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New Year's wishes

Fireworks at midnight on New Year

New Year is a symbol of new beginnings and good intentions. The old year with all its positive and negative sides is said goodbye, one looks forward and gathers for coming deeds. In addition to boisterous New Year's Eve parties, good food, champagne and colorful fireworks, it is also one of the numerous New Year's customs to send each other warm greetings and good wishes for the new year.

The card for the New Year wishes

Typical New Year motifs are all kinds of lucky symbols such as chimney sweeps, ladybugs, four-leaf clovers, lucky pennies and cute little pigs. Idyllic landscape pictures and beautiful bouquets of flowers symbolizing health, peace of mind and joy are also suitable for New Year's greetings. If you like it a little more casual, you can also choose funny cartoons and caricatures for New Year greetings.

Design of greetings for the New Year

Those who wish happiness, health, contentment and success for the New Year are never wrong, after all, everyone can probably use these things. To make the New Year's greetings a little more personal it is a good idea to tailor them to the individual and current situation of the addressee. Who had to fight in the last year with vocational difficulties, will need above all vocational success. Those recovering from a serious illness will need strength, hope, courage and healing. But smaller wishes also lend themselves to this: For example, someone who drank too much alcohol on New Year's Eve can be wished a hangover-free New Year's morning. In general, it is important to be optimistic about the coming year.

New Year's wishes

With the following greetings for the New Year you can surprise your loved ones, friends, neighbors and work colleagues.

We wish you a happy and prosperous new year! Warm greetings ...

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year ...

3... 2... 1... Happy New Year! For 20xx I wish you all the happiness in the world!

Cheers and hooray! I wish you all a fantastic new year!

I wish you a good start into the new year! With kind regards Yours / Yours ...

Happy New Year! May your good resolutions outlast your hangover. All love from ...

Warm greetings at the turn of the year! Health, happiness and success shall be your companions in 20xx!

For the new year I wish you good luck, health and success! Love from ...

We wish you a happy new year! All wishes and dreams shall come true for you.

Greetings for the start of a new year! Happiness and health shall always accompany you.

For the new year we wish you happiness and success in all areas of your life! Warm New Year greetings from ...

At the turn of the year I would like to greet you from the bottom of my heart and wish you good luck and health for 20xx. All the best - Yours / Yours ...

A new year full of new dreams, new hope, new chances and new love I wish you with all my heart! The very dearest greetings from ...

Big dreams and small wishes come together today. May they all find the right path to fulfillment in this new year.

For the new year I wish you that some dreams come true, some new ones are added and some old ones are kept! Love from ...

A four-leaf clover, a ladybug and a lucky cents shall always accompany you in 20xx. Best wishes and love for the new year sends you ...

When one door closes, another one opens. May you step into a room full of joy, happiness and health! The very best New Year greetings from ...

May the new year start quietly, accelerate slowly, go deep into the curve, make a rapid overtaking maneuver and finally leisurely drive into the pits! A Happy New Year wishes ...

A wink and a smile I send you. May they stay with you throughout the year, punctuating the good hours and cheering up the bad hours!

I wish you a wonderful new year that offers you many great opportunities and possibilities, but keeps mishaps and flops far away from you!

I wish you a hearty, prepared with love and tasty hangover breakfast for New Year's morning, so that you can start the new year right away with strength and vigor! Love greetings ...

Another year has passed - time is running! Thank God there is one thing I can always rely on: And that is you! Stay as you are, because so, you are just right! Best wishes for the new year from ...

In times when everyone always wants something brand new - a new car, a new computer, the latest cell phone, the latest fashion - I wish you that everything stays the same in the new year: Stay as content, stay as healthy and as lovable as you are! Best wishes for the new year from ...

Today the chimney sweep comes and sweeps out the old year. He makes way for a dense carpet of four-leaf clovers visited by cute ladybugs. In the green bed dances a little pink pig, drinking champagne and throwing a lucky penny in the air. With all the lucky symbols gathered so close together, it's just enough to describe how much luck I wish you in the new year!

I wish you a rosy new year, with fragrant violets, daffodils, orchids and tulips, colorful bouquets and wreaths, shy daisies and cheeky crocuses. As the flowers will accompany the new year, so shall your ideas sprout, your dreams bloom and your plans bear fruit!

I always get a little melancholy when the old year comes to an end - you step from a colorful room filled with life into a still empty, untouched hall. This sudden emptiness is a bit strange at first...but the beauty is, the room is just waiting to be filled! And we can choose for ourselves what we put into it: Hope and joy, light and love, laughter and smiles....shall be the furniture in your new year!

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day Quotes and Sayings

You can also introduce your New Year's wish with a quote or saying.

The end of the year is not an end and not a beginning, but a continuation of life with the wisdom that experience has taught us.

It's up to you whether you want to use the new year as a brake or as an engine.

Greet the new year with confidence and without prejudice, then you have already half won it for friends.

The easiest way to recognize the New Year's Day is the many overweight joggers.

It is essential to learn more each year than the year before.

If the old year was successful, then look forward to the new one, and if it was bad, then even more so.

The new year looks at me kindly and I leave the old one with its sunshine and clouds quietly behind.

In the new year, I hope to want to do more and have to do less.

Life is like a journey, New Year's Eve is like a milestone.

When the first morning of the new year dawns, the sky seems no different than the day before, but still one feels strangely fresh.

I wish us all that the next year will be only half as stupid as this one.

We always expect from the new year what the old one did not deliver. Yet it is we ourselves who shape the year.

People are understandably more excited about a new year than they are about menopause!

Of course, I cannot say whether it will be better if it is different, but I can say this much: It must be different if it is to be good.

You who have the time in your hands, Lord, take also this year's burden - And turn it into blessing.

It is not the years in our lives that count, but the life in our years.

A new year is like a new bank customer: as long as nothing adverse is known about him, you should give him credit.

No New Year's resolutions this year - I haven't worked through the ones from last year yet.

Poems for New Year's Eve and New Year

Small poems and verses can introduce and frame the New Year's wishes.

The days are getting longer,
a new year is dawning.
May everything be as good
as it can be!

Blessings, happiness, contentment,
joy and cheerfulness
bring you the New Year,
dear parents abundantly.

Let the corks pop.
Let the glasses clink.
Let's start the new year.
Stay happy and healthy:
365 day, that's 8760 hour.

The old year has made it smart,
Gone is the fog and the night.
To the great fortune for far and near,
There was another on the spot.

Will happiness according to its meaning
Give you something good,
say thank you and accept it
without much hesitation.
Every gift is welcomed,
but above all
what you strive for
may you succeed.

A new year is approaching;
May it bring you much happiness and blessing,
Fulfill all your wishes
no matter how great their number.
The future, if I had my way,
Should be most friendly to thee.

For New Year's Eve I want to sweeten
sweeten the new year.

The old year is now gone,
hope you had a happy new year!

Again a year comes to an end and a new one begins.
I wish that it brings you only joy, happiness and good things!

For the new year I wish you good luck,
just go your way piece by piece.

When it snows on New Year's Eve,
New Year's Day is not far away.

Happy New Year - we now proclaim.
The New Year brings happiness to the house!
What we did wrong in the old one,
we start all over again.

I wish you for the new year:
A hand that holds you tight,
a net to catch you,
a shield to show you the way
and 1000 stars to light your way.

Some things will never change,
others change from day to day.
One thing you can always count on,
and that is that I like you!

"Is it getting better? Is it getting worse?"
people ask every year.
Let's face it:
Life is always