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Special poems for wedding

two wedding rings

With a poetic, but also with a funny poem in the wedding card you convey romance, love and warmth. On this page we have collected for you the most beautiful poems for the wedding. With a wedding poem you can give the bride and groom all the wishes you hope for the bride and groom on their way into the future together. In addition to the wedding poem, you must not forget a wedding congratulations in your card to the wedding. You can also find them at!

Wedding poems

These poems can be used for the greeting card. But you can also find them on invitations to the bachelor party, wedding or silver wedding or golden wedding.

What is love? Say!
Two souls and one thought,
two hearts and one beat.

This is the right marriage,
where two are meant,
Through all fortune and woe
to pilgrimage faithfully united:
The one the other's staff
and dear burden at the same time,
together rest and wander,
And goal the kingdom of heaven.

Because everything about you makes me feel so light
because you reach me everywhere
because you see me and forgive me
and you love indescribably
because everything about you makes me so light
because you set me free every day
because you were awake while I was asleep
and you are indescribable
because everything about you makes me so light.

You are now one, both of you,
and we are one with you.
Drink on the joy duration
a glass of good wine!
And remain at all times
to each other,
Through strife and discord
your covenant never be disturbed.

Much joy gives, as masculinely known,
For man and woman the holy matrimony!
And it is sweet for the pious,
who has received permission to do so,
if he then after the usual period
is a happy father and mother.

We dreamed of each other
And woke up from it.
We live to love each other,
And sink back into the night.
You stepped out of my dream,
From yours I stepped forth,
We die when one is
Lost in the other.
On a lily tremble
Two drops, pure and round,
Flow into one and roll
Down into the chalice's bottom.

Oh how lovely, oh how chic,
so to speak, heart-warming,
it is for a region
when two people, wealthy,
who are happy with themselves,
but of different sex.
Now if these, I say, have their
necessary papers,
as well as the household things,
finally put in order.
And in honor and in good time,
to the registry office.
As it is prescribed to those who love
By law prescribed.
Then everyone shouts joyfully:
"Thank God, they have each other!"

Walk always in the same step,
then happiness and love go with you!

Love, what a lovely haze,
but in marriage, that's where the art is.

Who ever lived in arms of love,
can never become poor in life.

Weightless and reeling with happiness
this day never comes back
but the strength from these hours
will round out our lives.

Good luck and God's blessing
on all your paths in life.
And that the dice fall favorably for you,
this wish comes from all of us.

That never dull adversity,
that distress and shame remain far from you,
that you never cry a tear,
that you may always be united in love,
That you may always be free of all worries,
That's what I wish today for the wedding couple!

Love shall not,
Love does not fight,
Love will not,
love is.
Love does not seek,
Love does not ask,
Love is, just as you are.

Two people who find each other
and bind themselves to each other,
when they pledge allegiance to each other,
belong to each other completely,
then it's wonderful
and love completely.

And here these two seal
to each other lasting love and fidelity.
High is the sweet dream of love
above time and space.

May you doubt that the stars glow,
You may doubt that the sun moves,
You may think the truth is a lie,
but never doubt love.

Love holds nothing back;
it knows neither door nor bolt,
And penetrates through everything;
It is without beginning,
Its wings never cease to beat,
And beats them forever.

If you keep silent, keep silent out of love.
If you speak, speak out of love.
If you rebuke, rebuke out of love.
If you spare, spare out of love!
Let love take root in your heart
and only good can come from it!

I wish you - one with the other -
a happy wandering together
with confidence, hand in hand,
into a happy land of the future.
Whatever you achieve, wherever you go,
what life has in store for you
of joys and sorrows, of happiness and pain:
You shall always be one and united!

It must be something wonderful
to love of two souls!
They completely enclose each other,
never hiding a word from each other!
And joy and sorrow and happiness and hardship
so with each other carry!
From the first kiss to the death
they say only love to each other.

When two tones are symphonic,
together they sound bright and pure:
Two natures, harmonious,
act on each other.

Congratulations, sayings for wedding and funny wedding sayings

A greeting card should in any case also contain a congratulation, at you will find very personal and original wishes for the bride and groom. You can also insert a saying, a quote or wisdom in the greeting card, the bride and groom will certainly be happy about it. Funny wedding sayings are rather something for a wedding newspaper or a wedding game, with a congratulation you must be very careful with it - click through, to smile and laugh it is in any case.

Wedding poem tips:

If you know the bride and groom very well and know some anecdotes from their life together, you can also write a wedding poem yourself. This wedding poem can then find its way into your greeting card. You can also recite the poem at the wedding and create an entertaining wedding celebration. Bride and groom will certainly be happy about it. Wedding poems are also often recited by children. Please make sure that you have a suitable microphone at hand, otherwise the laboriously memorized poem and its verses will be lost in the general babble of voices.