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Wedding: congratulations, sayings, poems and much more.

two wedding rings

Wedding is the most beautiful day in life. The wedding couple and the wedding guests celebrate upbeat and cheerful. As a guest, one usually presents a wedding card to the newlyweds. To make the congratulations personal and romantic, you can find on our pages wishes, sayings, quotes and poems that will make a wedding card unique. Besides, wedding couples can find texts for the invitation card and thank you card.

Congratulations for the wedding card

A wedding is a union between two loving people who have decided to tie the knot for life. Therefore, the wedding feast is celebrated extensively with a delicious menu, a magnificent wedding cake, music and dancing. All guests bring gifts and congratulations for the bride and groom. On the following page you will find suitable texts and templates for personal and romantic congratulations on the wedding.

Wedding sayings

At you can also find funny and contemplative wedding sayings that you can use for a wedding card, in a wedding newspaper or in a wedding sketch as well as for a guest book or photo album. You can choose from a variety of individual sayings and use them exactly for your purpose. Of course, brides and grooms can also use a nice wedding saying for their wedding invitation. We hope you enjoy browsing and reading through the wedding sayings.

Wedding poems

With a poem you can make the wedding card very personal. The wedding poem can frame the congratulations, but you can also respond to the content of the poem and refer to it in the congratulations. However, the wedding poem can also be used for a guest book or for a flying lantern, etc. The wedding poems can come from well-known poets, but you can also take up the pen yourself and wax poetic.

Wedding invitation texts

Often it is very difficult for bridal couples to find the right text for the wedding invitation. One might want to point out that a special wardrobe is desired, that it is a theme wedding, that painting and drinks are free and so on. We have compiled text modules for you, which can be used to text the wedding invitation very easily. From "Introductory words" to "Request response", everything necessary to the text for a wedding invitation is there.

Texts for the thank you card

After a wedding and after the honeymoon, the wedding couple should send thank you cards. In the cards there is a photo of the bride and groom, sometimes a saying or poem and always a very heartfelt thanks. The newlyweds thank you for the warm congratulations, the gifts and for the organization of the wedding celebration. We have compiled suitable thank you texts that you can use for your very personal thank you card.