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All wedding days

2 rings - wedding anniversary

Here you will find an overview of all wedding anniversaries / wedding days. The celebrations are often celebrated with a custom related to the symbol used. Some names are intended to symbolize the value of the day and the years spent in marriage.

Wedding anniversaries up to 10 years

Wedding ceremony Green or white wedding
1/2 year Dream wedding
3/4 year Beer wedding
1 year Cotton wedding
2 years Paper wedding
3 years Leather, fruit, wheat, fir wedding
4 years Silk, amber, linen, wax, wine wedding
5 years Wood wedding, diligence wedding (without children also ox wedding)
6 years Tin, sugar wedding
6 1/4 years Mutton wedding
6 1/2 years Tin wedding
7 years Copper, brass, wool wedding
8 years Tin, bronze, salt, corn poppy, nickel, earthenware, stone wedding
9 years Ceramic, porcelain, glass, crystal, water, willow wedding
10 years Rose wedding (ox, wood, glass, bronze, tin wedding)

Wedding anniversaries until 25 years

11 years Steel, coral, carnival wedding
12 years Nickel wedding
12 1/2 years Parsley, bronze, medium -, violet, copper wedding
13 years Crystal, violet, lily of the valley, salt wedding
14 years Ivory, agate wedding
15 years Violet, crystal, glass/bottle, rag wedding
16 years Sapphire wedding
17 years Orchid wedding
17 1/2 years Honeymoon
18 years Turquoise wedding
19 years Cretonne, mother-of-pearl wedding
20 years Porcelain, thorn, chrysanthemum wedding
21 years Opal, beech wedding
22 years Bronze, Tourmaline wedding
23 years Beryl, titanium wedding
24 years Satin wedding
25 years Silver wedding

Wedding anniversaries until 50 years

26 years Jade, oak wedding
27 years Mahogany, jute wedding
28 years Carnation, nickel wedding
29 years Velvet, ebony wedding
30 years Pearl, Landsknecht, Moppen wedding
31 years Linden, Basane wedding
32 years Soap, lapis lazuli, copper wedding
33 years Pewter, porphyry wedding
33 1/3 years Garlic, vegetable wedding
34 years Amber, emerald wedding
35 years Canvas, linen, plum, coral, jade, ruby wedding
36 years Emerald, moon, muslin wedding
37 years Malachite, paper wedding
37 1/2 years Aluminum wedding
38 years Fire, mercury wedding
39 years Sun, crepe wedding
40 years Ruby, garnet wedding
41 years Birch, iron wedding
42 years Garnet, mother-of-pearl wedding
43 years Lead, flannel wedding
44 years Star, topaz wedding
45 years Brass, platinum, tourmaline, vermeil, edelweiss, sapphire wedding
46 years Lavender, marble wedding
47 years Cashmere, sapphire wedding
48 years Tiara, amethyst wedding
49 years Cedar, Uranus wedding
50 years Golden wedding

Wedding anniversaries until 100 years

51 years Willow wedding
52 years Topaz wedding
53 years Uranium wedding
54 years Zeus wedding
55 years Platinum, jewel, emerald, turquoise, Venus wedding
60 years Diamond wedding, diamond wedding
61 years Elm wedding
62 years Aquamarine wedding
63 years Mercury wedding
64 years Sky wedding
65 years Iron wedding, Iron wedding
66 years Chive wedding
67 years Stone wedding
67 1/2 years Stone wedding
70 years Platinum wedding
72 years Grace wedding
72 1/2 years Jewel wedding
75 years Crown jewel, diamond wedding
80 years Oak wedding
85 years Angel wedding
100 years Sky wedding