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Engagement: wishes, sayings and poems

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The engagement is the first big celebration for lovers. One already enters into a bond that will later be consolidated with marriage. This occasion should be honored with a greeting card to the couple. At we have compiled wishes, sayings and poems for the engagement. We hope you enjoy browsing and find the right congratulations.

The engagement

Two people find each other and decide to spend the rest of their lives together. With the engagement they give each other the promise to enter into the state of marriage and to continue living as a married couple. This is a contract to start a family and have children together. During an engagement, rings are exchanged and they represent love, trust and companionship. They are a sign to outsiders that the engaged couple are willing to get married soon and are away from being single. In this regard, the engagement rings are worn with pride. In the past, an engagement period of one year was common. In modern times, many couples have been engaged for years without getting married. In some cultures, marriages are arranged by parents, and with an engagement, they give the couple time to get to know each other properly before the wedding. With the engagement, however, marriage does not necessarily have to be entered into. It can be dissolved at any time by a partner. Mostly one becomes engaged without much fuss or a big celebration. The engagement is entered into, for example, at the moment when the wedding banns are ordered. Sometimes this step comes spontaneously. During an enchanting dinner, lovers exchange their rings and enjoy the evening. The engaged couple make their vows to each other and only later inaugurate close relatives. Now and then, only the ring reveals the special event. Today again more often a real engagement party is celebrated. To this celebration one is officially invited and one celebrates exuberantly and elatedly with the engaged couple. The family and acquaintances give away as engagement gifts mostly small accessories for the apartment, a voucher or money, which is lovingly and imaginatively packaged. In connection with an engagement card and the included engagement wishes, the well-wishers present their gifts. An engagement card is a beautiful reminder of this unique day and a harbinger of the wedding. There are beautiful engagement poems and engagement sayings with which the greeting card can be designed. Of course, personal wishes and greetings should not be missing. With enthusiasm and imagination can also rhyme a poem on the engagement couple. Small incidents, preferences or a thought to the acquaintance at that time leave scope to pack a special wish, saying or greeting in words. helps in the search for a congratulations, engagement poem or a suitable saying for the engagement and wishes all the best for the future.

Engagement gift ideas

The engagement is usually celebrated only in small circles. Nevertheless, the engagement is an important occasion in the life of a couple, as two people make a promise to each other to marry in the foreseeable future. One should honor this unique day with a special gift. In addition to a greeting card, you can present, for example, a bottle of champagne together with a bouquet of flowers, or decorative items for the apartment. Here would be a beautiful picture, a vase or porcelain dishes conceivable. For the engagement you could also make a photo book about the lovers.