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Congratulations on the driver's license

Woman with driving license

Today, you can't get far without a car, either professionally or privately. The driver's license is an important step toward self-reliance, freedom and independence. Many 18-year-olds can hardly wait to complete driving school and hold the important certificate in their hands. The acquired driver's license is a symbol of adult life and therefore a special occasion for fond congratulations on the driver's license.

The greeting card for congratulations on the driver's license

On a greeting card for driver's license, of course, everything revolves around the car. Funny cartoon vehicles or fancy dream cars can decorate the card. Funny are also pictures of old, rickety bikes, from which the recipient can now finally say goodbye. A guardian angel card to bring good luck on all journeys is also a good idea. If you want to be creative, make your own card to congratulate the driver's license. Fancy 3D cards can be made with toy cars and traffic signs from the Lego box.

Personalization of congratulations and greetings

Congratulations are in order for the new driver's license. In addition to congratulations on the new independence and the important step into adulthood, witty sayings are also popular - accidents and mishaps can't be completely ruled out and are viewed with humor. Crumpled cartoon cars look quite cute on a card, but in real life they are a real misfortune. Therefore, blessing wishes to prevent accidents are also a good choice.

Congratulations on the driver's license

Congratulations on passing the driving test from ...

Congratulations on your driver's license and have a good trip...

Independent at last: Congratulations on your driver's license!

All the best to the driver's license us always accident-free journey wishes you ...

Now the bicycle, moped, bus and train time is over! Finally you are allowed to drive a car, we congratulate you very much!

For your driver's license I wish you that you never drive faster than your guardian angel, so that you always arrive safely at your destination!

Driving license? For you zero problemo! And zero per mille, hopefully goes without saying! Congratulations on your driver's license!

Now you don't need us as a chauffeur and can drive yourself around! Congratulations on your driver's license!

Just as you should always have both feet firmly on the ground, all four wheels should always be in safe contact with the ground! All the best for your driver's license!

Finally driving a car yourself... you have dreamed of this for a long time! Today this dream comes true. I am very happy for you and wish you a lot of fun and always a good trip!

It's a great feeling when you can finally hold your own rag in your hand! I would like to congratulate you very much, I am very happy for you!

Congratulations on getting your driver's license! Now we just hope that you don't get a postcard from Flensburg too often :-)

No matter how long it took: Now you have your driver's license, well-deserved and hard-earned, and can make the roads in the area unsafe! Have a good trip ...

Congratulations on your driver's license, this must be celebrated! Normally we would toast with you now, but from now on you have to be able to celebrate without alcohol every now and then... - a non-alcoholic beer is also enough for toasting!

Yesterday still in kindergarten, today already the driver's license! For us grandparents, time goes by so quickly. We are very happy for you and wish you always a safe journey!

It is said that only intelligent people fail the driving test. So don't worry, it worked out perfectly on the second try! Congratulations on your driver's license!

You got your license so quickly and effortlessly, it's truly impressive! Drive effortlessly and elegantly, but not too fast. Congratulations on passing the driving test with flying colors!

Finally, you'll never have to be picked up by your parents again! Unless you've had a little too much to drink and none of your friends want to drive. Enjoy your license and take good care of it!

Congratulations on your new driver's license,
may it always be useful and bring joy!

Yesterday the bicycle bell, today the horn.
Yesterday the scooter, today front-wheel drive.
Yesterday the rattling moped, today the quietly whirring engine.
Yesterday a stuffy helmet, today air conditioning.
Yesterday the bike lane, today the fast lane.
Congratulations on your driver's license!

Today you can be happy,
You have your driver's license!
Drive happily, drive well,
but don't be too cocky.
Congratulations on passing the driving test!

Already hare and hedgehog made it before,
the hare was nimble, but in the end the goal!
The hedgehog with the short legs, he was very prudent.
His talent was cleverness and with it he won!
Who is clever and prudent, wins even in traffic chaos!
All the best to the driver's license and always accident-free journey!

Parking, coupling, driving uphill,
you can do all that with flying colors!
May that always save you
from a bad breakdown tour!
Love for your driver's license from ...

You can now accomplish great things,
You can conquer Germany's roads,
You can now drive, far and near,
that's really wonderful!
Congratulations on your driver's license from ...

You have your driver's license now,
that's fine,
That's how it should be!
Just don't drive too fast now,
or it'll be gone,
and that's on the spot!

A piece of paper is finally yours,
the long-awaited driver's license.
The car is already at the door
and we congratulate you.
Good luck on your first trip,
and please come back safely.