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Silver wedding anniversary newspaper

Wedding newspaper - silver wedding - press image

A silver wedding anniversary is usually celebrated on a larger scale. Relatives and friends come, with pleasure one remembers the past 25 years. A small review can be made with a silver wedding newspaper. One arranges the wedding newspaper with pictures, texts, poems, funny anecdotes and with funny contributions. The wedding newspaper means a certain amount of work for the editors, but the joy and entertainment value for the silver wedding couple and the guests compensates for this without a doubt.

Contents for a silver wedding anniversary newspaper

Basically, anything that is fun can be published. However, as an editor, you should make sure that nothing goes below the belt. Here are some suggestions that you can publish in the wedding newspaper:

  • Curriculum vitae of the celebrating couple
  • Pictures before the wedding
  • Wedding photos
  • Family photos
  • Family tree
  • humorous anecdotes
  • horoscopes
  • poems
  • funny contributions
  • comics
  • jokes

Schedule for the creation of the wedding newspaper

Do not underestimate the time required to create the wedding newspaper. You need to collect, research, write, layout, duplicate and bind. For a well-designed silver wedding anniversary newspaper, don't be pressed for time.

One 3 months:
Begin an initial compilation of topics 3 months before the publication date. Gather and research content and come up with a layout. If you are more than one editor, divide up work.

Other 2 months:
After a month you should have gathered all the texts and images. Now think about the arrangement in the wedding newspaper. Gradually begin to work on the computer, there must be scanned images, written texts and possibly created graphics.

One month:
There should be a finished wedding newspaper on the computer one month before the extra is issued. Have the proof copy proofread and make any final changes.

Now it's time to duplicate the wedding newspaper. You can do this with your printer, go to a copy store, or hire a print store or online printing company.
Also think about how you want to bind the sheets. There are for this purpose, for example, special clamping bars / rails, with which you can bind a newspaper very easily and visually appealing. Of course, you can also use staples, a stapler or a cord. Professionals do it with a spiral, thermal or clamp binding device.

Contents for a silver wedding anniversary newspaper

A wedding newspaper for the silver wedding consists of course to a large extent of reviews. However, fun should not be neglected either. We have therefore compiled some fun content for the wedding newspaper.