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Texts for wedding newspaper for silver wedding anniversary

Wedding newspaper - Silver wedding - Press

On this 2nd page with content for a wedding newspaper for silver wedding you will find more funny texts and stories. You will also find an imprint, with which you can end the wedding newspaper.
For the printing of the wedding newspaper you could possibly use the service of an online printing company. The costs are often surprisingly low and the quality is excellent.

What is love?

When the "yes" has lasted 25 years,
that's love.
To have more fire in you than a volcano,
that's love.
When it tingles through the whole body,
that's love.
When you can discuss everything with each other,
that's love.
When he takes care of the household,
that's love.
When we say goodbye and give each other a kiss,
that's love.
To give him a little freedom,
that's love.

A song for silver wedding

(Melody: Where the North Sea waves)

Silver wedding anniversary is today and we celebrate that,
Let the glasses clink, that's how we sing.
Sing at the top of your lungs, sing with us, folks,
because we want to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary today!
[Surname], you have already experienced many a storm,
Today we're going to celebrate, we're going to shake the earth.
Today we want to drink to what once was,
Health, happiness, the coming years shall bring.

Let the glasses clink, show your joy,
For we want to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary today!

You have anniversary and so we say:
Cheers, dear [WOMAN], we're all here,
Here's to you both, and twenty-five years..,
fifty it shall be, that would be wonderful:

Let the glasses clink, show your joy,
For we're celebrating our silver wedding anniversary today!

[WOMAN] and [MAN], you are our best treasure,
Give us a cold beer and a good schnapps too.
Champagne and also liqueur we drink today:
You shall live long! Yes, that's what we wish.

Let the glasses clink, show your joy,
because we want to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary today!

What a man never heard from his wife in 25 years

- Are you sure you've had enough to drink?
- That was a great fart! Do another one!
- I've decided not to wear any more clothes in the house.
- I'm going outside for a minute, to paint the house.
- Shouldn't you be at the pub with your boys right now?
- You're so sexy when you're drunk.
- I totally understand, it's your anniversary next year. Go to the stadium with the boys.
- Look, I make enough money. Why don't you stop working and improve your handicap?
- Honey, the nice neighbor's daughter is sunbathing again. You've got to see this!
- No, no! I'm just taking the car to get the oil changed.

What a woman never heard from her husband in 25 years

- Come on, let's go shopping.
- I'll do the dishes today, you can watch your favorite soap on TV.
- Today you get the remote control.
- How many carats should the ring be for Valentine's Day?
- Of course I'll be happy to change our little one's diapers.
- I'll quickly get your girlfriends and then drive you to the spa.
- In the future, I won't drink alcohol or smoke, and I'm also going to lose weight and take care of my appearance.
- Next week I have vacation and then take over the spring cleaning.
- I'm taking a cooking class, so you won't have to work at lunchtime.
- Your orange peel skin turns me on.

How to get along well in 25 years of marriage

SHE has to make sure that both wake up punctually!
HE has to follow the repeated requests to leave the bed radiantly!
SHE has to encourage the spouse by cheerful shouts to prepare the breakfast!
HE has the duty to temper the tea in such a way that the Kipferl does not disintegrate when dipping!
BOTH have the duty to share the bath honestly!
The toilet is used in alphabetical order!
The leftovers of the breakfast are removed by YOU quickly, noiselessly and without a trace. Leftovers of food are to be preserved for times of emergency!
HE has to manifest his parting pain by hearts and cheek rubbing when leaving the apartment by the spouse. Furthermore the duty is incumbent on HIM to wave to the beloved as long as HE sees her!
SHE has to accept his attentions gratefully and to return!
HE has to refrain from the accidental or knowing running after female persons!
SHE has to provide unfriendly counter service to express thereby her happy marriage!
The lunch break is to be spent in the anticipation of the COMMON closing time!
The housewife has to hold the preheated slippers, the cooled beer and the running television ready! HE thanks for it by a lovingly delivered bouquet of flowers!
The favorite dish of the husband prepared by HER in few seconds and silently is taken by BOTH with candlelight and under continuous intimate smiles!
The spouse has to adjust the video program to the excellent taste of his spouse and to comply with short-term program changes immediately and politely!
SHE has to appreciate his efforts to arrange the evening program!
While the spouse follows the program, HE has to remove the traces of the dinner and to restore the order in the household!
Afterwards the EHEPAAR has to hold hands together and intimately on the couch!

Poem for silver wedding anniversary

If a husband stays fit and healthy,
there is a good reason for it.
Everyone knows that to a tee,
it's because of his dear wife.

She is hardworking and is capable,
and sometimes she is jealous.
Therefore, when other women beckon him
he prefers to have a drink.
He who lets his belly stand,
is too lazy to cheat.


Edition: One-time special issue.
Circulation: as loopy as the editors themselves
Editor: The silver wedding team
Editing: a pure mess, very stressful and under heavy influence of alcohol
Publisher: publishing house of imaginative scribblers
Writing: one letter to the other
texts: original forgeries and stuff credenzaed together
Image service: from all possible sides
Design: whoever opens this newspaper has to read it.
Print: none is exercised
Thank you: to the silver wedding couple! Thank you for letting us write about you.
Price: this extra sheet is priceless.
Complaints to: Papierkorbweg 10 in Altpapierhausen

Silver wedding anniversary newspaper

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