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Mother's Day wishes and sayings and poems


Since the first half of the 20th century, every year on the second Sunday in May, the honor day of all mothers is celebrated. Children often delight their moms with small homemade gifts, and for adults, bouquets of flowers in particular are a popular gift. But no matter whether flowers, chocolates, perfume or other attentions - a lovingly selected card with personal greetings or congratulations, a nice saying or a sensitive poem simply belongs to Mother's Day! You can find ideas for unusual greetings and congratulations on the following page.

The card for Mother's Day wishes

When it comes to greeting cards, especially for Mother's Day: homemade always goes down well! Even if you don't feel particularly talented, you can still reach for scissors, pencil, glue and paper - the main thing is that the card is designed with love! Hearts and flowers in all variations are always popular motifs, but also cute children's photos or lucky symbols such as bugs and shamrocks are suitable for heartfelt Mother's Day greetings.

Personalization of congratulations

Mother's Day cards should always be hand lettered. A beautiful fountain pen or a colored pen expresses the specialness of the occasion. But even a wax crayon can look very cute, it immediately makes you think of the first childish attempts at painting. For Mother's Day, the main focus is on saying thank you. A short wish, a nice saying or a personal verse express how much the mother means to the writer.

Mother's Day wishes

You will find here very personal Mother's Day wishes with which you will surely surprise your mother.

Thank you, Mom!

We wish you a sunny, unexcited and happy Mother's Day!

I wish you only the best for Mother's Day! Warm greetings from ...

Dear Mom, I wish you a great Mother's Day with delicious breakfast and lots of sunshine!

With mom it is still the most beautiful! All the best for Mother's Day!

For Mother's Day I just want to say thank you. Thank you for - simply everything!

Best wishes and a very big thank you to the best mom in the world!

I wish you a super Mother's Day, stay as you are. Love from
Your / Your ...

Dear Mom, you are just everything for us! We love you soooooo much!
Warm greetings from ...

For Mother's Day I want to send you dearest greetings and thank you for always being there for me!

Thank you for always being there for me and supporting me in all matters. Such a great mom like you, there is only once in the world! I love you infinitely!

A day in the calendar is due to you. You should be celebrated 365 days a year! Dear Mother's Day greetings from ...

Dear Mom, for Mother's Day we wish you a wonderful day without stress and with only sunshine. Thank you for always being there for us!

Probably no love reaches as deep as the love of a mother to her children. Thank you for proving this to us every day since our birth!

I'm glad to have you as my mom, because who else would have put up with me for so long? The dearest greetings for Mother's Day from ...

For Mother's Day I want to send you a huge bouquet of flowers and a card with all the best wishes. But also on all other days of the year my heart is always with you, dear Mom!

If Mother's Day didn't already exist, I would invent it for you. Thank you for always standing by my side. Very dear greetings from ...

Being a mother is not always easy. Today it's time for us to give you a big pat on the back for all your achievements! Yes, and feel free to give yourself a pat on the back, after all, today is Mother's Day!

Urgent message to the best mother in the world: Always stay as you are, so cheerful, caring, funny and understanding, but also tough when it comes down to it! All the love for Mother's Day!

It is the very big challenges, just like the many, many small everyday tasks, in which the true greatness of a mother lies. For as long as I can remember, you have mastered all motherly activities with flying colors! Best wishes for Mother's Day from ...

Colorful flowers, great cakes, wonderful weather, happy family members, a hundred hearts, amazing hugs and simply a great day we wish you today! Enjoy Mother's Day, you truly deserve it!

Sometimes I wonder how you always put up with me so well? Even when I messed up, you always stood by me and accepted me as I am. I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart, not only today, but every day.

Yes, being a mother is a true full-time job. But let us tell you, even if it is not always expressed as clearly as today, we are grateful for and happy about every minute of your dedication and help! We wish you only the very best for Mother's Day!

Being a mother is still one of life's greatest challenges in the 21st century. You have always mastered all maternal tasks with confidence, perseverance, love and humor! Today is your special day, so I send you 1000 thanks and all the best!

You have always helped me to take the right turns on my life's journey, you have always filled my tank when I was stuck. Today, my path leads straight to you, to shout out loud "Thank you!" and to bring you all the best wishes for Mother's Day.

