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Congratulations on silver wedding anniversary

2 rings - wedding anniversary

The silver wedding anniversary is celebrated after 25 years of marriage. This quarter of a century of togetherness is usually celebrated with family and good friends. The congratulations should include very personal lines with which you convey joy and appreciation to the silver couple. At we have compiled templates for the congratulations.

The greeting card

The greeting card for silver wedding usually has religious motifs, but it can also be designed funny. When buying the greeting card, you should just rely on your feeling. With a little skill, you can also make the greeting card yourself. For this purpose, get utensils in silver from the craft or stationery store. A photo on the card makes your congratulations very personal, conceivable would be family photos or older shots of the silver couple.

Personalization of congratulations

Personal congratulations are written by hand, perhaps you practice this beforehand on a blank sheet of paper. Very noble would look a pen with silver color. In addition to the wishes you can also perpetuate a saying or a poem to the silver wedding in the greeting card. Those who are particularly keen, can bring their own verses to the best.

The salutation

Conceivable salutations in the congratulations for the silver wedding anniversary would be depending on the degree of familiarity:

  • Dear parents...
  • Dear mom, dear dad...
  • Dear grandparents...
  • Dear grandma, dear grandpa...
  • Dear Renate, dear Herbert...
  • Dear jubilee couple...
  • Dear silver wedding couple...
  • Dear silver couple...
  • Dear Mrs. Meier, dear Mr. Meier!

Congratulations on silver wedding anniversary

Here you will find congratulations with which you can congratulate on the silver wedding anniversary:

A thousand greetings to your silver wedding and a further wish all the happiness in the world ...

On the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary, we wish them all the best and much happiness and blessing for another 25 years of marriage.

Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary! May God's blessings and love always accompany you.

Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary and all the best for your next stage of life together.

We would like to congratulate you on your silver wedding anniversary and wish you all the best.

We wish you all the best for your silver wedding anniversary. We hope that this day will also be a good start to the next 25 years of marriage. Good luck to you!

25 years of marriage carefully nurtured and cherished, if this is not an achievement!!!
Congratulations on your "Silver Wedding".

We wish you all the best for your silver wedding anniversary and a happy time together.

Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary. We wish you many more years full of joy and happy togetherness!

Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary. May you both have many more happy and healthy years together. This wish you from the bottom of our hearts ...

We wish you all the best and lots of sunshine for your future life together. Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary.

A relationship is like a flower. If it is not carefully nurtured and cared for, it dies in the course of time ...
It's great that you have managed to preserve this precious asset over 25 years of marriage! We wish you from the bottom of our hearts that this will continue!

Growing old with your beloved partner is a heartfelt wish of mankind. You set a good example and show that this wish can become reality.
We wish you only the very best for your silver wedding and a golden future!

Dear silver couple,
After 25 happy years of marriage, you have now renewed your marriage vows with conviction. This is no longer a matter of course in this day and age! All the greater is our joy and all the more blissful are our wishes for you and your future together! Here's to the next 25 years!

Dear Beate, dear Hans,
You have been walking through life side by side for a whole quarter of a century. You have passed through many a valley, but also climbed to dizzying heights. We wish you with all our hearts that you will continue to be happy and content with each other, and we are already looking forward to your golden wedding anniversary!

Let it rain silver roses for you ...
We wish you many more loving years of marriage with many a "silver lining", lots of happiness and God's blessing!

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Sanders
we congratulate you on 25 years of

- lucrative cooperation
- more or less successful stress management
- effective family growth
- and lasting preservation of love!

Three cheers for our silver couple!!!

Dear silver couple,
25 years you have been together through thick and thin and have lived your love with all your senses! Today we want to celebrate this masterpiece properly! We wish you all the best for the future, love, happiness and health!

Dear silver couple,
Now it is time to look back and not always look forward. If you look back over the last 25 years, you will be amazed at what you have achieved! Keep up the good work and continue to preserve your love and respect for each other - then you'll get the golden one!

