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Romantic and funny wedding sayings

two wedding rings

On this page you will find romantic and sensual wedding sayings. These words of wisdom and quotes you can give the bride and groom on their way together. Your greeting card will be impressive and stand out from the rest. The wedding couple will thus keep and cherish this personal greeting for a lifetime. However, you will also find funny wedding sayings on this page. These sayings are suitable in a greeting card only for a bride and groom that you know very well and whose humor also allows such a saying. The funny wedding sayings can be used but quietly for a wedding newspaper or a wedding game, here some saying can be a bit rougher.

Romantic wedding sayings

A sensual wedding saying makes a wedding card very special.

One sees well only with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes.

We are all angels with one wing. We must embrace each other if we are to fly.

For only he is rich who is loved and allowed to love.

You're happily married if you'd rather come home than go away.

A drop of love is worth more than a bag of gold.

To love a person is to agree to grow old with him.

Alone, man is an imperfect thing. He must find a second to be happy.

Give your love space, let the winds of heaven dance between you.

Love is the only thing that grows by wasting it.

When two lovers are united, difficulties do not mean an obstacle.

You are loved only where you can show yourself weak without provoking strength.

Love alone understands the secret of giving to others and becoming rich in the process.

Entering into a marriage means giving up small things in order to possess greater values.

Love is the fabric that nature has woven and imagination has embroidered.

Time passes - love remains.

Marriage is a bridge that must be rebuilt every day, preferably by both sides.

Age does not protect from love, but love from aging.

In a good marriage, heaven and earth come together.

A marriage is a building that must be rebuilt every day.

To be able to find one's joy in the joy of others, that is the secret of happiness.

The most precious thing about love is trust in each other.

Commonalities are the comforts of a relationship, but diversity is the spice.

Only in turning to the You does the I gain its support.

Spouses who love each other say a thousand things to each other without speaking them.

Love is a game that two can play and everyone wins.

Love alone understands the secret of giving to others while becoming rich itself.

Love is the desire to give, not to receive.

Soft is stronger than hard, water stronger than rock, love stronger than violence.

The great happiness in love is to find rest in another heart.

Who could ever live and hope and strive in this world if space were not filled with love?

Marriage is the union of two divine sparks so that a third may be born on earth.

There is room in the smallest hut for a happy loving couple.

Walking through the world together is more beautiful than standing alone. And to take each other's word for it is probably the most beautiful thing in life.

Individually we are words, together we are a poem.

Let love take root in your heart, and only good can come from it.

The spirit that gives life to all things is love.

Without marriage, man is at home everywhere and nowhere.

A cheerful couple is the best thing that can be achieved in love.

Marriage gives limitation to the individual and thereby security to the whole.

Witty and funny wedding sayings

With the funny sayings for the wedding should be in any case a wink. These wedding sayings are perfect for a wedding newspaper, for example.

End of life with 3 letters? - "Marriage"

Many men would like to be married, just not twenty-four hours a day.

Marriage is about solving problems together that you don't have alone!

Anyone who tells his wife everything is only married young.

Marriage is a foolishness committed in pairs.

The most dangerous year in marriage is the first.
Then comes the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth ...

The honeymoon is over when the dog brings the slippers and the wife barks at you.

Marriage is like a castle under siege, those inside want out and those outside want in.

He who keeps his mouth shut when he realizes he is wrong is wise.
He who keeps his mouth shut even though he is right is married.

With some men you get along excellently before and after marriage - only in between it doesn't work out.

As a bachelor, the man is a peacock; as a bridegroom, a lion; and as a married man, a donkey.

The second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.

Of course, for a marriage to take place, there are two people, the bride and her mother.

In marriage, sometimes you have to argue, that's the only way to learn more about each other.

So let him who commits himself forever test himself to see if he can't find something better.

A good marriage would be that between a blind woman and a deaf man.

An optimist is a man who believes in marriage.A pessimist is a married optimist.

Honeymoon - the first attempt to escape the reality of marriage.

You shouldn't marry someone you haven't tested in a traffic jam first.

The woman cries before the wedding, the man after.

Ringlets look lovely today, but tomorrow they will become shackles.

It is much easier to die for a beloved woman than to live with her.

Most women choose their nightgown with more sense than their man.

Most women do everything they can to change a man,
and then when he has changed, they don't like him anymore.

If a man decides to marry, it may be the last decision he could make for himself.

The wise husband buys his wife only the most expensive china,
because then he can be sure that she will not throw it at him.

Marriage is a duel that begins with wrestling.

The Church knows why it protects its priests from marriage.

Marriage is when you love anyway.

Marriages are made in heaven. That is why so many are blindsided after a wedding.

Men only get married because mommy kicked them out.

It is the goal of every woman to make the man what he claimed to be before the wedding.

Many of those you think have already died are merely married.

In some young marriages, husband and wife have the same desire: both long for the mother's kitchen.

Love is a fire that develops more smoke than heat over the years.

All men are looking for the ideal woman - especially after the wedding.

A spouse is what remains when you have pulled the lover's nerve.

Marriage - a just institution: the woman must cook the food every day, and the man must eat it every day.

Men marry out of laziness, women out of curiosity.

Bachelors live by the motto: Better two rings under the eyes than one on the finger.

Love is the light of life - in marriage comes the electric bill.

Marriage is a hostage situation with the participation of the state.

Brides wear white, as a sign of joy.
But why do men wear a black suit?

A comedy that ends with marriage is the beginning of a tragedy.

There are two periods when a man does not understand a woman: before marriage and after marriage.

Marriage is short for Latin "errare humanum est" (to err is human).

It's nice when you've found the woman for life.
More beautiful when you know a few more.

He who does not fall in love at the right time must marry what remains.

Marry or do not marry. You will regret it in any case.

You don't know what happiness is until you get married. - And then it's too late.

As long as men are not married, they speak only of their heart. Later, they talk about the gall bladder and the liver.

Congratulations, sayings and poem for wedding

Besides a wedding saying, a congratulations must not be missing in the wedding card. In the congratulations should be expressed eternal love and happiness in marriage. On our page with wedding congratulations you will definitely find the right wish to the wedding couple! Who wants to put on paper in his wedding card instead of a wedding saying a lyrical wedding poem, which can be found at also festive wedding poems.