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Congratulations on the anniversary of work

Congratulations on the anniversary of work

In today's world, it is becoming increasingly common for people not to work in the same profession or stay with the same employer for their entire lives. All the more reason to appreciate the loyalty and reliability of long-serving employees. After five or ten years, after 25 or 40 - a small celebration, small gifts and a card with congratulations are a matter of course on a round work anniversary.

The right card for congratulations

For the work anniversary or service anniversary, simple and elegant greeting cards are usually chosen, which mainly emphasize the corresponding year. Friendly, mild colors and playful tendril and scroll motifs are a popular choice. Often, long service is also recognized with some kind of medal, medal or other award, which is then depicted on the card with the year. Possibly, funny cartoon motifs from the world of work can also be selected, if they fit the job description, the company and the celebrant.

Personalization of greetings

When congratulating employees on their work anniversary, supervisors express how proud they are of the employee. A verbal pat on the back and recognition of achievements are the focus. Colleagues at work are happy to congratulate the employee on his or her many years of cooperation with the company. Whether the salutation is by "you" or "you" depends entirely on how you address each other at work. The congratulations should be written neatly with a ballpoint pen or fountain pen.

Congratulations on the anniversary of work colleagues

Congratulations, you have set an absolute record: 40 years of service! Let us give you a big pat on the back and toast with us!

It is a lot of fun to work with you. Your advice and knowledge are always welcome. Congratulations on your 40th anniversary of service - yours / yours ...

Congratulations on your [number] work anniversary! Your colleagues ...

For [number] years you are just great! Congratulations on your work anniversary!

You are always especially fun to work with! Thanks for the good time and congratulations on your [number] work anniversary!

Problems are there to be solved - that could be your eternal motto! For this we appreciate and admire you very much! Congratulations on your [number] anniversary!

For many years I look forward to working with you every morning! Congratulations on the [number] service anniversary!

You are a really great, friendly and always funny colleague! Congratulations on the [number] company anniversary of ...

We are very lucky to have you as a colleague! Thank you for the collegial and humorous cooperation - congratulations on your [number] anniversary!

[number] you are now already in our company. Thank you for the collegial and humorous cooperation! Congratulations on your work anniversary from ...

Hooray, hooray, you've been with the company since [number]! You are my dearest work buddy / my best work friend. Congratulations on your anniversary from ...

Congratulations on your [number]-year anniversary with the company. You are a really great and competent colleague with whom we would like to continue working for a long time. Warm
Greetings from ...

Even after [number] years your daily "Good morning!" still sounds honest, heartfelt and full of energy! For this, highest respect and deep gratitude! Congratulations on your special work anniversary from ...

Today you are [number] in our company. For this anniversary we would like to send you our warmest congratulations. You are always a nice and helpful colleague who supports us with competence! We hope that we will be able to work with you for many more years.

On your [number] company anniversary, we send you our heartfelt congratulations and hope that we can work with you for another 20 to 30 years, because you are the best colleague imaginable!

You have been with the company for a quarter of a century now! We are very proud of you and congratulate you on your 25th anniversary!

My God, 25 years already... - congratulations on your silver anniversary!

For your many years of great work, helpfulness and friendliness, we hereby award you the Golden Order of 25 years of cooperation! Congratulations!

Time and again I am amazed at your perseverance, your wealth of ideas and your expertise! You are a true inspiration in the workplace. Congratulations on your 25-year work anniversary!

Working with you in the team means a lot to me! You have always promoted cohesion and your friendly manner is unique. Thank you for the great years and congratulations on your 25th anniversary.

For a quarter of a century you have been the secret weapon of the department! Thank you for everything and congratulations on your 25th anniversary! Your work colleagues ...

On the occasion of your 25th anniversary, we would like to thank you for being an always humorous and helpful colleague. Congratulations from ...

On your 40th anniversary we wish you all the best, continued success in your job and, of course, lots of fun with your mountaineering (hobby)!