The children grown up, the place in the job consolidated, the loan reduced to a minimum and outwardly still dashing appearances - you have made it!!! After 25 years of marriage, you are out of the "woods" and can enjoy your life to the fullest! We wish you a lot of fun and congratulate you on your silver wedding anniversary!

Our dream couple has completed the 25 years of marriage! A great anniversary, which of course must be celebrated extensively! We thank you very much for the invitation to your silver wedding anniversary celebration and wish you from the bottom of our hearts all love, contentment and God's rich blessing!

Silver Wedding Anniversary Sayings And Quotes

Sayings can introduce or frame the congratulations on the silver wedding anniversary.

To love a person is to agree to grow old with him.

Time passes - love remains.

Love carries the soul as the feet carry the body.

Age does not protect from love, but love from aging.

In a good marriage, heaven and earth come together.

The great happiness in love is to find rest in another heart.

A cheerful couple is the best thing that can be achieved in love.

The great happiness in love is to find rest in another heart.

When two people love each other, they stay young for each other.

Love appears to be the fastest,
but it is the slowest of all plants.
Neither man nor woman knows
what perfect love is
until they have been married for a quarter of a century.

Love endures everything, believes everything, hopes everything, withstands everything. Love never stops.

Silver wedding anniversary poems

Poems can also introduce the congratulations in greeting cards, but you can also use them for invitation cards.

So beautiful, wonderful, splendid time:
all' 25 years in togetherness!
And the beautiful life shall continue to give you
give you much happiness, and only cheerful sense.

Often in silent circles
joy has united you here;
but in a festively joyful way
the happy crowd appears today.

Twenty-five years have flowed
richly blessed, flowed to you;
Children of this union sprouted
To your joy they blossom.

Today you look back with gratitude
on the beautiful number of years,
Once more you look with joy
On your heart's free choice.

But the celebration of the day
The view also to the future:
May you still be richly given
Joy, gladness, the meaning of life!

What a glimmer, what a shine,
Happiness, music and dance.
The Lord God has willed
that you should celebrate today:
Twenty-five years ago,
that together she and he,
our beautiful silver couple!
Again twenty-five years
and even more with all our hearts
we wish by the light of candles
and festive music
happiness for the rest of your lives.
May God in his goodness
may keep you for many years to come!

The flower blooms only for a short time!
But your love blooms forever!

Congratulations on the silver
the (Musterdorfer) four!
Wish until the gold wedding
happy togetherness!

Congratulations to the celebrating couple,
25 years, how wonderful.
Keep going the way you are,
We wish you all the best.
That even after 50 years
are a happy couple!

A quarter of a century
you have now been united,
which hardly surprises anyone,
whether friend or foe.

Everyone must say,
who sees you two like this,
on heart and on stomach:
You two are in love!

So twenty-five years ago
you stood at the altar.
And the future days were
not yet clear to you and others.

But today in the circle of friends
you look back on your journey,
for the goal that no longer seems
your child(ren) and grandchildren stand up for it.

Hard to believe: twenty-five years!
How so quickly time passes in happiness!
And congratulations to the silver couple,
who are in the middle of their work:
May life always be full of songs!
We'll see each other again at the "Golden Anniversary"!

25 years already!
God's blessings, God's will
may keep you healthy,
and happiness, merry and bright,
remain your constant companion!

Wedding sayings and wedding poems

More romantic and funny wedding and silver wedding sayings can be found on the wedding sayings page. In addition, there are also very contemplative and funny wedding poems, which you can also use for the congratulations on the silver wedding.

Silver wedding anniversary newspaper

If you need a surprise for the celebration of the silver wedding anniversary, you can create a wedding newspaper for the celebrating couple. At we have compiled some examples, templates and suitable content for you. Of course, you have to invest some work and time for a wedding newspaper. But the joy of this extra sheet is usually very great.