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SMS & Whatsapp Christmas wishes

Poinsettias on white background

Christmas sayings sent by SMS are short messages. These can be contemplative and romantic, but also funny and funny. We have compiled here some SMS or Whatsapp sayings for the Christmas season. You are of course welcome to use these Christmas sayings free of charge and send them to friends, acquaintances and relatives. With the SMS sayings we also have sayings that you can send to your sweetheart or the dearest.

Contemplative and romantic cell phone sayings for Christmas

First of all, here we have listed sensitive SMS & Whatsapp sayings for Christmas. You can use these sayings for your girlfriend, boyfriend, parents or other good acquaintances.

I'm Santa Claus, unfortunately not in front of your house, so I send you from afar a whole handful of magic stars! Merry Christmas!

In the sky the stars shine so bright and so clear, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Nights of bright candles and children's bliss! And so with all my heart I wish you a wonderful holiday season!

If a man dressed all in red puts you in a sack, don't be afraid. Someone will have wanted a treasure for Christmas.

Spruces, tinsel, baubles and lights, the smell of baked apples and happy faces, the joy of giving - the heart becomes so wide. I wish everyone: A merry Christmas time.

Now the Christmas candles shine again and conjure joy in all hearts. Dearest Christmas greetings to my greatest treasure.

Time for love and feelings, today it just stays cool outside. Candlelight and the smell of cookies, Christmas is in the air.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, that is clear and without question. With fir scent and candlelight, may everything be peaceful and cheerful!

The scent of candles fills the room, without you everything is much worse. You are far away in the distance, please remember, I love you.

We want to wish you the most beautiful of the beautiful and the best of the best for the holy feast. Best regards from ...

Christmas greeting and Christmas kiss,
the absolute mega must have!
Packed in thick mail paper,
I send both through the line you.

I wish you happy holidays,
that is clear and without question.
With the scent of fir and candlelight,
may everything be peaceful!

Christmas without you,
is like winter without snow,
like Toffi without a fairy,
like Him without Bear,
I love you so much.

Nothing is more precious than YOU to me! Not even at Christmas: I love YOU!

Be my gingerbread man. So sweet and crunchy.

My Christmas wish: Under my gift table I want only YOU.

I met the Christ Child last night and made a deal with him. Namely, that every friend in this world, receives a text message from me.

A Christmas greeting goes secretly, quietly on a long journey. I hope he does not fly away, he should tell you: I LOVE YOU!

Christmas is coming and I miss you so much. Unfortunately you can not be with me, so I write this SMS-elein.

Ho-ho-ho! Wish you cozy warm, heavenly quiet, insanely relaxing, calorie-bombing, angel-beautiful and reindeer-strong Christmas.

Beautiful songs - warm word, deep longing - quiet place. Thoughts that sound full of love, Christmas I would like to spend only with you.

There is not enough time for a letter; that is very painful. My Christmas greeting is short, but really heartfelt!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a lot of pretty things to sweeten your life and bring you much joy.

Silence, nothing but silence this night, as if Christmas was made just for us. Angels guard our little happiness, we continue to love each other, piece by piece.

Sitting lonely under the Christmas tree, wish a nice dream.
Would now so gladly with you - pity, now I sit alone here.

I am the little Christmas fairy, stuck deep in the thick snow, so I send YOU a handful of magic stars from afar. Merry Christmas!

Funny SMS sayings for Christmas

Here you will find funny or witty SMS sayings for Christmas. Often these are a bit raunchy and you have to think very carefully to whom you send these cell phone messages.

Christmas is dead, long live the wine night!

Out of the woods I come here, unfortunately I have no more gifts.

If you want to rock with the Christ Child, you have to lure him with tinsel.

I don't know what else to get you - just pick me, that would be great!

What is hypocritical? Taking the pill all year and singing "Ihr Kinderlein kommet" at Christmas.

If Santa Claus tips over from his reindeer sleigh, the good customs of Christmas will fall apart.

This is a mistletoe text message! Look up and kiss your phone!

If Santa Claus comes down the chimney, you better not let anyone pull!

Dear, good Santa Claus, erase our fives, make them all ones, you are a good Santa Claus!

If the farmer finds tinsel in the food, he knows not to forget the gift!

What is nicer for men over fifty, sex or Christmas? Answer: Sex, but Christmas is more often.

Rudolph has a red nose, the mulled wine presses on his bladder, he flies from house to house and sends my greetings.

Santa Claus is looking for blonde angel with large Christmas tree balls for no silent nights. Christmas tree stand available, all only with pointed hat!

For weeks I've been looking forward to this day, which I like to spend only with you. Dress me up as Santa Claus, what follows, we'll see then!

I know that what I have to say will hurt you very much! It will also hurt very much! Before you hear it from someone else: Santa Claus does not exist!

If you show me your Christmas tree balls, I'll show you my gingerbread man. And after that the Christmas bells will ring for us.

Dear recipient! Please send us a photo of you. We are currently studying a flu play and still need a donkey.

Christ Child, Christ Child, good guest, have you brought me something? If you have something, then sit down, if you have nothing, then leave immediately.

SMS/Whatsapp Christmas greeting or a Christmas card after all?

With Christmas cards Christmas greetings are transmitted very elegantly and in a very festive form. The cards are decorated with Christmas motifs and the greeting card also offers space for a little more text. One can also perpetuate Christmas sayings or Christmas poems in the Christmas card. With SMS messages this is a little different, the text length is limited and you also get nothing really tangible. But in our time, this form of Christmas greeting has become established - at least among young people and among good friends. So feel free to use our cell phone sayings and use them to send an SMS at Christmas.

Christmas wishes, Christmas sayings and Christmas poems

On the following pages you will find more greetings and wishes for the Christmas card. We have also published Christmas sayings and Christmas poems with which you can make your Christmas wishes even more personal.