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Name day congratulations

Name day congratulations with yellow flowers

In some families, the name day has as much or even more importance than the birthday: there are gifts, cakes and a small celebration. Very religious people in particular feel a strong connection with their namesake and their name has a very deep meaning for them. On the commemoration day of the name patron his good deeds are remembered. Congratulations are offered on the special occasion with a suitable greeting card and appealing congratulations.

The greeting card for name day congratulations

For the name day there are the most diverse greeting card motifs. The best way to choose is based on the preferences of the recipient. Animal and flower motifs are always popular. Also dreamy landscape pictures and various heart motifs can be chosen for the name day congratulations. The name of the addressee can be specifically addressed, but a general greeting "on name day" is also allowed. Those who like it traditional, can pick out a beautiful picture of the corresponding saint. Self-made cards are particularly creative.

Personalization of congratulations and greetings

Since the name day is a Christian celebration, many greetings revolve around faith, for example, by wishing "God's blessing". General congratulations and special wishes for the current life situation can be expressed for the name day. A short poem is particularly appropriate for the solemn occasion. Those who know Bible verses well can allude to an event from the life of the patron saint.

Name day congratulations

Happy Name Day! Stay as cheerful as you are today!

Best wishes for your name day, enjoy this special day with your family.

I know that you live up to your name! Happy Name Day!

May your name always remind you that you are never alone: God's light shines over you at all times and illuminates every darkness. Happy Name Day!

I wish you a sunny, warm, happy, friendly and unforgettable name day! The very best wishes for your name day from ...

Your patron saint is like your very own guardian angel, who always stands by you and whom you can ask for help at any time! The name day is the opportunity to thank your guardian angel for all the faithful, reliable and loving work! Warm greetings ...

Only what has a name, really gets existence. Your name is God's gift that he gave you as a baby and he says: Now you can truly be and fill your God-given life with everything you like! Love and best wishes for your name day sends you ...

Your name is not just a name: it is a promise from you to God to always walk in right paths; and it is a promise from God to you that He will always take care of you as an unconditionally loving and infinitely kind Father. Congratulations on your name day from ...

Even if life is sometimes turbulent, your name runs like a thread through your life. God's love is the same: even if everything doesn't always go smoothly, you can always be sure that God is with you. God knows your name and never forgets it. All the best for your name day ...

In prayer, you speak to God by calling Him by name. And if you are very quiet and listen into your heart, you can sometimes hear God also speaking your name very quietly - and then you know why your name is something so sacred that it deserves its own holiday. The warmest congratulations on the name day of ...

I have a very bad memory for names, which is sometimes really embarrassing. Fortunately, it is quite different with the dear God: He can remember the names of all the people in the world and always be with them immediately when they need something. That is truly phenomenal! With this in mind, all, all the best for your name day!

They say that names are just smoke and mirrors. The name alone doesn't say much either, it's your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, your laughs and cries, your successes and your talents that fill the name with life and bring a loving smile to the lips of all who hear it and who know you.

A long, long time ago, there was a person who bore your name and performed such wonderful deeds that he was canonized. This is not a burden, but an honor and a gift: Not only God himself, but also your namesake always keep their watchful eye over you, you have virtually a very personal contact in heaven!

You don't always like your name. You may have gotten used to it, but actually you would much rather be called something completely different. But you have your name not without reason, and at some point you discover why you carry exactly this name and no other. That's how it happened to me and I'm sure it will happen to you too! So I wish you all the best and love for your name day!

Name day poems

With a poem you make your greeting card something very personal.

If you are in need,
he comes running,
calls you by name
and takes you by the hand!
The dear God, he knows,
all names in the world,
and loves us all the same,
from beggar to hero!

On the name day one celebrates not oneself,
but the holy patron saint.
So let us celebrate properly
in honor of this wonderful person!

Cakes, letters, sunshine
have united here today,
celebrate beautifully and undauntedly
on the holy name day!

Your name stands for bliss,
it shows you that you are always
you are accompanied by Heil'ger hand
in soul, heart and mind.

God's blessing be with you,
if you ever despair!
He is always quickly with you,
if you say his name!

I offer the most blessed satisfaction
as a wish for the feast of Your name.
As great as Your kindness has always been,
so great be always my gratitude.

Today is your name day!
And because I like you so much,
I send you 'nen dear greeting,
a hug and a kiss!

For your name day, I wish you,
that happiness always knocks on your door,
and that you always in sun and rain,
receive the name patron's holy blessing!

Today you are the center of attention
and have invited guests.
So it goes today mighty round
to your name celebration!

For the name day a dear greeting,
and a few kind words!
Feel loved from head to toe,
enjoy your sweet cake!

Your name may not be very/pretty long (depending on the recipient),
but do not be afraid and bang:
God can remember this one too,
will help you and strengthen you!

Your name is your life,
therefore it was given to you.
Let it guide you as a blessing
Your whole life on earth.

I wish you the very best,
today on the feast of your name.
Everything that makes your heart happy,
I wish you, dear ..., today.

Today is your day alone,
bears your name,
That's how it should be.
My wish for you,
because I like you:
Only the best for your name day!

God gave you a name,
completely empty and unstained,
that you might fill it
with love.
For when You bring the light of love into the world,
all who hear Your name
will feel nothing but love.

Enjoy life's pleasures gladly,
and walk the pledge of time!
Enjoy the bliss of the earth,
And all that gladdens your heart!

Enjoy merrily among jokes,
happiness, peace and contentment.
This wishes on the name day from the heart
Your friend, who consecrates this leaf to you.