During crying fits, bouts of crying, endless question and answer games, full diapers, smudged faces and all kinds of other adventures of everyday life, you always showed patience, perseverance, understanding, humor and caring - that must be true love! We wish you all the very best for Mother's Day!

You have done so much for me and given me so much love and support, actually I should send you a bouquet of flowers every day! But because of the logistical and financial problems that would be associated with it, comes today vicariously a particularly thick, particularly beautiful bouquet! Thank you for everything!

Today is your day of honor: Today you should be served breakfast for once, today you should just be allowed to sit in your favorite armchair, today you don't have to cook, do the laundry, do the shopping, clean the windows, wash the dishes or do any other work! Isn't that nice? Feel a big hug for Mother's Day!

Even if I wasn't so aware of it as a child: You managed to have "Children's Day" 364 times a year, you took care of yourself, shopped, cooked, played, read aloud and, and, and. But once a year, there came a day when you were the center of attention and were pampered to the hilt. Every year on this day I still think of you very strongly. All, all, all the love for Mother's Day!

Some evil tongues claim that Mother's Day is an invention of the flower and chocolate industry... - even if it is: I think you should take every occasion to say thank you for the daily care of a self-sacrificing mother! On Mother's Day, but also throughout the rest of the year. I think of you and wish you a fulfilling Mother's Day!

As a child you were "just" the most loving mother. But now that I have children of my own, I really realize what you have accomplished and how admirably you have fulfilled the tasks of a super mom. I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart how much I appreciate it all and how grateful I am for all the years of support and love! All, all the love for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Sayings And Quotes

Sayings can introduce and frame Mother's Day wishes.

A mother's love does not divide between children, it multiplies.

A child without a mother is like a flower without rain.

With a childhood full of love, you can endure the cold world for half a lifetime.

Mothers understand what children don't say.

There is only one completely selfless, completely pure, completely divine love. And that is the love of the mother for her child.

A mother is not there to lean on; she makes it unnecessary.

All the pride of this world is the work of mothers.

What one has from the mother is fixed and cannot be talked out of it.

The child's future is the work of his mother.

Wandering through the world, I found everywhere: No heart can love like a mother's heart.

No cornucopia raining from all treasures is richer than the Mother's hand that blesses.

Motherly love is peace. It does not need to be acquired or earned.

Nothing on earth is as sweet to the child as the mother. Yes, children, love your mother! Life brings you no love that is as good as this.

Because God could not be everywhere, He created the mother.

No wisdom that can be learned on earth can give us what a word and a look of the Mother gives.

The mother's heart is the most beautiful and captive place of the son even when he already has gray hair - and everyone has only one such heart in the whole universe.

Mother's Day poems

With a poem, your Mother's Day wish becomes a very personal greeting.

Only a mother alone knows
what it means to love and be happy.

Dearest Mom, one thing is true,
You've always been there for me.
For that I thank you for the feast,
because you are the very best.

Today, on this dear feast day,
I wish you the very best;
Happiness, health, long life
may the good Lord give you.

Live happily, live cheerfully,
Live on in health,
Live many more years
Dear mother, live high!

The mother carries in her womb
the child for three quarters of a year;
the mother carries in her arms
the child, because it was still weak;
the mother carries in her heart
the children forever.

Oh, if I were a little bird,
I'd know what I'd do:
I'd learn songs
From morning till night.
Then I'd sit down there
Where mama's dear would be
And sing her songs
one after the other.

How often I saw the pale hands sewing,
a piece for me - how lovingly you cared!
I saw to heaven your eyes plead,
a wish for me - how lovingly you cared!
And to my bedside you came with silent toes,
a protection for me - how lovingly you cared!

No bird sits in fluff and moss
in its nest so warm
than I on my mother's lap,
on my mother's arm.
And if my head and foot aches,
all pain is gone,
my mother gives me a kiss
and presses me to her heart.

When everything, everything leaves you,
When everything falters on earth,
The mother's love remains firm,
That cannot be unfaithful.

No matter how great the sorrow
That gloomily wraps around you,
Lay your head in your mother's lap
Of the mother, and it vanishes.

Whatever may tear your heart,
Whatever you long for -
Motherly love heals the pain,
Kissing the tear from your eye.

Kisses the sorrow from your forehead,
Quickly knows how to banish the pain,
And shoos away any sadness
So lightly, so gently away.

When everything, everything leaves you,
When everything on earth wavers,
The mother's love remains firm,
That cannot be unfaithful.