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Congratulations on the engagement

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At the engagement two people make the promise to marry in the near future. For this festive occasion, you should deliver heartfelt engagement wishes. We have collected for you at some text, examples and templates for special congratulations on engagement. With them you can express romance and love, your greeting card will be a small gift of unforgettable joy. But we are not only at your side with best wishes. We have also made engagement sayings and engagement poems our theme.

The greeting card

A greeting card for engagement can have religious but also romantic or funny motifs. When buying, you may want to take into account the tastes of the engaged couple, or their attitude to the church and their sense of humor. In addition, you can also make a card. As paper you can use straw silk, clay paper or parchment. Decorate the card with little things from the craft store or with your own photo.

Personal design

The engagement wishes are usually written by hand, but for an event like the engagement, you can also sit down at the computer and print a card with text. The congratulations become personal if you mention common experiences or personal from the engaged couple, e.g. "You have been a couple for 5 years now..." or "On vacation in Mallorca you met for the first time...".

The structure

The engagement wish begins with the salutation, then the occasion is mentioned, congratulations on the engagement and best wishes for the future are conveyed. At the end you pay a greeting and sign with signature.

The salutation

Of course, you address the congratulations directly to the engaged couple. Stick to "you" if you are friends with the two, otherwise it is best to use a formal form of address. If you only know one of them better, a combination is also conceivable, e.g. in the case of work colleagues. In the engagement wishes, of course, the woman is named first.

  • Dear Daniela, dear Stefan...
  • Hello you two...
  • Hello you two...
  • Dear engagement couple...
  • Dear Daniela, dear Mr. Huber...

Congratulations on the engagement

Here you will find engagement wishes with which you can congratulate on the engagement:

I wish you all the best for your engagement and a happy future.

We wish you all the happiness in the world! Congratulations on the engagement.

We wish you all the love for your engagement and a happy time together.

Congratulations on your engagement, may God's blessings always accompany you.

For the engagement we wish all the best, good luck and eternal love.

For your engagement we wish all the best, much happiness and blessings. Stay as much in love as you are today.

Best wishes for your engagement and a wonderful celebration from the Bauer family.

A thousand dear greetings to the engagement and a nice celebration wish you ...

For your engagement our warmest congratulations and continue to wish the great love ...

For your future together we wish you all the love and sunshine. Congratulations on your engagement ...

Exciting, much beautiful and new I wish you for the engagement.

We would like to congratulate you on your engagement and wish you all the best for the future.

Congratulations on your next stage of life together, stay as in love and happy as you are.

For your engagement we would like to wish you good luck and all the best. Hopefully all the wishes and dreams you have for the future will come true.

The very best wishes for the engagement, much joy and happiness hope for you ...

What better way to celebrate the happiness of a young couple! We wish you for your engagement a lot of happiness, heart, mind, kindness, respect and of course a lot of love!

In love - engaged - married! You have now completed steps 1 and 2 - now we are eagerly awaiting step no. 3! We wish you all the best, lots of love and lots of happiness for your engagement.

When two get along really well, then they should go their way together!

On the occasion of your engagement and for your life together I wish you much happiness and God's rich blessing.

No longer "just" a couple in love, but finally an engaged couple! This is the most beautiful news this year! We wish you an exciting and at the same time adorable engagement time and all the best for your future together!

Your young happiness is very special for us! With today's engagement our families move even closer together. We are very happy for you and hope that this beautiful day is the start of a dream future for you!

Yippee - our dream couple is now an engaged couple! Finally you have "put your money where your mouth is" and made your wedding vows! We wish you all the happiness in the world and are already looking forward to your dream wedding!

"Test who binds himself eternally ..." or "Betrothal is: Ensure and continue to search" - you can safely whistle about such sayings! You have already passed your "trial period" with flying colors! Therefore, we see your engagement only as a further step in the direction of a dream future! All the best to you ...

How beautiful is the engagement time! You get to know and love each other even better, build your own nest, plan your future together and tackle problems together. Enjoy this irretrievable time to the fullest. Good luck to your engagement!

What a great couple you two are - made for each other! That's why we are so happy about your engagement and can't wait to finally see you at the altar! Good luck and all the love for your future together!

After times of waiting, trembling and hoping, we can finally exhale with relief! A couple as beautiful as you are simply belongs together! We are happy and proud that you have taken your relationship to a whole new level with today's engagement. We wish you a bright future with lots of love, happiness and God's blessings.

In purely legal terms, the engagement has only a subordinate significance in today's world. However, the emotional symbolic power is unbroken! To become engaged means to promise marriage to one's partner, to say to him: "You are the love of my life! With you I want to spend my future." We are happy for you and hope that your plan will work out just as you wish!

Now the testing is finally over! For three years now, you have loved, lived, argued and celebrated together. You know each other inside out, have learned to accept each other's quirks and only feel good when you are together. We think that's enough evidence to suggest a happy future! We are looking forward to your engagement party today and wish you all the best and lots of happiness for your life together!

You are now on the direct way to the altar! Even if this path will not always be as promising and rosy as today, I firmly believe in you and your love. Always keep the respect for each other and have the courage to deviate a bit from the solid road and to go ways that no one has gone before you. If you stick together, you will pass all the tests of life with flying colors! Congratulations on your engagement ...

Proverbs and poems for engagement

If you are looking for a saying, quote or wisdom, or if you need a poem or verse for engagement, then you are exactly right on the next pages. Click through, maybe you will find something original, romantic or funny for your greetings for engagement.