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Confirmation poems | Confirmation poems

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The sacrament of confirmation can be honored with a poem or verse. Your greeting card will remain in the memory of the confirmand and may accompany him for a lifetime. We have collected the most beautiful poems for you on this page. We would be happy if you can use them and create your own greeting card with our texts and templates.

Congratulations with a Poem Templates

Dear Stefan,

"Your eye can make the world
dull or bright to you.
How you look at it,
it will weep or laugh."

Friedrich Rückert

Congratulations on the confirmation

Julia and Horst

With God - so you shall walk.
With God - so you shall act!

Friedrich Morgenroth

Dear Lisa,
We wish you God's blessing on the occasion of your Confirmation and the constant support of the Holy Spirit on your journey through life.

Sabrina and Hans

Poems for confirmation

With these poems you can introduce or frame a congratulation.

You are protected by God's hand,
for you are confirmed today.

Time never stands still,
the moment floats away,
and which you did not use,
you have not lived.

The most beautiful day in your life,
Confirmation should give you.
Let the memory never fade,
then the good will always prevail!

Do not meet the evils
of the world with brooding,
decisive action
can change circumstances.

On such a day in life
be given expression to this wish
that God's blessing, God's goodness
may always accompany and protect you.

A high God-day: You are confirmed.
Gratefully feel protected by his hand!

Believe firmly in the Lord God;
Believe in his will!
It is never out of fashion
to hold on to God.
Be confident: In God's hand
you will always stand firm!

With God - so you shall walk.
With God - so you shall act!

The world is full of God's blessings;
If you want it, it is yours.
You only need to move hand and foot,
You need only be pious and wise.

For your confirmation I wish today,
that your heart may always rejoice
faith and love,
that it may always remain so!

Your eye can make the world
dull or bright to you.
How you look at it,
it will weep or laugh.

Wonderfully protected by good powers,
we confidently await what may come.
God is with us in the evening and in the morning
and certainly on every new day.

Congratulations and sayings for confirmation

In addition to the above poems, you will also find the appropriate Congratulations for Confirmation. You will also get tips on the structure and design of a greeting card.
In addition, there are at also Firmsprüche. These divide themselves into sayings, quotations and wisdoms of persons as well as in Bible sayings. These Sayings for confirmation are also ideal for framing a congratulation.