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Congratulations 18th birthday

Big bright 18 for birthday

The congratulations on the 18th birthday may be quietly designed with some wit and humor. The greeting card is usually colorful and provided with a snappy saying. At you can find examples, templates and texts for an individual congratulation on coming of age, besides there are also sayings and poems.

The greeting card

Happy 18th birthday card is cheerful and colorful. Mostly it is adorned by a snappy saying. If you design the card yourself, you can do this with wit, humor and a little irony - but do not go too far here! Things that embellish the greeting card can be found in craft or stationery stores. Motifs and graphics are available in books, magazines or on the Internet.

Personal design

Personal congratulations should always be written by hand. When congratulating on the 18th birthday, you can do without it if you make the congratulation card yourself. You can create a funny card here with fonts such as "Comic" and only sign your name at the end. Maybe perpetuate in your congratulations a poem rhymed by yourself or refer to common experiences, this would make your greeting card unique.

The salutation

When addressing the birthday boy or girl, you can use a nickname or a term of endearment; you should only remain formal if you are on a "you" basis with the birthday boy or girl. Here are some examples:

  • Dear Daniela...
  • Hello my darling...
  • Hello little one...
  • Hi Wolfgang...

Congratulations 18th birthday

Here you will find congratulations with which you can congratulate on the 18th birthday:

We wish you all the best for your 18th birthday, stay as you are.
Warm greetings ...

All the best for your 18th birthday. For the future we wish you success, many moments of happiness and real friends.

We wish you all the happiness in the world. Congratulations on your 18th birthday.

We wish you all the luck in the world for your coming of age. The heartfelt congratulations from ...

I wish you for your 18th birthday everything that one can wish a super good and super nice friend! Congratulations from ...

I congratulate you very much on your 18th birthday and wish you all the best and good luck for the future.

For your 18th birthday I wish you all the best. Always stay as happy as you were today.

Finally 18! For your adult life, we wish you to always be optimistic about the future and never let fear or doubt accompany you.

The 18th birthday is a very special celebration, you become of age today and are allowed to do things that were previously denied to you. We wish you all the best and good luck for your adult life.

As of today you are of age! We wish you success, courage, satisfaction and joy for your future life.

For your 18th birthday we wish you only the very best and good luck for the future.

Continue to be as cheerful and hardworking as before, then you will achieve something in your life. Best wishes for your 18th birthday.

For your 18th birthday we would like to wish you all the best. Happiness and cheerfulness shall accompany you all your life.

It's finally here, your 18th birthday - we wish you nothing but the best for this anniversary and much success in your life.

We wish you: joy every day, an angel as a companion, a light in the darkness and people who love you. Congratulations on your 18th birthday.

Happy birthday! We wish you a life full of happiness, success and health. Congratulations on your 18th birthday from ...

Intelligent, funny, charming, sexy and finally of age - you really have it. Best wishes for your 18th birthday.

As you enter adulthood, an exciting time of change and new opportunities begins. We wish you with all our hearts that all your future plans are crowned with success!

An exciting year lies ahead of you! We hope that you enjoy your new independence to the fullest and are convinced that you will master all new challenges with ease!

I can hardly believe how quickly the cute kid has become a responsible and confident adult! It was always nice with you and I hope that you will have as much fun as an adult as you did as a child! The warmest congratulations on your 18th birthday from ...

Finally 18! We wish you an unforgettable birthday and a successful start into adult life! Don't let new duties and responsibilities get you down, but enjoy your freedoms.

Hooray, hooray, you are finally 18 years old! I know how eagerly this day is awaited by all young people. All the more I'm happy that for you, too, it's finally time to enter adulthood! Congratulations ...

The 18th birthday is now truly a very special event! We hope you celebrate it with all your loved ones! Even though you are now officially on your own feet, we will always be there for you.

From today all doors are open to you! I am sure that you will choose the right path - the one that makes you happy! Even as an adult, don't forget to laugh often enough, to have fun, to be exuberant, carefree and simply childish! Best wishes for your 18th birthday from ...

So from today you officially belong to us boring, stuffy and always worried adults - hopefully not! Even if you are now fully capable on paper, we hope above all that you will always remain fully yourself - cheerful, humorous and spontaneous! Congratulations on your 18th birthday from ...

You are now officially what many still dream of: 18 years old, adult, independent, free! This must be celebrated properly (I will be happy to help you)! I wish you a great birthday party! We will let it rumble properly and prepare you an unforgettable party. Have a good time, never let it get you down! And for today: Let the sow out!

