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Father's day: wishes, sayings and poems

Greeting card - Father

In times of equality, there should of course not only be a Mother's Day. Fathers also get their day of honor once a year. Traditionally, Father's Day is celebrated on the Christian holiday of Ascension Day, which takes place exactly 40 days after Easter and always falls on a Thursday. Many men set out on Father's Day with friends or family for happy outings. In addition to small gifts, fathers of course receive nice greetings and congratulations.

The card for Father's Day wishes

For Father's Day greeting card may be quiet funny and unusual. The festive outings often include the consumption of alcoholic beverages, which is reflected in many funny and affectionate ironic motifs. Often, the dad is also depicted as a hero. In many cases, clichés about men are lovingly taken to the grain. For rather cute greetings are suitable, for example, cute children's photos or childlike motifs such as balloons and animals.

Personalization of wishes and greetings

Just like Mother's Day, on Father's Day it is customary to express your gratitude to your dad. But funny toasts and witty phrases are also high on the list of wishes and greetings. The personal touch is important: think about what suits the father and choose very individual words for your wish. These are then handwritten down. For longer texts, such as a long poem or song lyrics, the computer may also be used as a writing instrument as an exception. This fits the male affinity for technical devices.

Father's Day Wishes

You will find here very personal Father's Day wishes with which you will surely surprise your father.

Men: drink beer in front of the TV, make a lot of noise watching soccer, like to barbecue, run around in undershirts and sweatpants, don't like to shave, prefer playing with Lego to helping around the house, and sometimes drink one glass too many. But: If you were different, we would miss all that! Happy Father's Day from your wives!

Chocolate makes you fat, allergies can exist against flowers, plush hearts are kitschy, perfume is very dependent on personal preferences, jewelry is not original enough... - Finding gifts for women is often not so easy. How good that men can also be pleased with simple things: With a cold beer, good friends and a charcoal grill, for example! All the best for Father's Day!

I just want to say THANK YOU! Warm greetings for Father's Day from ...

I wish you only the very best for Father's Day! Warm greetings from ...

Dear Dad, for me you are and remain a real superhero! All the best for Father's Day!

Once a year you can drink as much as you like! Hooray and have a great Father's Day!

I wish you a sunny and cheerful Father's Day. The very dearest greetings from ...

Dearest Daddy, I send you a smile and a heartfelt greeting today to show you how much I love you! Happy Father's Day.

I'll just say it, you are for me Superman, Spiderman and Batman in one! Love for Father's Day from your / your ...

Flowers, chocolates, perfume - it's all boring! At least fathers know how to celebrate properly! Happy Father's Day!

Dear Dad, I want to thank you today for always being there for me. Very dear greetings Yours / Yours ...

You men are all the same... - but love just as much as you! Enjoy your happy Father's Day!

You have helped me so often with advice and action, actually, every day could be Father's Day! Dearest greetings from ...

Dear Dad, you are simply the best for us! We love you very much! Best regards from ...

I'm glad to have you as a dad, because who else would have put up with me for so long? Love for Father's Day!

I know it's not always easy with me.... - Thank you for always standing by me and supporting me in spite of everything! I love you, Dad.

For Father's Day, I wish you: a handcart full of high-proof drinks, a handful of friends to steal horses from, and beautiful weather for a trip! Best regards from ...

Dear father-in-law, I would also like to wish you all the best for Father's Day and thank you for always making me feel at home!

Being a father is not always easy either. But you've done a great job so far and you're allowed to give yourself a pat on the back on this special day! All the best for Father's Day!

Dear Dad! There are many good reasons to say thank you. The best and most fundamental is probably this: Without you I would not be in this world! I wish you all the best and a lot of fun for Father's Day!

For Father's Day, I want to greet you warmly and say thank you for all your affection, care and support; and I want to remember that my dear thoughts are always with you throughout the rest of the year!

I wish you for Father's Day everything a man's heart desires! Celebrate hardworking and exuberant and just forget about all the everyday worries at the men's trip with the best friends! Best wishes for Father's Day ...

News flash to the coolest dad in the world: Always stay the way you are, so humorous, funny, encouraging, understanding and cheerful, but sometimes also a bit grumpy! I love you just the same. Happy Father's Day!

Today there are beer wreaths instead of hazelnut wreaths; rounds of schnapps instead of coffee gossip; grilled sausages instead of low-fat curd cheese; hiking boots instead of high heels; crude jokes instead of gossip; Jägermeister instead of lilies of the valley: We wish you a great Father's Day!

World champion in railroad construction, champion in competitive eating, multiple winner of the soccer game in front of the garage door, undefeated in joke-telling and beloved for his barbecue skills: That's you, dear Dad! Happy Father's Day to the best father in the world!

Having children is wonderful, but not always a piece of cake. But with you by my side, I feel like we're doing a pretty good job! Thank you for being such a great father to our children!

Crying faces, screaming fits, baby mush battles, full diapers, endless holes-in-the-stomach questions and not wanting to go to bed - so far you've done well in the adventure "toddler in the house"! With that in mind, have a well-deserved, relaxing Father's Day!

If Mother's Day was invented by resourceful florists, was Father's Day introduced by beer brewers and liquor distillers? Anyway, I'll just take the occasion to toast a super great dad on his outstanding achievements as the male half of the revered parental couple! Cheers and best regards!

Thank you for being such a good listener. Thank you for always giving me a strong shoulder to lean on. Thank you for always being able to make me laugh. Thank you that I can always ask you for advice - not only when it comes to technical or craft problems! Feel a big hug for Father's Day!

Father's Day Sayings And Quotes

A greeting card for Father's Day can be introduced with a saying, for example.

When you become a father, you also make the commitment to be Muhammad Ali, Albert Einstein, and David Copperfield.

The child will also walk the path of the father one day.

A loving Father who waits and is concerned, who counsels and shares, is among the greatest gifts God can give us.

Becoming a father is not difficult. Being a father, on the other hand, is very.

It is not flesh and blood, but the heart that makes us fathers.

The Father's blessing builds the children's houses.

The father's efficiency is the best teacher of his children.

Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

The Father's love is the son, and the son's love - is his son.

Saturdays, daddy is mine.

My father always told me stories when I couldn't fall asleep at night. And I remember that again and again.

If God gives you a son, be his master until ten years, his father until twenty years, and his friend from then on.

My father continued to speak to me in a low voice. This is how our people always talk to their children, so quietly and calmly, to the child it is as if he is dreaming. But he never forgets.

Father's day poems

A Father's Day poem can make your Father's Day wish something very personal.

Our dad, what luck
is our best piece.
Always happy and cheerful,
He plays hoop with us too.
I want to give him a little kiss.
Long live our daddy!

For Father's Day, I wish you
seven schnapps and three beers!
For our joy, for our consolation,
we all say cheers today!

Today, in honor of you,
dear father, cool beer!
Drink happily and with pleasure,
but not in surfeit!

You carried me on your shoulders,
Today I want to say thank you out loud!
May you for Father's Day
do only what you appreciate and like!

What the earth knows that is beautiful,
What she calls sweet and lovely,
What it believes high and holy,
Does not reach the father's head.

I wish you so many things, my dear Dad,
And oh, how little I bring!
Therefore I lay my wishes close to God
the giver of all things.

I wish that God may keep you
as fresh and healthy as today,
so that we may often celebrate the day
for your and our joy.

He send you the sunshine of happiness
on every new morning,
and for a good little daughter -
I will take care of that myself!