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Easter wishes for Easter card

Easter bunny in front of signs with Happy Easter

Show your loved ones that you are thinking of them and send warm greetings and wishes for Easter in the form of a cheerful greeting card. Especially in this time of new beginnings, ever brighter light and the associated motivation, the benevolent Easter wishes are particularly well received. And since the year is quasi "still quite fresh", you can bring to the wishes immediately activities into the conversation, which are pending in the coming months.

The greeting card for Easter wish

Easter greeting card is usually decorated with symbols that play a significant role in the Christian feast. Easter lamb, Easter egg, fish, cross and chalice are the typical Easter signs of Christianity. However, the Easter bunny is also often the bearer of springtime Easter wishes and adorns numerous Easter cards. Easter is a celebration of joy, so the written Easter wishes and Easter greetings should also convey this cheerfulness.

Personalization of the card for Easter wishes

If you want to surprise friends, relatives or exquisite business partners with a special card for Easter wishes, then get creative and design your very own personal Easter card. The recipient will immediately notice that the text and design were individually created by you. This nice attention will leave a lasting and especially positive impression. Since Easter is the festival of joy and new beginnings, the personalized Easter cards may of course be just as fun and cheerful.

The structure of a personal Easter card

Easter sayings are perfect as an introduction to your Easter wishes. Whether you use the diverse repertoire of different poets and thinkers or rhyme your own Easter saying is entirely up to you. You can also start by addressing the recipient directly and then go into more detail about Easter in the rest of the text. Express your warm greetings at the end. If there is another common celebration in the course of the year, you can refer to it with the note.

Personal Easter wishes

Here you will find wishes and greetings for the Easter card:

Whether in the garden, on the terrace, in the park or in the living room: I wish you that the egg hunt will be a complete success!

For Easter I wish you spring-like weather and pleasant hours in the circle of the family. But also rest and time for relaxation should not come too short! Many dear Easter greetings from ...

Whether we celebrate the resurrection of Christ or simply the awakening of spring, Easter honors the miracle of life. You too are such a miracle of life! I wish you a blessed Easter!

Spring awakening, resurrection, new life: Easter is a celebration of hope, trust, faith and love. I wish you courage for exciting new beginnings, ideas for important changes and endurance for the ups and downs of everyday life.

Since we can not see each other today, I have asked the Easter Bunny to send you very sweet greetings and enclose an extra large Easter egg! Celebrate and enjoy the warm, colorful and relaxing Easter days!

Just as you can find many great Easter eggs at Easter, I wish you that life also always has beautiful and sweet surprises in store for you! You just have to keep your eyes open and grab. Happy Easter greetings from ...

Daffodils and crocuses bloom, the first warm rays of sunshine fall on the face, the birds chirp and the children look forward to a chocolate-bringing bunny: I wish a happy, idyllic and bright Easter!

You can buy chocolate all year round. Therefore, I wish you that the Easter Bunny brings you a few peaceful days with birdsong and the scent of flowers in the circle of dear family. Such hours are priceless and the most beautiful Easter egg on earth!

The birds chirp it from the trees, the Easter bunnies write it on the Easter eggs, the spring flowers say it with their fragrance, their colors and the sun through its friendly, warm rays: Spring is here and the happy Easter! Very dear Easter greetings from ...

Jesus Christ is love. Just as Jesus was raised from the dead, love can never die in our hearts. We can forget it, deny it and bury it. But it will always be there and if we open ourselves to it, it can resurrect at any time. I wish you a blessed Easter!

For Easter, I would like to confront you with this age-old riddle question: Which came first? Chicken or egg? Perhaps a third party can help with this tricky question: the Easter bunny. He brings the eggs, and from them the chickens hatch. It's quite simple! Or is it? Best wishes and happy Easter!

We hope that the Easter Bunny brings you this year especially beautiful and colorful eggs, that the sun shines with the yellow of the daffodils around the bet, that there is especially much to laugh and that the light of life illuminates your whole year! Happy Easter greetings ...

Science has not yet been able to sufficiently clarify how exactly this works with the rabbits and the eggs. But sometimes it's nice to keep a little magic in everyday life, not to have to explain everything and to see the world with children's eyes from time to time! In this sense, a happy and magical Easter like from childhood days!

The awakening of nature from winter dormancy, the end of Lent and the divine miracle of Jesus' resurrection are now celebrated with joy and gratitude. I wish you a very special Easter that combines the small symbolic joys like chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies with a deep joy in the miracle of life! The warmest Easter greetings from ...

Even if you don't go looking for chocolate eggs in the garden anymore, I wish you that today you can discover numerous other "Easter eggs" that bring you springtime joy: the first blooming daffodils, the first warm ray of sunshine, the singing of blackbirds, the first buds promising life, the first ice cream sundae of the year, the traditional celebration with the dear family... - Happy Easter!

We hope you are enjoying Easter to the fullest: Blowing out and painting eggs or coloring them with onion skins, decorating the house with spring-like figurines and pendants, searching for chocolate ones and bunnies lovingly hidden by the Easter Bunny (well, of course, who else?), enjoying the day with your family and delighting in the omnipresent messengers of spring... - we wish you a traditional and yet unforgettable Easter!

Dear Easter greetings from ...

We wish you a happy Easter.

I wish you springlike Easter holidays. Warm greetings from ...

Warm Easter greetings and happy egg hunt wishes ...

I wish you all, a healthy and happy Easter. Springtime Easter greetings wishes ...

We wish you a sunny and peaceful Easter season.

I wish you Happy Easter and a joyful egg hunt! The very best Easter greetings
from ...

We wish you all a happy, blessed and restful Easter. Warm greetings from ...

