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Proverbs & poems for 30th birthday

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Birthday sayings and birthday poems are of course also for the 30th birthday. They usually refer to the already more mature age and are often a bit insinuating. But with 30 years one has certainly still the required humor for such sayings or poems. So you can write these texts quietly in a birthday card and thus bring his personal congratulations.

Birthday sayings for 30th birthday

These sayings can introduce your congratulations. But you can also use the sayings for a guest book or a speech.

Happy 30th birthday! Now you're officially closer to 40 than 20!

Smile while you still have teeth! Happy 30th birthday.

Remember, at 30 you are infinitely old for teenagers! Congratulations on your birthday.

Cheers, may you grow as old as you look. Best wishes for your 30th birthday from ...

Happy Birthday. You are not 30, but only 27 with 3 years of experience.

Now you're 30 - from now on we'll be happy to help you across the street.

You don't get older, you get better! Happy 30th Birthday ...

From today you can go to any Ü30 party. Congratulations on your birthday!

Remember, no sex today! Because you need all the energy to blow out the candles.

Remember: age is just a number! The higher it gets, the more valuable it is.

One ages only from twenty-five to thirty. What is preserved until then will probably be preserved forever.

The more candles your birthday cake has, the less breath you have to blow them out.

In old age, memories have the same significance as dreams had in youth.

Age is irrelevant unless you are a bottle of wine.

Birthday poems for 30th birthday

Poems can frame your congratulations, the greeting card can be made very festive.

At 30 you are really in shape
and your experience is enormous.
You can spit into your hands with satisfaction
and look forward with joy.

30 years have now passed,
since your life began.
For this beautiful centenary
we wish you the very best.

Today you turn 30, old chap,
the varnish loses its first color.
But don't panic, remember:
"Antique" is now well received!

One is ducked, shocked, confused
and you realize that you are already turning thirty.
You look at the others - with cunning,
you realize that you are only thirty!

A beautiful day is today,
where everyone rejoices with you!
Today we celebrate the feast of feasts -
to the 30th birthday only the very best!

30 years, here on earth,
that must be celebrated.
You are a rarity,
a unique piece with quality.
A good vintage does not age.
The quality it promises
should continue to develop fully
and last at least until 100.

30 years are worth
that you be honored in a special way.
That is why we want to say to you today,
it's good that we have you.

For your 30th birthday,
the very best from me.
And also - that is clear:
Have a great new year!

Oh horror, oh horror, the 2 is gone!
But do not be sad,
You'll see:
At 30, it's only really beautiful.
And only one thing is important:
The way you are, that's the way it is.

I wish you all the best
to your 30th year.
It should be even better
than it was the last.
Happiness, love and contentment
I wish you at any time!

Congratulations 30th birthday

In addition to a birthday saying or a birthday poem, you can also write a wish for 30th birthday in the birthday card. On the following page we have collected some of the most beautiful congratulations: