthday!

Could you hardly sleep tonight because of excitement? Did you get up before your parents and discover and unwrap your presents with shining eyes and beating heart? With a big grin you received the congratulations and ate an extra large piece of your favorite cake? That's it! That's how it should be! All the best for your birthday!

Birthday is one of the most beautiful celebrations!
We wish you the very best!

For your 12th birthday we wish you with all our heart
- all the best and love
- always a lot of fun with soccer
- no stress at school and
- everything you wish for yourself!

Of course we thought of it,
That would be a laugh!
We celebrate today with you,
Your birthday is just around the corner!

We sing you in the choir
a nice little song for you,
that we hope will make you happy!
Good luck and blessings today!

Today for your anniversary
I send you a teddy bear,
because I like you so much!
And he likes you even more!

Today we have a bash
with chocolate cake and raspberry sherbet,
with candles and sunshine,
that's how beautiful your birthday should be!

Hot hooray!
Your birthday is here!
That was a darn long year!
But now there are gifts, of course!

We bounce in a circle,
we eat ice cream,
we run around,
we're so happy!
We wish you happiness
and a piece of cake!
Come on, rejoice, you people,
It's your birthday today!

Finally, finally the time has come:
Today is birthday time!
The year, that drags on forever,
but today you have only one thing in mind:
Celebrate, laugh, be happy!
Happy birthday from the two of us!

Happy birthday to you!
Today everyone is ecstatic!
The gifts fill closets!
Happy birthday good luck!

Happy Birthday to you!
Ein Jahr älter wirst Du!
Wenig Worte, große Torte:
Happy Birthday to you!

My dear child,
the wind is dancing,
the bear is dancing,
we are very happy!
Good luck and blessings,
in sun and rain,
birthday feast,
this song is off!

Today I wish you something to laugh about,
and be silly and make fun!
Today I wish you a joke,
that will knock you right off your seat!
Today I wish you a glow,
a sparkle in your eye,
a merry heart, that jumps so easily,
a smile, clear and joyful-soft!
Why all this? What is it?
Your birthday is just great!

"All the best!" calls the hare
and he blows his nose.
"Congratulations1," growls the bear.
Even though he grumbles, he is very happy.
"All the best!" purrs the cat
And she hands you her paw.
"Hip hip hooray!", barks the dog now
and he jumps around in circles.
The bird sings "Good luck, good luck!",
flutters back and forth.
"Have a great party!" the mouse whimpers
and nibbles on the birthday feast.
And so every animal celebrates
celebrates your birthday with you today!