Many happy and sunny hours wishes you for Easter ...

I wish Happy Easter, as well as quiet and happy holidays! Love greetings ...

We wish you a happy, joyful Easter season. See you soon!

I wish you and your family a wonderful and peaceful Easter.

A joyful Easter for the whole family wishes ...

Dear Easter greetings and wish you much joy on the holidays ...

Happy egg hunt and colorful Easter days we wish with all our hearts!

May joy, peace and God's blessings accompany you during the Easter season! Warm Easter greetings from ...

A joyful Easter for the whole family and have fun painting Easter eggs wish ...

The Easter night in the candlelight, so it should always be. Dear Easter greetings from ...

We wish you much joy and relaxing hours in the Easter season! Dear Easter greetings from ...

A happy and peaceful Easter wishes you dear ... and your family ....

Now begins again the egg egg with the Easter celebration! We wish you happy egg dancing, bunny hopping and flower picking!

Easter bunny, Easter hen, Easter lamb, Easter chick... we wish you a beastly Easter!

I wish you and your family a beautiful, peaceful Easter, and that the Easter Bunny does not run past your garden in a hurry. Warm Easter greetings from ...

To relax I wish a few peaceful, happy Easter holidays and lots of Easter sunshine. Dear Easter greetings sends you ...

We wish a wonderful Easter, may it bring joy, relaxation and satisfaction above all! The warmest Easter greetings from ...

Best wishes and a wonderful Easter Sunday sends you the Easter Bunny!!!!

Happy Easter, many colorful eggs and a wonderful Easter feast with your family wishes ...

10 little Easter bunnies sat on the spring lawn, wrote on the Easter eggs, "Have a nice Easter!"

A very happy, peaceful Easter, which hopefully will bring blue skies and mild spring sunshine, wishes you with all my heart ...

For the feast of the resurrection of Christ I wish you that you feel like newborn to start fresh and cheerful into the warm season! Warm Easter greetings from ...

For Easter, I wish you to always shine like the spring sun, always be pious like an Easter lamb and always be cheerful like a young chick!

Easter sayings and quotes

Sayings and quotes can introduce your Easter wishes. You can also refer to them and create a very special Easter card.

Those who know Easter cannot despair.

If you don't have "Silent Friday" and Easter Day, you don't have a good day of the year.

The Easter light is the morning glow not of this earth, but of a new earth.

Easter is the victory feast of eternal life.

Those who have heard the Easter message can no longer walk around with a tragic face and live the humorless existence of someone who has no hope.

In the light of the Easter sun, the mysteries of the earth take on a different light.

Easter is the future of man. Here he becomes again the man as he was planned.

Easter says that truth can be put in the grave, but that it does not stay in it.

We celebrate with Easter the meaning of our own lives; our future remains with the Lord.

The breath of God blasts the tombs - Wake up! Easter Day is here.

Jesus Christ: I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live even if he dies.


Poems can frame the Easter wishes. For your own poem you can get poetic ideas here.

Everyone knows that, no matter who it is,
the egg is healthy and invigorating.

It is the Easter every year
quite burdensome for the hare.

If the rabbit lays eggs for us in the nest,
then we celebrate Easter.

Happy holidays and have fun
on all the beautiful Easter days!
Enjoy the time to the fullest,
that I wanted to tell you today.

Down by the garden wall
I have seen the little rabbit lurking.
One, two, three -
it lays an egg,
It won't be long now.

Easter, Easter, resurrection.
The airs blow softly and silently.
Bright and joyful the bells resound:
Easter happiness to all people!

Spring is already hanging in the bushes
and checks the weather situation.
We greet and we wish you
the most beautiful Easter days.

Cordially I want to greet you on Easter
and may the sun laugh brightly.
The rabbit lay at your feet
all pleasant, pretty things.

Children, let's decorate eggs,
red or yellow, green or blue,
Either way, it will delight
everyone come and see.

All know now in spring
chickens get competition.
Hares toil far and wide,
now it's Easter time again.

What's that hopping in the green grass?
My child, it's the Easter bunny,
Quickly he hides egg after egg
and there's one for you too!

Colorful eggs, spring airs,
sunshine and the smell of roasting,
cheerful spirit and holiday peace
be granted to you at Easter.

All the best, all the best
especially now for Easter!
May it bring above all
bring joy and relaxation.

The weather is not really playing along,
spring keeps us waiting.
The rabbit is still fit,
Easter can start.

The little Easter bunny comes,
nudges you with his little nose,
stands on his hind feet
and says you dear Easter greetings.

Take the time to hunt for eggs,
bake yourself an Easter cake,
enjoy the holidays to the full,
Easter will be great for sure!

I want to happily congratulate you on the happy Easter.
Perhaps it will be possible to track down a rabbit somewhere.
Then I put in his basket a leaf with a thousand greetings,
that it shall bring you as a festive greeting with its nimble feet.

Easter bunny, Easter bunny,
Come here,
I'll tell you something:
"Don't hop past me,
Bring me a big Easter egg!"

Easter bunny, come to me,
come to our garden!
Bring us eggs, two, three, four,
don't make us wait so long!
Put them in the green grass,
dear, good Easter bunny!

Chicks, flowers, Easter bunnies,
blowing out a shapely egg,
Easter plait and Easter lamb,
Christ, with whom everything began,
celebration in the family circle,
a little spring trip:
Yes, this is Easter!
We wish you the very best!

Under the tree in the green grass
sits a little Easter bunny!
He trims his beard and sharpens his ear,
makes a little man, looks out.
Then jumps away with a leap,
and a cheeky little sparrow
now looks to see what's there.
And what is it? An Easter egg!