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Engagement poems

Heart with bears in blue jeans

Your engagement wishes you can include love poems or special engagement poems. The greeting card stands out from others and becomes unique. The engaged couple pays special attention to it and the card remains with the engagement poem in long memory. Moreover, how about even composing the poem for the engagement wishes of relatives or friends yourself? To do this, you just need a little time and muse, you will see, the appropriate words will be found quite quickly. In doing so, you can decide whether you want to put on paper a rather romantic work or rather a funny engagement poem. In any case, the poem is tailored exactly to the fiancées and is therefore certainly very well received.

Congratulations with a Poem Templates

Dear Daniela, dear Stefan!

"Engagement - wonderful time
full of love and togetherness!
Good luck to it, that each finds,
what faithfully binds to each other!"

Friedrich Morgenroth

Stay as happy as you are today

Julia and Horst

What is love? Say!
Two souls and one thought,
two hearts and one beat.

Frederick Halm

Dear engaged couple,

We would like to offer you our warmest congratulations on your engagement.
We wish you all the best for the new stage of your life and stay as much in love as you are today.

Susi and Klaus

Engagement poems

These poems can frame your engagement wishes.

Who ever lived in arms of love,
can never become poor in life.

That never dull adversity,
that distress and shame remain far from you,
that you never cry a tear,
that you may always be united in love,
that you may always be free from all worries,
That's what I wish for the engaged couple.

Engagement - wonderful time
full of love and togetherness!
Good luck to it, that each finds,
what faithfully binds to each other!

Comparable to engagement rings
made of real, seamless gold,
so in all things
the happiness of love always hold you!

Without discord, without suffering,
full of happiness and sunshine,
Such is the time of betrothal.
May the married state also be like this!

When a couple finds each other in love and fidelity,
then they know that heaven binds them together.
May God's blessing protect and guide you
protect and guide you on your way!

I wish you - one with the other -
a happy wandering together
with confidence, hand in hand,
into a happy land of the future.
Whatever you achieve, wherever you go,
what life has in store for you
of joys and sorrows, of happiness and pain:
You shall always be one and united!

Let the engagement flags
in the fresh breeze!
How nice to plan for two
And to go ONE way!

The engagement is a test,
whether it is possible to live well
to live together despite
to face problems together.
Hereby I wish the best
today on the occasion of the engagement.

When two tones are symphonic,
together they sound bright and pure:
Two natures, harmonious,
act on each other.

Whether happiness and cheerfulness blow around you,
whether the storm of life is raging around you:
You shall always stand together faithfully;
After all, that is what you are engaged to do!

The sun does not shine day and night,
that is quite good - is well considered!
Also luck will never be eternal,
it goes like the sunshine.
Many a one must admit to himself:
I have had it and not seen.
So that you are spared this,
treat your love gently.

What is love? Say!
Two souls and one thought,
two hearts and one beat.

When two hearts find each other
there are many happy hours.
And the hard ones are halved,
because love rules them.

Therefore, do not let yourselves be distracted,
Let love guide you
until the great wedding day
which may soon make you happy.

In love, engaged ... there is still something missing,
but today you have great fun.
You are still single,
but there's already a glimmer
that points in the direction of marriage,
even if you are still silent about it.

You have found each other in love,
you already know the blissful hours.
But if you want to commit yourself forever,
can you really find it advisable
if two like you, to try it out,
should first be betrothed.

We wish you all the best for your engagement party,
a lot of fun and only the best for the future.

Congratulations and sayings for engagement

In addition to a poem, an engagement card must also include a engagement wish. For this we have created some very personal congratulations that you are welcome to use. The more sensitive and personal your congratulatory letter is, the more likely it will be remembered by the engaged couple. Who would rather like to note an engagement saying in the greeting card instead of an engagement poem, should visit our page with the engagement sayings. There you will find romantic but also funny quotes and wisdom.