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40th birthday sayings &poems

Number 40 as party picture

A greeting card can contain not only the congratulations on the 40th birthday, but also be embellished with a small poem or a suitable saying. On this page you will find funny but also romantic birthday poems and birthday sayings. Sometimes it is possible to convert the poems or sayings on the birthday child, so they become more personal. If you are creative, you can put your own creations on paper, these are then particularly sensitive or funny, because the sayings or poems were made suitable for the birthday child.

Birthday sayings for 40th birthday

The sayings, quotes or wisdom can come from prominent personalities. Birthday sayings can also be profound or just funny, but they should definitely fit the birthday boy or girl.

The first forty years of our lives provide the text, the next thirty the commentary on it.

At forty, the man reaches the age of supreme reason.

At 20, the will rules, at 30, the mind, and at 40, judgment.

At 15, I was striving for knowledge.
At 30, I was secure in myself.
At 40, there was no longer any doubt.

You don't get older, you get better! Congratulations on your 40th birthday.

Better 40 and spicy than 20 and rancid!

Remember, 40 is still under 100. The warmest 40th birthday wishes from ...

Are you still having sex or are you already golfing?

At 40, you slowly get into the crunchy age. It cracks sometimes here and it cracks sometimes there! Congratulations ...

40 - look at it with looseness, because 50 is still far.

At 40, things get really busy, have a drink and a laugh! Happy 40th Birthday.

You are now getting to an age where men/women are taking notice of you. For example, they offer you a seat on the bus.

Congratulations on your 40th birthday, but what was it actually like back then with the dinosaurs?

Your 40th birthday should be a reason for you to smile, because you still have your own teeth!

Finally 40! Welcome to the club of old farts! The best congratulations from the 1st chairman ...

Every single wrinkle on your face tells a little story of your life and every look in the mirror tells you that you have been living a wonderful life for 40 years. Best wishes for the coming year from ...

Happy 40th Birthday! Remember, it's a really outstanding achievement from now on if you know where your car key is.

Birthday poems for 40th birthday

Here you will find birthday poems for the 40th birthday. If you want to write a poem yourself, you can get ideas here.

You have been on earth for 40 years,
that must be celebrated vigorously.

All the best we send,
to your 40th with this card here.

For your 40th birthday celebration,
we wish you only the best.

Even at 40 you have a lot to offer
and you're not one of the losers.

For your 40th I would like to greet you with love,
to sweeten your day today.

At 40, things really get going,
have a drink and a laugh!

Keep all your shenanigans even when you're 40,
because otherwise you might still grow up.

For your birthday I give you a little poem:
You're turning 40 - I'm not yet.

At 40, you are much too old for the disco,
go there, you'll soon realize.

Today you turn 40, old chap,
the varnish loses its first color.
But don't panic, remember:
"Antique" is now well received!

At 40 you are really in shape
and your experience is enormous.
You can spit into your hands with satisfaction
and look forward with joy.

40 years are worth
that you be honored in a special way.
That is why we want to say to you today,
it's good that we have you.

40 years have now passed,
since your life began.
For this beautiful centenary
we wish you the very best.

I wish you to the 40th cradle,
the very best from the bottom of my heart
and also, that is quite clear,
a beautiful new year!

40 years, here on earth,
that must be celebrated.
You are a rarity,
a unique piece with quality.
A good vintage does not age.
The quality it promises
should continue to develop fully
and last at least until 100.

Time passes,
someone has turned the clock again.
You are 40 years old today,
without you the world would be bitterly cold.
Be strong and don't let yourself be distracted,
even if some times the "sabers" clash.
You are the best and our treasure,
so we all give you a big kiss.

Congratulations 40th birthday

All birthday sayings and birthday poems should conclude with personal congratulations for the coming year. On the next page we have listed congratulations for 40th birthday.