Today 18 candles are burning on your cake. Your 18 favorite songs are played. Your birthday crown has 18 prongs. (At least) 18 friends celebrate with you, (at the earliest) from 18 o'clock. You'll get (at least) 18 presents and (at least) 18 greeting cards. You'll definitely shake over 18 hands and get hugged over 18 times. You'll get 18 birthday serenades (oh my!). A motorcade of 18 cars will drive around your house honking loudly 18 times. You'll toast your big day 18 times.... An 18th birthday like that can be pretty exhausting! But also unique and super great. We wish you all the best in your new adult life!

Yay, finally 18! Driver's license, own apartment, training or studies, own job, own life, I koooooommmme! That's what an 18th birthday feels like and I'm really happy that it's finally that time for you too! I wish you that you can enjoy this exciting time to the fullest and take the challenges of adult life with joy and ease. Feel a big hug for your 18th birthday! Congratulations from ...

"Being an adult" is such a big word.... Surely you get a lot of good advice today about freedoms and duties, about new opportunities and new responsibilities. So we just want to tell you that we love you, will always stand by your side and are mighty proud of you. We wish you a great birthday and an exciting, successful, happy and healthy new year! Everything else will work out. We congratulate you on your 18th birthday, your ...

Today is a very special day, because you turn 18! I hope the sun shines especially bright, the cake tastes especially delicious, the friends and family members are especially nice, you yourself shine especially cheerful and the champagne (the beer, the wine, the cocktail or whatever you prefer to toast) is a special vintage! You were and are very special and I wish you extra happiness in this special year of your life! Happy 18th Birthday from ...

As of today, the time begins when you can proudly pull out your ID card everywhere, because you know: "Yes, I'm allowed, I'm old enough!" This long-awaited moment has now also become reality for you. We wish you from the bottom of our hearts that you enjoy your newfound freedom and that you don't take the seriousness of adult life too hard. Never forget the inner child inside you, never forget to laugh, to joke around, to be cheerful and to take life with humor! This is the most important lesson for many adults. Here's to a fun and joyful adult life! The warmest congratulations on the 18th birthday from ...

I remember my 18th birthday very least partially! I know you only turn 18 once in your life, and that's a very good reason to let it rip! So celebrate hard, be crazy, exuberant and toast with your friends - but only as long as it's fun. It would be a pity if you can't remember the best stories afterwards! I wish you a great birthday party and a great, happy year!

So, now you are also one of the "adults".... You can drive, be outside as long as you want, buy booze and cigarettes, vote, get married and sign contracts.... Sounds tempting, but you also have more responsibilities. Get used to adult life slowly, take your time and just stay the way you are - because that's the way we like you! We wish you all the best for this exciting phase of your life and are always there for you. Your ...

Congratulations, you have crossed the threshold of adulthood! There are great new freedoms coming your way, which you will certainly get used to quickly. But if you ever need help with the more difficult things, such as writing applications, looking for an apartment and moving, buying a car, doing the laundry, cooking or lovesickness - we are always there for you. After all, nobody grows up overnight, even if it looks like it on paper. We wish you all the best from the bottom of our hearts!

It's incredible how quickly time flies: our child is now an adult! The time from your first attempts at walking to your first school cone to your 18th birthday has flown by. We, your parents, wish you a wonderful start into adulthood! May all your wishes and dreams come true. We are convinced that you will find your way. We are so proud of you and always there for you. Whether you like it or not: You will always be our child! The warmest congratulations on your 18th birthday from your parents.

18th birthday sayings

These sayings and quotes can be used to introduce 18th birthday congratulations.

Humor is the salt of life, and those who are well salted stay fresh for a long time.

Right now, 1,785,965 people are celebrating birthdays, but yours is the only one that really counts!

The more consciously you go your way, the more successful your life will be. We wish you good luck on your 18th birthday!

Happy 18th birthday to you! You will need it, because from now on you are responsible for your own stupidities.

Drive your car only as fast as your guardian angel can fly.

The happiest days of the past year may be the worst of the future.

Curvy be your path, but not tortuous. Sublime your goals, but not arrogant. Long be your life, but never boring.

I wish you for your 18th birthday 12 months of health, 52 weeks of happiness, 365 days without stress, 8760 hours of love, 524600 minutes of peace and 31536000 seconds of joy.

Stay comfortable, put your legs up and let yourself be served. Turn on the stereo, let all the electrical appliances in your room run at the same time, don't tidy up anything. So, in short - stay the way you are.
Congratulations on your 18th birthday!

Being young is not a merit. Some 18-year-olds seem eighty to me.

The years were good to you. It was the weekends that got you through.

Finally 18 - now you just have to grow up!

