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Congratulations on the new home

Couple with moving boxes

Moving into your first own apartment or house is something very special. New neighbors are warmly welcomed with small gifts and kind words. But friends and family also congratulate on the new home. The gift of bread and salt, an exuberant housewarming party or the smoking of the still empty rooms with special incense are among the best-known rituals for moving in. New residents will also be very happy to receive a nice welcome card with congratulations and greetings.

The greeting card for moving in or moving

All motifs that revolve around the themes of home and crafts are suitable for a greeting card for moving in. Animal motifs are particularly cute and original, for example, a snail shell or a cozy hamster burrow. Pictures of keys and various symbols of luck, such as shamrocks and ladybugs, are also popular. Generally, it should be a picture that emphasizes your congratulations.

Personalization of greetings

Greetings for moving in is mainly about congratulating on the new home. Searching for an apartment or house, possibly even building a house, and the move itself involve a lot of hardship and expense. It feels good to finally arrive. Congratulations and a verbal pat on the shoulder show empathy and affection. Greetings are only really personal if they are properly handwritten and if the text suits the new residents.

Congratulations on the new home

The following texts are very suitable for very personal congratulations and greetings.

We wish good luck and joy in the new home!

Love wishes and greetings for moving into the new home!

I hope the change of scenery does you / you good! Congratulations on the new apartment!

May laughter and happiness always pass through your new home! Congratulations on moving in!

May your / your new home always be a place of happiness and contentment!

Congratulations on moving into your own apartment. We wish you everlasting happiness and constant cheerfulness.

Congratulations on your new home. May all your wishes and dreams come true within your own four walls.

They say that what you dream the first night in your new home comes true. That's why I wish you / you for the move one thing above all: beautiful dreams!

Congratulations on your new home! I hope the stress of moving was worth it and you found a wonderful new place of inspiration and security!

Moving in together is an important step in a relationship. I wish you that the first home together will further deepen your love and give you confidence and joy!

Such a move can be quite stressful! I'm happy for you that you have finally made it and can really relax in your new kingdom!

There is nothing better than coming home.... - especially when you have such a beautiful apartment like you! Congratulations on the new home!

We wish you that you just feel very comfortable in your new house / apartment. Congratulations on moving into your own four walls from ...

We wish you a great housewarming party and a beautiful life in your own four walls! Also invite sun and good humor, so you will never lack anything!

A house can be as beautiful as it is - it only becomes really beautiful and alive with its inhabitants, i.e. with you! You are, so to speak, the most beautiful and most important piece of furniture. Best wishes for moving in!

You were already healthy and happy before, had a good job and hardly any money worries. Now the dream house / the dream apartment is added! One can only congratulate such lucky people like you!

The bread, that should tell you: May you always have enough to eat. Add to this some salt to give flavor and spice to your life in your new home. Warm greetings for moving in!

Man, what have you hauled boxes, carried furniture, painted, wallpapered, shopped ... - but it was worth it! I am happy for you about your beautiful new home and wish you all the best for the future!

Don't stress too much about tidying up: a spotlessly tidy and clean house can quickly become boring; where people really live, it can also be a bit messy! Congratulations on your new home!

Finally out of the parental home, set up everything yourself, shop, cook, do laundry, in short: be completely independent! The first own apartment is especially exciting and I hope you enjoy the new home advantage! All the best for the move!

What an exciting phase of your life: new home, new city, new streets, new people.... - we hope that you settle in quickly and make great new friends! We think of you and are - even from afar - always there for you!

I wish you that your new home will be a place where you can build castles in the air. It should be your tree house, your houseboat, your adventure playground, your cuddle cave and your cozy, warm nest! Congratulations on your new apartment / your own house!

When you arrived, the house was so empty and big. But quickly the rooms filled with boxes and furniture, soon everything was unpacked and a new magic spread in the house. May your new home always be a magical, joyful and healing retreat where you can live carefree.

Inspired by a world-famous Swedish furniture company: For your move we wish you the chair Lachmik, the sofa Frohans, the double bed Anna Traum, the tableware set Leckerson, the shelf Glückfried, the carpet Haltmich, the armchair Gemütlikson, the lamp Lucia, and the picture frame Björngut! In short: simply everything imaginable good!

Many heavy boxes you have dragged into your new home.... now carefully unpack all the books and pictures, the dishes and cutlery, the towels, clocks and candles, as well as the laughter, the joy, the trust, the warmth and security - they shall all live in your new home! All the best for moving in!

May your own four walls always be messages of happiness for you: one stands for cheerfulness and laughter, one for courage and commitment, one for health and one for love. The floor should give you support and confidence, and the ceiling remind you never to lose your dreams. Congratulations on your new home!

Poems for moving in or out

Poems can frame the congratulations and greetings and delight the reader.

God keep this house so long,
till a snail pass through the world,
until an ant thirsts so much..,
that it drinks up the whole sea.

The biggest house is narrow,
the smallest house is wide,
when there is a crowd
and here contentment.

This house is in God's hand.
Lord keep it from fire and blaze,
and all who go in and out,
Let them, O Lord, be at your command.

Malice, enemies, terrible sufferings
shall avoid your door!
Joy, happiness and sunshine
shall be welcome to you!

Carry happiness inside and worries outside,
I wish you to the new house.
May it quickly become your home,
that protects you and warms you like a fur,
that keeps away toil and trouble,
Give you only good days!

For the move-in, who would have thought,
I brought you a cactus!
He is cute, green and small,
and shall always be a joy to you!
He is also very frugal,
It has spines, but it's tame.
Your new home should also be like this:
Small, robust and cute,
content and cozy!

You have built a beautiful house!
God has looked over your shoulder
and now gives His blessing
in sun or wind and rain.
But we hope you only let in
much love and much sunshine!
Misfortune, anger and suffering,
they shall stay outside!
All the best for the move!

To the new home we wish,
that you will be happy and satisfied.
For your arrival we have here
we have two gifts ready for you:

Bread, it never runs out,
and salt, which will spice up every feast,
as long as you stay here
and share your bread with good friends.
As long as you have salt and bread
all hardship will be far from you.

Own stove
is worth its weight in gold.

Stone and mortar build a house,
Spirit and love decorate it.

God's rest and God's peace
be granted to your house.

There is still a lot to renovate,
to paint and wallpaper,
use the first night in the house
and get a good night's sleep!

Malice, enemies, terrible sufferings
shall avoid your door!
Joy, happiness and sunshine
shall be welcome to you!

Long awaited, now finally true:
You have a house! How wonderful!
May it always be and remain for you
a source of happiness and togetherness.