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Congratulations for school enrollment

Congratulations for school enrollment

Most children still look forward to the first day of school: After all, it is very exciting and thrilling to enter the classroom for the first time with the school bag filled with sweets and to get to know the new classmates. Even the first homework assignment is often still done joyfully. For the family, too, it is a special event when the child starts school, because after all, that is where he or she will spend the next, formative years. Grandma and Grandpa, but also friends and relatives, often present the ABC student with small congratulations on starting school.

The greeting card for the first day of school

Suitable motifs for a friendly first-day-of-school card include current photos of the i-dozen, school motifs such as a chalkboard, pens and desk, balloons, cute animal motifs - and of course school cones in all sizes, designs and colors. Popular boy and girl motifs such as pirates, knights and astronauts or princesses, horses and dolls are also a good choice for your congratulations on starting school.

Personalization of congratulations

Nice congratulations on the first day of school show the newly minted first grader that he is something very special. Those who start school already feel quite big and "grown up" - the children's pride can be supported with encouraging words. Any worries and fears can also be addressed in the congratulations in a reassuring and encouraging way. Ultimately, the new students should not only cram, but also have fun and make great friends. The greetings are written legibly in large letters on the greeting card.

The salutation

Congratulations are usually accompanied by a salutation, this introductory line can be designed as follows:
  • Dear Max, ...
  • Dear ABC shooter, ...
  • Hello school starter, ...
  • Hello dear i-dozen, ...
  • My dear Steffi, ...
  • My dear grandson, ...
  • My dear godchild, ...
  • Dear grandchild and first day of school, ...

Congratulations for school enrollment

Congratulations on starting school! Now you belong to the big ones!

Never forget that you were, are and will always be very special! All the best for the start of school!

We are thinking of you on this exciting day and wish you a great start to school life!

We wish you a great start in school, lots of fun, great classmates, nice teachers and lots of interesting knowledge!

You have passed kindergarten with flying colors, and now the next chapter begins. Good luck, success and fun at school!

Congratulations on the first day of school! We are just mighty proud of our big kid!

We wish you that you will always have a lot to laugh about at school: be cheerful about the funny things and take everything else with humor!

You're already smart. If you now learn to read, write and do arithmetic, you'll be simply unbeatable! All the best for your first day at school!

You've already been told a lot about this thing called school. Now you can finally experience for yourself what it's all about! Best wishes for your first day at school!

You are now a big kid and going to school for the first time. Don't worry and be happy: if you ever need help, we are always there for you! And your teacher and your classmates will be there too!

It's worth taking a look at the school cone alone! Filled with delicious sweets, it should sweeten the first break of your life! Congratulations on starting school from ...

You're usually only the center of attention on your birthday... - and all your new classmates feel the same way! So you can celebrate the start into school life together! Congratulations on your enrollment from ...

Don't be afraid of the serious side of life! They say that it starts with the first day of school... - but in truth, the real seriousness will take a little time! Enjoy your childhood, even as a new schoolchild!

At school there is much to learn, to experience and to experience - the most important thing is that you always remain curious about the world, always marvel at its wonders and never stop asking questions. The very best greetings for your first day at school are sent to you by ...

Now you're going to school, you'll learn to count, read and write... - But don't worry, your dollhouse, building blocks and rocking horse will be waiting patiently at home every afternoon for you to come home and finish your homework! Best wishes for your first day at school!

In school you will learn many exciting things easily! But sometimes you have to learn things that you don't enjoy at all. Don't worry about these things, just let them happen and focus on your strengths!

The new school life brings many changes, but don't worry, take it slow, you will soon get used to everything! Your new classmates are at least as excited as you are! All our good wishes accompany you on your way into school life!

At school you will learn many great things! And you know what the best part is? There's still plenty of room in your head, so learning, understanding and remembering will be super easy for you! We old people already have so much in our heads that we can't learn as fast as you! You can easily overtake us!

A first day at school is quite exciting: new rooms, new classmates, a new teacher, lessons that are so different from kindergarten.... - But I'm sure you'll take the excitement in stride and I hope that you'll look forward to the exciting experiences above all!

We are happy that today is the first exciting day of school for you! You're sure to make great new friends and learn many wonderful things! And remember: Everyone makes a mistake sometimes, that's not bad at all. Then you just have to try again! Congratulations on your first day at school!

I wonder if the new classmates will be nice? And the teacher? Will all the learning be fun? How will the grades be? How hard homework will be? You're sure to have a lot of questions when you start school. Just be who you are and don't worry! We believe in you and are sure that you will find your way quickly and easily!

Poems for school enrollment

Poems can introduce and frame the congratulations and greetings.

Little man / little woman comes out big time,
now looks like a school child
and probably behaves like one too,
hardworking and yet giggling happy!

The pencils are finely sharpened,
the shoes are polished, the dress is on,
Now it's time for the first day of school,
What all may come there!

Your kindergarten years are now behind you,
Congratulations on your start at school!
At school you will now learn the alphabet
and how to read, calculate and write.

On the first day of school I wish
much joy and much fun for you.
For your first break
I send you something to feast on!

For today's start of school
my best wishes:
That school days may be tasty,
as this treat is.

A new phase now begins,
we wish that you will succeed
to be always cheerful and happy.
also in reading, arithmetic and writing.

School starts today,
You're so big already, man-o-man!
Even if you are a little scared,
your worries won't last long.
Already you have recognized a friend,
who will gladly take you by the hand!
Together you are strong as bears
and look forward to every school day!

So a resolution is:
That humans must learn what.
Not only the ABC
is not the only thing that brings a person to the top.
Not only in writing, reading
is the exercise of a sensible being.
Not only in arithmetic
man should make an effort.
But also the teachings of wisdom
must be heard with pleasure.

What rejoicing, what joy,
for your great day is today,
because school, dear child,
finally begins for you, too.

With arithmetic, reading, writing,
you will pass the time,
those are the things
that you need for your whole life.

Only he who learns becomes clever,
who is clever, who gets ahead,
Learning should give you joy
and my congratulations accompany you.