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Congratulations on 60th birthday

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Many birthday children who celebrate their 60th birthday, planned a big celebration among friends and family. The big day to be celebrated exuberantly. Why not? Everyone turns 60 only once in a lifetime, and a lot has happened by then. The children are out of the house, the grandchildren are visiting more often and the last years of professional life are waiting for you. The consolidated circle of friends and the cohesion within the family are solid pillars in life. For the birthday celebration gifts and birthday cards are presented. We would like to present you on this page wishes for 60th birthday, which you can write in your greeting card. On the next page you will also find sayings, quotes, poems and verses for 60th birthday, these can frame your congratulations.

The greeting card for 60th birthday

There are a lot of pre-made greeting cards in special stores with ready-made texts and great motifs. The choice is sometimes difficult. When buying, just imagine the birthday boy or girl, which card would particularly please him or her and which card will remain in his or her memory for a long time? Finger dexterous and imaginative hobbyists can also assemble and design birthday cards themselves. With craft materials can create so many works of art, which will be unique, your congratulations will be unique. Who is not so tinker joyful, but still wants to present an individually made birthday card, can create and print greeting cards themselves on many Internet sites. There you can very easily upload a photo, select a motif and insert your own text, the cards look very professional at the end.

Structure of congratulations for 60th birthday

Depending on how you relate to the birthday boy, start with the salutation. If the recipient belongs to the professional world or is a distant acquaintance, you can start with "Dear Mr. ...", and "Dear Mrs. ...". For family members, relatives and friends, "Dear Grandma ... !", "Dear ... !", "My dear ...!" or "Dearest ... !" is preferred. Under it now come all the wishes, greetings and everything you want to deliver to the jubilarian. A small poem, a suitable saying and the names of the senders round off the congratulations.

Congratulations on 60th birthday

The older the better - congratulations on your 60th birthday!

Our request for your 60th birthday - stay as you are! Congratulations ...

All the best, much health and joy in the next years wishes you from all my heart ...

Don't look forward and don't look back, enjoy every moment! Happy 60th birthday!

Dear Peter, all the best for today's 60th anniversary, much health and creativity for the next years wish you ...

Good luck, health and all the best for your 60th birthday wish you ...

Congratulations on your 60th birthday! Health, cheerfulness and happiness shall continue to accompany you. Kind regards from ...

Hello Felix, we wish you a happy 60th birthday, good health and continue to enjoy fishing. Your friends ...

Many good things only become really valuable with increasing maturity. I wish you a wonderful 60th birthday!

We congratulate you on your 60th birthday. For the coming decades of your life we wish you happiness, joy and above all health.

We wish you all the best for your 60th birthday, health, happiness and joy. Keep up the good work and go through the following years in high spirits. The warmest
congratulations from ...

Dear Grandma, we congratulate you on your 60th birthday and wish you much joy and health in your future life. Many love greetings - your 3 angels from Berlin.

You can't prolong life, you can only deepen it. We wish you a great 60th birthday and a full and happy new year!

You've already spent 60 years in this world - you've almost earned yourself a medal! Congratulations on your 60th birthday!

Today you turn 60 and we are just proud of you! Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your 60th birthday! The warmest congratulations
from ...

1,2,3 - Those years are over! 4, 5, 6 - That's where we are now! A 0 to it: 60 years old you become! For your 60th birthday we wish you only the very best!

We don't care how old you get! Stay as cheerful, fit and friendly as you are, then the age does not matter! Very dear congratulations on the 60th from ...

As long as you wake up every morning with sunshine in your heart, age cannot harm you. Stay as cheerful and funny as you are! We like you just the same. All the best and congratulations on your 60th birthday!

My dearest darling, I thank you for the past years together and wish you all the best for your 60th birthday. I hope we will spend many more beautiful hours together. With love yours ...

You have been around for 60 years now - thank God! Without you, the world would be a little poorer. Therefore I hope that it will still enjoy your presence for a long time! In this sense, a healthy and joyful new year!

Growing old together is the greatest gift of all. I look forward to more wonderful years by your side and love you just as much as when we met! All the best for your 60th birthday.

SIXTY you become only once in a lifetime and therefore I wish you today always a cloudless sky, the scent of the most beautiful flowers, a smile on the lips and that your dreams come true. Congratulations on your 60th birthday!

Today is a day to celebrate, dance and laugh, because you turn sixty today. Take the momentum of today with you on the road to the coming decades of life and you will enjoy only happy hours. Congratulations on your 60th birthday from ...

Now you are already 60 years old, you should be a real expert in how to enjoy life! We wish you many more years in which you can deepen your expertise of the beautiful sides of life! Congratulations on your 60th birthday!

You can bake the most amazing cakes, you still have the mischievousness in your neck, with you there is always something to laugh, so we want to make you a joy! Your dear grandchildren wish you a wonderful 60th birthday! Stay healthy and happy for a long time!

30, 40, 50 - many people look at these anniversaries with mixed feelings. But you are turning 60: The wisdom and serenity of age has already reached you and you can celebrate the festivities with experience, dignity and a knowing smile. That's what we wish you with all our hearts!

For your 60th birthday, we wish you that you can simply sit back and look proudly at all that you have already accomplished and achieved in your life - in order to then be able to set off fully motivated into new adventures and undertakings! We wish you exciting, fulfilling and happy 60s!

At 66, life begins - so you still have six years! Look forward to the years that lie ahead of you and practice already how to enjoy life to the fullest even in old age! Just stay the way you are, because so far you have always done well and made many friends. Congratulations on your 60th birthday!

Now that you're 60, you can officially join the grandmas and grandpas club! And that's great, because grandmas and grandpas always have a good reputation: they are kind, generous, reliable, can tell many stories and can be slightly scatterbrained in an endearing way. That sounds very likeable! Congratulations on entering the grandma/grandpa age!

Do you know what the ultimate fountain of youth is? Humor! That's why I wish you on your 60th birthday that your loved ones and life can always make you laugh and that you can also laugh at yourself. So, don't forget: Laugh at least three times a day and you will feel as fresh and peppy as ever!

I wish you that you never forget the lightness of life, even if the knees crack; that you always keep the view, even if the eyesight fades; that life will always taste good to you even with the "third"; that your life remains colorful, even if the hair becomes white; and that you remain young at heart even in the seventh decade of life! Feel warmly embraced on your 60th birthday!

On the occasion of your 60th birthday, there is a lot of talk about getting older, what ailments and illnesses you get, what you can no longer do so well, what you need in order to cope with everyday life as you used to... - But I say: Concentrate on what you have achieved in your life and what you can still do! You are still so young and dynamic and have kept yourself so well, you can still walk, read, laugh and love - that's what really counts! In this sense, I wish you a wonderful new year of life!

Congratulations Formulated Template

Dear Christine.

We congratulate you on your birthday today.
We wish you all the best, health, happiness and that all your wishes may come true.

This send you from the bottom of our hearts

Your Gisela and your Helmut

Sayings, Quotes and Poems for 60th Birthday

If you write a greeting card, you can include sayings, quotes and poems in the greeting card in addition to the congratulations. On the next page we have collected for you contemplative and funny birthday sayings and birthday poems for the 60th birthday.