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Christmas: Wishes, sayings and poems

Poinsettias on white background

Christmas is one of the world's most meaningful festivals and a special highlight in the Christian church year. We celebrate the birth of Christ and hope for a peaceful coexistence of all peoples on earth. Sending blessing Christmas wishes is a traditional and beautiful custom for many people. Send your friends, relatives and acquaintances a Christmas card with warm Christmas greetings, sayings and poems, bringing the magic of Christmas to their homes. Not only distant relatives, but also the helpful neighbor next door or the nice letter carrier will be pleased with an atmospheric Christmas card, which contains well-intentioned and heartfelt wishes for Christmas. At you will find besides Christmas wishes also Christmas poems and Christmas sayings. In the texts for the Christmas card we have distinguished between private card and business greeting.

The Christmas card

The time has come, the quiet and peaceful days of the Christmas season put us in a cheerful and upbeat mood. We look forward to fragrant gingerbread, hot almonds, lovely Christmas carols and the first tour of the Christmas market. We would like to share this feeling with other people and that is why we send well-intentioned Christmas cards. We wish "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" and provide the card with a Christmas greeting, Christmas wish, Christmas poem or a Christmas saying. If you want to send a very personal greeting for Christmas, make the cards yourself. But you can also create photo greeting cards and send a photo Christmas greeting to his loved ones. These are certainly happy about a current family photo and hold each Christmas card in honor. But not only family members and joy will be given a Christmas card. Companies and businesses also send Christmas and New Year greetings at the end of the year. The Christmas cards for business Christmas wishes usually feature a company logo and design. In any case, they should be of high quality so that customers and business partners are impressed.
Christmas greetings and wishes

Christmas greetings by eMail

What was unthinkable in the past has become quite established today. A Christmas greeting by e-mail does not have to be impersonal in every case. Especially since it is very easy to insert family photos or Christmas pictures when sending an electronic Christmas wish. Admittedly, a Christmas card looks a bit more and you can easily keep the card as a recipient, but the greeting via the web is fast and uncomplicated. And you can also add a personal Christmas wish, a Christmas saying or a Christmas poem to your message. Besides, it is also very easy to reply to a mail and thus a friendship that has been dormant for a long time is revived.
Christmas wishes and greetings by e-mail

Christmas sayings and Christmas wishes by SMS & Whatsapp

Quick, easy, uncomplicated: SMS Christmas wishes. Especially among teenagers and younger adults, the cell phone is indispensable. An SMS message belongs today to the transmitters of texts, like letter and eMail. Unfortunately, you can only send short Christmas greetings, but you can concentrate on the essentials. Long salutations or closing phrases are omitted. Instead, these short Christmas sayings are often very romantic and sometimes quite funny. So, if it concerns a good acquaintance, who does not attach very much importance to old-tried, a Christmas greeting by SMS or Whatsapp message is completely o.k. - with us you will find suitable SMS sayings for Christmas.
Merry Christmas on a smartphone

Christmas wishes for business partners and customers

After a successful year, you want to say thank you for good business relations. What could be better than a Christmas wish in a noble-looking Christmas card? At you will find suitable greetings and wishes for Christmas for your company or business. We also give you tips on how to design the Christmas card and what to consider when making a business Christmas wish.
Business Christmas greetings for companies and businesses