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60th birthday sayings & poems

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You can use a saying or quote to introduce your 60th birthday congratulations. You can make reference to it and include it in the congratulations. Birthday poems usually frame the congratulations and your greeting card looks so very noble. On this page you will find contemplative and funny birthday sayings and poems that you are welcome to use for your congratulations on the 60th anniversary.

60th Birthday Sayings And Quotes

The birthday sayings, quotes or wisdom mostly come from prominent personalities. The sayings are often profound or just funny. In any case, the saying should fit the birthday child and meet the intellect or humor of the jubilarian.

Age gives experience.

Getting younger and younger as you get older is the right art of living.

Only he lives who rejoices in being alive.

Anyone who maintains the ability to recognize beauty will never grow old.

Those who run after their youth run into the arms of old age.

It is not the years in our lives that count, but the life in our years that counts.

Serenity and joyfulness is the sky under which everything thrives.

What joy when it is said: "Old man, you are old in years, but your spirit is flourishing.

The people who do not know how to age are the same people who did not know how to be young.

Age is a glorious thing when you haven't forgotten what it means to begin.

More than the past I am interested in the future, because in it I intend to live.

You are only old when you take more pleasure in the past than in the future

Time lingers long enough for the one who wants to use it.

Life with its different epochs is a treasury. We are richly endowed in each vault. How rich, we realize only when we enter the next vault.

A pleasant and cheerful life does not come from external things; man brings pleasure and joy into his life from within, as from a spring.

You stay young as long as you can still learn, adopt new habits and endure opposition.

It is good when the passing of time appears to us not as something that consumes or destroys us, but as something that completes us.

You get old when the candles cost more than the birthday cake.

When you're over sixty, the swing of your hips is already a bit more subdued.

In old age, one repents especially of the sins one has not committed.

Age is irrelevant unless you are a bottle of wine.

I always suspected that blowing out the candles on the birthday cake was a health test in disguise for the insurance company

Even at 60, you can still be 40 - but only for half an hour a day.

You can tell how old a man is by whether he takes two levels or two tablets at a time.

To get your youth back, all you have to do is repeat your follies.

Poems for 60th birthday

These birthday poems can introduce or frame your congratulations.

Health and a cheerful mind
lead easily through life.

60 years are worth
that you be honored in a special way.
That is why we want to say to you today:
It's good that we have you!

He who grins three times in the morning when sober,
When it rains, does not frown,
and in the evening laughs so that everything resounds,
will live to be over 100 years old!

Stay happy and always healthy,
Carefree at every hour;
Happiness and plenty of sunshine
shall be granted to you.

Oh wei, oh wei, what a great fright!
The 5 now ran away from him / her.
And also the 9, which stood behind,
has run away overnight!
But don't be sad, you'll see,
with 60 it becomes just as beautiful.

Still almost perfect at 60,
because lust for life is in your veins.
We wish you for your celebration,
that you keep it that way!

Health, joy and much happiness
always look forward - never back!

The wrinkles around thy brow,
let them only entwine cheerfully;
these are the scars, which thoughts
the thoughts.

Walk through joyful and cheerful
Your life year after year.
Happiness be your companion,
Your sky eternally clear!

A day that was without laughter
easily puts beauty in danger.
It puts wrinkles on your face,
so laugh a lot - don't forget that.

Only one thing is missing for the sixtieth:
In God's name always on!
Only courageous, only healthy and cheerful!
Your happiness, your life is also mine.

The years go by so fast,
but we don't care!
Enjoy every moment,
For the clock never turns back
Every moment is worth living,
Otherwise you're doing something wrong.
To the sixtieth, there we wish
much joy, happiness and laughter to you!

Long live the birthday boy
and happy in all years.
Only people who are always cheerful,
good things will happen!
Therefore remain as you are today,
a happy man on earth.
Because every good optimist
can live more than 100 years!

60 years???
The question must be allowed,
no one can really believe it!
Is this number true?
Can it be?
When one sees you,
then one means: NO!
You have kept yourself really great
and you are far from being one of the OLD!

Isn't it great?
You've reached the age of 60!
You're looking back on a few years now,
some sorrows, some happiness.
It has to be said clearly:
You've done a lot in all those years!
Always there when you were needed
and you stayed young, too!
Stay as you are, do not drive it so hard,
then you also make the 100 full!

Old is not the number of years,
old is not the gray hairs,
old is the one who loses courage
and is no longer interested in anything.
So take everything with joy and zest,
Then you'll stay young at heart, too.
Contentment and happiness on earth
are the recipe for growing old.

60 years given by God,
60 years of a fulfilled life,
60 years of creating and striving,
60 years of rich experience.
60 times spring full of green and may,
60 times summer passed by in blossom,
60 times harvest and autumnal splendor,
60 times of snow and Holy Night.
60 years of rich life,
60 years of joy and sorrow.
60 years of low and high times,
60 years - it was beautiful.
You have happily managed 60 years,
for the coming years they give strength,
happy and content they shall be,
harmonious and with a lot of sunshine.

With charm through life, that's right.
You do it well and that is important!
Open and honest, stay as you are,
no matter how everything around you is!
Trust in it every day,
that you are loved,
that they like you.
Much joy and happiness,
lots of laughter and jokes,
I wish you
with all my heart!

Congratulations on 60th birthday

In addition to a saying, quote or poem, congratulations must also be included in a birthday card. We have created general and very personal 60th birthday wishes for you on the next page, which you can use in your congratulatory letter.