Finally 18 years old! HE/SHE
- believes to be grown up,
- signs everything,
- thinks he/she can drive a car well,
- finally wants sex,
- knows everything now
- still lives with mom!

On your 18th birthday, a few words of wisdom: Smile while you still have teeth!

Were you actually very sad when the dinosaurs became extinct? Best wishes for your 18th birthday!

Cheers, may you grow as old as you look. Congratulations on your 18th birthday!

18th birthday poems

Poems can also introduce or frame the 18th birthday congratulations.

Sorrow, be lame! Worry, be blind!
Long live the birthday boy.

You have made the 18 full,
so we celebrate the whole night!

18 years, there's a big party,
that makes the walls shake.

Raise your cups, raise your glasses,
You're 18 today and we're celebrating.

Let's have a drink now,
to your new adult life.

Eeny meeny meeny,
childhood is now gone.
The age of majority is here,
here's to adulthood, cheers and hooray!

Every new day is the first of the rest of your life!
Therefore, never forget in life:
Time is a gift, so enjoy it!

It's done: one, two, three, four!
Coming of age is just around the corner.
The door is open, now it can enter,
and from today it will be your companion.

18 years are worth
that you are especially honored.
That's why we want to say to you today,
it's good that we have you!

Stay cheerful, fresh and lively,
like a fish and don't go under.
I feel like congratulating you,
I congratulate cordially: All the best!

Friendship, love, courage, trust,
these are the things you should build on.
At 18 you can hope for everything,
the future is wide open for you!

Adult and adult, however,
no matter what comes, better or worse.
You now have everything in your own hands,
make something of it with patience and understanding.

At your age you have big goals
and there are also many wishes.
Always trust your inner voice,
then the future will be sky blue.

When someone is so friendly
is so friendly and so agreeable
and cordial without being coy,
then one will gladly congratulate:
Happy 18th birthday!

Big mouth, sweet nature:
18 years becomes the broom.
Being an adult, driver's license!
No more asking, "Do I have to go home?"

Go out into the future,
Look only forward, never back,
listen to your heart and follow your feelings,
we wish you good luck

To you the future shall bear blossoms,
in all colors brightly beautiful.
Much joy shall be on all days
brightly over your life.

With a heart full of sunshine
laughing into the day
with joy in the little things,
you will always succeed in life!

Full of cheerfulness and sunshine
shall be your birthday today
and also be wonderful,
the whole new year of your life!

Dear heaven, it's true,
You're 18 today.
Much too fast the time passed,
Yesterday still baby today ready
for the great adventure of life.
Tips, help or advice we can still give,
but now you're the big hero
in your own big world.

We wish you success, health and blessings
and that you are protected on all ways,
that lead you out into life.
May only good things touch you,
success, friendship, love and happiness,
and remember: whatever you give, returns!

Today is the big turning point,
Your childhood has come to an end.
But remember: Growing up is not difficult,
but being an adult is.

So may happiness always accompany you
and bring you only good times.

18 years you had to wait
until you were allowed to start your car.
But the long wait
is now over.
Drive happily, drive well,
but never drive with cockiness!

Use your life as you can, give yourself a meaning.
Don't let it blow away in the sand, use your skills for profit.

Always learn to understand and never lose heart.
Build on your skills, you will see, you pack it well.

If there is frustration despite all striving, this wound will also heal quickly.
Don't let it take away your drive, never give up, get out of the way!

And if you seek advice and are concerned,
Think of home, for this door is always open.

18 years you turn today,
a lot of nice people are coming.
Now you can decide everything yourself,
but you should stay on the carpet.
You don't have to carry everything alone,
You can always ask your parents.

You are eighteen years old now,
sixteen I would have guessed you.
Congratulations, you now vote in elections,
You can pay your own bills,
You can clean your own apartment
and not miss doctor's appointments.
Eighteen does not mean being free,
for the few rights there are many responsibilities.

In life you need not only money alone,
you also need love, joy, happiness -
I wish you a piece of everything!

18 years ago, at the beginning of your journey,
you were rather loud than quiet.
From today you have to decide for yourself,
do I go on, do I want to stay?
What do I do slowly or quickly?
Do I turn off the lights, do I keep them on?
Do I save my money, should I burn it,
But always stand by your deeds.
Even if something goes wrong,
it's good to have someone to stand by it.

From today you are the big Zampano.
At 18, you can say: "No, but I'll do it like this!"
No matter what works or not,
always have a smile on your face.
Enjoy your life with care,
Think positive, but also pay attention.
Always do your best in all situations,
In case of need you can ask your parents.