Congratulations from the supervisor or boss

Thank you for letting me rely on you every day for (number) years. All the best for your service anniversary!

Even in times of crisis, you always kept a cool head. Thank you for your many years of valuable work! Congratulations on your company anniversary - your ...

Talent like you is a blessing for any company. We are proud to have you on board with us for (number) years. Congratulations on your work anniversary!

Your experience, your commitment and your inexhaustible knowledge have made us happy for (number) years now! For this, many thanks and a big praise!

Your expert opinion has been highly valued by us for [number] years. Thank you for your many years of successful cooperation! Congratulations on the company anniversary ...

Even big problems you always meet with a smile and a funny saying. This exemplary behavior has earned you the respect and affection of many colleagues and superiors. Therefore, I would like to thank you for all the great years and warmly congratulate you on your (number of) years of service!

Talented, energetic and friendly employees like you are rare and highly sought after. We are proud and honored to have you on our team for (number) years! Thank you and congratulations!

We can no longer imagine our company without you. Thank you for your commitment to the good of the company and congratulations on your 25th work anniversary!

For a quarter of a century now, you have demonstrated dedication, expertise, reliability, joy and humor every working day. For this I would like to thank and congratulate you!

For (number of) years, you have made a valuable contribution to the success of our company and continue to surprise us with innovative ideas and creative approaches to solutions. For this, I would like to express my respect and sincere thanks on the current occasion!

Punctuality, speed, clean work and helpfulness are capitalized with you. And this for now (number) years! We are very grateful for your tireless service to our company and congratulate you on today's company anniversary!

Your reliability, your expertise, your creativity and your support for 25 years must truly be awarded! Thank you for your tireless commitment and congratulations on your company anniversary!

On the 25th anniversary of joining our company, I would like to congratulate you very warmly. I wish you the best health and much joy in our company for the further years of your career. Congratulations ...

Thank you for being a good employee for 25 years and hopefully for many more. On the occasion of your company anniversary we wish you always the best health and much joy in your further professional life.

Today you are 25 years in our company and with each year you have become more valuable for us. Thank you very much for your achievements and for the good cooperation. For the future we wish you health, happiness and fun and vigor at work. Congratulations on your work anniversary!

Hardly anyone has shaped the company as you have - with constantly good work and seemingly endless cordiality! Thank you for your years of dedication and congratulations on your 40th work anniversary!

For 40 years you have enriched our company with your kindness, reliability and good work. This is a true life's work. I am honored to still have you on board! Thank you for the many years of cooperation.

You have dedicated your life to the company and have done a terrific job for 40 years. Among colleagues and superiors alike, you have been a friend, role model and reliable worker. I would like to thank you very much for that! I look forward to the (only a few!) remaining years with you!

With a great deal of ambition, knowledge and diligence, you have contributed over the past 40 years to the very positive development of our company in terms of market position and size. We are very proud to have you in our team! Best wishes for the 40th company anniversary ...

Work anniversary sayings

Sayings can introduce the congratulations on the company anniversary, but you can also use them as a hook for a speech.

If you succeed once, it can be coincidence. If you succeed twice, it may be luck. If you succeed three times, it is diligence and efficiency.

Every vision begins with the mental journey. Every success with the practical implementation.

The secret of skill lies in the will.

The secret of success is to understand the other person's point of view.

The talent works, the genius creates.

The profession is the backbone of life.

Saying goodbye to a long and important job is always more sad than joyful.

One waits for the times to change. The other grabs it vigorously and acts.

Those who rest on their laurels are wearing them in the wrong place.

Happy he who has recognized his profession. He does not ask for any other happiness.

Opening a business is easy. What's hard is keeping it open.

Choose a job you love and you won't have to work a day in your life.

Everything great in our world happens only because someone does more than they have to.

There are people who catch fish and those who only muddy the waters.

It's a waste of time to do something mediocre.

Happy people are absorbed in their work, but never drown.

It is not our work that makes us who we are, but what we make of our work.

We work not only to produce something, but also to give value to time.