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First Communion poems

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The feast of First Communion or First Holy Communion is one of the Catholic sacraments. It belongs to one of the most important Catholic feasts and should be honored with very personal congratulations. To frame the congratulations in the communion cards, you can use special poems for First Communion. With this very personal congratulations card you show the intimate connection with the communion child.
. The poem can become a companion that the communion child will always remember with pleasure. On this page we have compiled some of the most beautiful poems for communion.
We hope you will find a suitable verse from the communion poems.

Congratulations with a Poem Templates

Dear Lilly!

"Stand up for your heart's opinion
and do not fear the mockery of your enemies,
fight courageously against denial,
if you have faith in God."

Theodor Fontane

The warmest congratulations on your first holy communion

Julia and Horst

With God - so you shall walk.
With God - so you shall act!

Friedrich Morgenroth

Dear Ben,

with this little poem we would like to send you our warmest congratulations on your first holy communion.

Laura and Christian

First Communion poems

Underline your best wishes for First Communion with a poem.

May God's blessing accompany you - today
today, tomorrow and at all times.

God always holds his hands protectively over you,
You only have to believe in him, don't forget that!

As the Lord shields the delicate blossoms
shields under frost and snow,
may He always protect you
in life's sorrow and woe.

The most beautiful day in your young life,
Communion should give you.
Let the memory never fade,
Then good will always triumph!

Stand up for your heart's opinion
and do not fear the mockery of your enemies,
fight courageously against denial,
if you have faith in God.

The bread does not feed you.
What feeds us in the bread
is God's eternal word,
is life and is spirit.

Your eye can make the world
dull or bright to you.
How you look at it,
it will weep or laugh.

Whatever you encounter
in the middle of the abyss of the world:
It is the hand that blesses you,
it is the arm that holds you.

I wish you for communion,
that God the Father and God the Son
protect you with blessings
on all your ways.
Then you will wander piously and happily
towards the golden gates of heaven.

The world is full of God's blessings;
If you want it, it is yours.
You only need to move hand and foot,
You need only be pious and wise.

In faith remain undaunted.
You are never alone in life;
God has taken you into his heart.
Now take him into yours.

Don't get confused:
What's fake? What is real?
People can be wrong.
God is always right!

With God - so you shall walk.
With God - this is how you shall act!

With God as your companion
you will not get lost,
because he is the fighter
for truth and light!
You shall trust in him
and his commandment;
on him you can build
in every need!

Believe firmly in the Lord God,
Believe in his will!
It is never unfashionable
to hold on to God.
Be confident: In God's hand
you will always stand firm!

On such a day in life
be given expression to this wish
that God's blessing, God's goodness
may always accompany and protect you.

God called you today in front of the altar steps,
the breath of the Eternal has blown around you,
how gracious to call him again,
with a prayer of supplication and thanksgiving.

Whatever you meet
in the middle of this world,
there is a hand
that blesses you,
There is a hand
that holds you.

Today your day has come,
for you are now taken up.
Jesus invites you today,
to be a guest at his table from now on.
We have accompanied you for a while
and prepared you for this step.
The rest depends on you now alone,
but know that he who believes will never be alone.

God's word is like light in the night;
it has brought hope and a future;
it gives comfort, it gives support in distress, need and fears,
is like a star in the darkness.

The most beautiful day in your young life,
Holy Communion should give you.
Let the memory never fade,
Then good will always triumph!

Bread and wine - these are the signs
that will be given to you today.
Let them be heavenly food
and keep your heart pure.
Rejoice in this day
that may not be forgotten.

What wise advice shall I give you for the step into life
for a wise advice?
Always remain in life who you are:
A good person - a good Christian.

Today is the day of your first Holy Communion,
You have been waiting long and impatiently.
You are receiving the body of Christ for the first time,
the church is filled with praise and sound.
If you believe in God, you will feel his closeness
and you will realize that faith opens many doors for you.

Today is your day of honor, you Christian child,
on which we all like to be with you.
Show God your pure heart and joyful mind,
From above he graciously looks down on you.
Be always kind, helpful and good.
God is with you, strengthens you and always gives you new courage.

God has called, you came gladly,
He has accepted you into His flock of children.
Your first Holy Communion today,
may always remain as God's sign in your heart.

The day of your communion
has been prepared by You for a long time.
The first meal at the table of the Lord,
with joyful heart you go today gladly.
There to the Holy Communion,
In God's house with joyful sound.
We want to celebrate this day with you
and join the queue of well-wishers.

You are going to the Lord's table today,
you are his dear guest.
We are all very fond of you.
Far be every burden from you.
May your life be colorful and bright,
"And don't let it be twisted and tangled.
And remain a merry companion,
Always put on a happy face!

Fear makes you unfree,
faith sets you free.
Fear paralyzes,
faith gives strength.
Fear makes you discouraged,
faith encourages.
Fear makes sick,
faith heals.
Fear makes unfit,
faith makes fit.

God give you
for every storm a rainbow
for every tear a laugh,
for every sorrow a prospect
and a help in every difficulty,
for every problem that life sends
a friend to share it with,
for every sigh a beautiful song
and an answer to every prayer.

First Communion congratulations and sayings

In addition to a communion poem, a card must also have a congratulatory message. The poem is framing and decorating the greeting card, but the communion child should be delivered first of all wishes for the future. Of course, you can make reference to the verse in the congratulations and respond to him, just as it would be with a saying for the first Holy Communion.
Sayings and Bible verses for the First Holy Communion you will find on one of the next pages.