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Congratulations on becoming a journeyman or master craftsman


Anyone who takes and passes their journeyman's or master craftsman's exam has several years of hard work behind them and has had to learn everything the profession requires, both practically and theoretically. Finally, the newly qualified journeyman or master craftsman can fully enter professional life or self-employment. This moment of pride, relief and joy is celebrated and appreciated accordingly. Nice congratulations and greetings from family and friends comes just right.

The greeting card for congratulations on graduation from the profession

For a greeting card to journeymen and master craftsmen, motifs from the addressee's professional life are suitable, for example, brush and paint for a painter, scissors and comb for a hairdresser or saw and wood for a carpenter. A colorful bouquet of flowers or funny animals are also suitable motifs for the congratulations and greetings. The colors and images should express recognition, joy and pride. Personal preferences and interests of the recipient are taken into account.

Design of congratulations and greetings

The focus of the greetings is the congratulations on passing the journeyman or master examination. In addition, on this occasion it is often expressed what one wishes the addressee for the future: success, health, happiness and satisfaction, for example. A funny, self-written poem about the individual situation of the new journeyman or master is particularly well received, but one or two simple sentences that come from the heart will also do justice to the occasion. The congratulations are neatly handwritten on the card.

Congratulations on the journeyman exam

Best regards for passing your journeyman's certificate sends you ...

Congratulations on passing the journeyman's exam and all the best for the future wishes ...

Let us give you a big pat on the back and congratulate you on your journeyman's exam, we are very, very proud of you!

You always enjoyed your training, and I wish you continued enjoyment in your profession. Congratulations on your journeyman's certificate!

Finally, the apprenticeship is over and you can really get started! I congratulate you most sincerely on your brilliantly passed journeyman's examination!

If you want to see hardworking craftsmen, you can go from today! Congratulations on your journeyman's exam!

With your journeyman's certificate, you have taken a mighty step into a prosperous future! Congratulations on passing the exam from ...

As of today, you can call yourself a journeyman in your profession! We wish you all the best for your professional life and for your future career.

You have always understood how to help out neatly and without much trouble. Your manual skills and your friendly manner have brought you a long way! We are very proud and happy for you. Good luck and success in your future career!

A journeyman no more falls from the sky than a master. Congratulations on your well-deserved journeyman title!

It was not always easy with you, but we never doubted that you will go your way. We are very happy to be able to congratulate you on your journeyman's certificate today! May all your professional and private wishes come true!

Talent alone won't get you far. Success comes first and foremost from a lot of sweat, practice and dedication. You have proven that you have what it takes to take the next step. That's why we would like to congratulate you on your well-deserved journeyman's certificate!

Now the time of cramming is over, now the real working life can start! We wish you a fulfilling professional life that always challenges you without overtaxing you and always gives you more pleasure than stress! Congratulations on your journeyman's certificate from ...

We are very pleased that you have completed your three-year apprenticeship with such a good certificate! Success and joy shall be your constant companions in your further professional life! Congratulations on passing the journeyman's examination.

Even if learning was sometimes difficult, today you can proudly call yourself a journeyman! I wish you all the best for your professional and private future, stay as full of life as you are today. Congratulations on passing the journeyman's examination from ...

It hasn't been long since you graduated from school,
now you are already a journeyman!
Who does so much, deserves it very much,
and never stands still!
Congratulations on the journeyman exam!

Freshly baked journeyman
is quite bright in the head,
has his heart in the right place
and the certificate in his pocket!
Keep up the good work with cheerful courage,
A journeyman's certificate is always good for you!
Congratulations on passing the journeyman's examination from ...

Even if your path was not always straight,
even if you have taken many a detour
and many a phase seemed rather difficult,
rest assured that not a single year was lost.
Every difficult experience has brought you further
and made you the person you are today.
You are not just a journeyman,
but a winner,
a stand-up guy,
a climber.
I congratulate you with all my heart on your journeyman's certificate!

Congratulations on the master craftsman diploma

You have truly done a masterful job! Congratulations on the master's exam!

Congratulations on the master craftsman's diploma from the colleagues and me!

I would like to congratulate you on passing the master's examination and wish you all the best for the future!

You have always worked like a master. Now you also have the corresponding certificate! Congratulations on your master craftsman exam!

As of today, you are a master in your profession! Congratulations on passing the exam and all the best for your career plans.

Only those who are professionally absolutely top, always motivated and sociable, can become a master. With much respect and great appreciation we congratulate on the master examination!

You have always been the apprentice and journeyman, but now you are free and have the levers in your own hands! Congratulations on your master craftsman's diploma!

Anyone who pursues his profession with such verve and diligence over such a long period of time is truly a master! You now have the confirmation in writing. Congratulations!

Congratulations on becoming a master craftsman, which means: congratulations on becoming a certified master craftsman and receiving a higher salary!

With joy, diligence and cheerfulness you have worked your way to the master. Congratulations on this decisive step and all the best for the future!

It is not only in soccer that the championship title is the crowning glory of a career. Congratulations on the championship trophy and a successful, healthy and joyful professional future!

From baby to toddler, from kindergarten to school, from apprentice to journeyman - with pride and joy we look at this long journey that makes you a master from today. You're a real gem! Congratulations on your master craftsman's diploma!

By now you know very well that a master doesn't just fall from the sky. With a lot of dedication, passion, joy and hard work, you have truly earned this title. Congratulations and all the best for the future!

By passing the master craftsman's examination, a great dream has come true for you. May your further professional undertakings also be crowned with success! We are very proud of you and congratulate you most sincerely!

Because practice makes perfect and no prize is achieved without diligence, we would like to congratulate you today on your well-deserved master craftsman's diploma! Sometimes it pays off to pay attention to old proverbs that have been heard a thousand times before!

Anyone who achieves so much and with verve,
is probably on the right path.
So you have paved the way,
to the masterly master degree!

Proverbs and Quotes about Education, Career and Success

Sayings and quotes can be used to introduce congratulations, as well as speeches.

If you stop getting better, you've stopped being good.

It is better to do the right job (= effectiveness) than to do a job only right (= efficiency).

He who stops learning is old. He may be twenty or eighty.

Learning is like rowing against the current. As soon as you stop, you drift back.

Those who work not for the love of the thing, but only for the sake of money, get nothing: neither money nor happiness.

The average person always waits for something to happen instead of setting out to make something happen himself.

Blessed is he who loves his work. May he ask for no other blessing.

First do what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you manage the impossible.

Training is learning the rules - experience is learning the exceptions.

The more you enjoy your work, the better it pays.

Pleasant is work done.

Win if you can, lose if you must, but never surrender.

Never start stopping, never stop starting.

The greatest masters are those who never stop being disciples.

If you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life.

A head start in life is given to those who tackle where others first start talking.

All dreams can come true if we have the courage to follow them.

A master of the art of living does not separate work from fun, work from leisure, body from mind, training from recreation. He is hardly able to distinguish between the two. He simply pursues his idea of excellence in everything he does and leaves it to others to judge whether he is working or enjoying himself. In his eyes, he is always doing both.

When you make your vocation your profession, you are not working, you are living.

No invention, no force in the world has done what enthusiasm accomplished.

Those who enjoy their work are capable of achieving a great deal.

Success depends on the mute.

The price of success is dedication, hard work and unrelenting commitment to what you want to achieve.

The human mind is never more cheerful than when it has found its proper work.

You can do a lot if you put your mind to it.

When passion is missing, everything is missing. Without passion, nothing can be achieved.

In order for a talent to be effective, it needs one more precious thing besides others, which cannot be learned or cultivated within oneself: the joyfulness of the heart.