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Wedding anniversary congratulations

2 rings - wedding anniversary

In addition to the silver wedding and the golden wedding, there are many other wedding anniversaries. Each year of marriage is dedicated to a symbol, so after 5 years there is the Wooden Wedding, after 10 years the Rose Wedding and, for example, after 60 years of marriage the Diamond Wedding - especially on this occasion is celebrated once again so right. Texts for congratulations can pick up the symbol of the anniversary.

The greeting card

When buying the greeting card, you should make sure that it suits the taste of the celebrating couple and the occasion. Of course, you can also create a card yourself, with a little skill and utensils from the craft or stationery store, your greeting card will be unique. You can also decorate your greeting with a photo of yourself and the family or an older photo / wedding photo of the anniversary couple.

Personalization of the congratulations

In your congratulations, you can address personal things like, "Thank you for always taking such loving care of your grandchildren." - or "We have with you the best parents and grandparents there are in the world." A congratulations should also always be handwritten and legible. Perhaps practice this beforehand on a blank sheet of paper.

The salutation

Since the celebration usually takes place among family and friends, the salutation should also have a personal character. Some examples would be:

  • Dear Parents...
  • Dear mom, dear dad...
  • Dear grandparents...
  • Dear grandma, dear grandpa...
  • Dear Renate, dear Herbert...
  • Dear jubilee couple...

Congratulations on marriage anniversary

Here you will find congratulations with which you can congratulate on different wedding anniversaries:

For the ... - Wedding we wish all the best, much happiness and health.

Congratulations on your ... - Wedding and all the best for your next stage of life together.

A thousand greetings to your ... - Wedding and wish you a happy and healthy future...

We would like to congratulate you on your ... - Wedding and wish you all the best.

For your further life together we wish you all the love and much sunshine. Congratulations on your ... - Wedding.

... Years of marriage carefully nurtured and cherished, if this is not an achievement!!!
Congratulations on your ... - Wedding.

We wish you all the best for your ... - Wedding and continue a happy time together.

Congratulations on the ... - wedding. We wish you many more years of joy and happy togetherness!

The warmest congratulations on your ... - wedding. May you both have many more happy and healthy years together. This wish you from the bottom of our hearts ...

Wedding Anniversary Sayings And Quotes

A saying can introduce your congratulations, you can also refer to it in the congratulatory text.

When two lovers are united, difficulties do not mean an obstacle.

Love has no age, it is constantly reborn.

A good marriage is based on the talent for friendship.

In a good marriage, heaven and earth come together.

Age does not protect from love, but love from aging.

To love a person is to agree to grow old with him.

The great happiness in love is to find rest in another heart.

A cheerful couple is the best thing that can be achieved in love.

More wedding sayings

More romantic and funny sayings for wedding and for different wedding anniversaries can be found here:

Wedding anniversary poems

Poems can also be used for an introduction or to frame the congratulations.

To ... years of marital bliss,
you both look back now.
You have in your life
you have given us so much.
For all the effort you make,
we offer you our thanks.
May there be for you in the further life
still give you much joy and health.

Connected now for ... years,
how quickly time passes, how quickly time slips away!
You have experienced so much, so many things,
Many a hardship, but also great joy.
May your future always be happy
And may the heavens keep you for a long time.

... years of married life firmly united in happiness and sorrow,
always give only the best, is already no small thing.

Time passes, the day is here
and today it is ... year.
Sometimes it went uphill, and sometimes downhill,
but you're still alive and kicking.
Health, happiness and the very best
we wish you for your jubilee.

... years already!
God's blessings, God's will
may keep you healthy,
and happiness, merry and bright,
may be your constant companion!

What a wonderful,
richly filled time:
... years
of togetherness!
May life
continue to give you
happiness and joy,
courage and cheerful sense!

Two people said YES
and joined hands.
They did not ask IF,
their cohesion speaks volumes.

They have built great things
with courage and energy.
They did not look back
and did not say the word NEVER.

And if there were dark clouds -
they passed like smoke.
The sky shines pure and clear,
and your love too!

We congratulate our jubilee couple,
around whom everything revolves today, and rightly so,
and that now... for many years
together through a rich life.

We thank you for the love, care, loyalty,
...with which you have guided and led us.
And our wish is that you will feel once again
the gratitude of our hearts.

Stay healthy, stay confident and cheerful,
and remain to us what you were and are.
Then life will go on together
in the most beautiful joy and compatibility.

Rose wedding anniversary poem / 10 years of marriage

Ten years have passed,
since you walked down the aisle.
Time flew by,
and now it's that time again:
We congratulate you with all our hearts
and light the colorful candles,
We wish you with many roses
a renewed wild love-oscillation!
And if once the thorns disturb,
do not let yourselves be beguiled.
For truly:
You are a great couple -
stay happy, year after year.

Poem for china wedding / 20 years of marriage

The white gold, also called porcelain,
stands for twenty years of hand in hand.
So much time has passed,
since your marriage began.
Much has happened in all these years
and this is to be preserved.
Continue to build on your happiness
and look back with pleasure from time to time.
And if you see the first wrinkles on your face,
you will keep them, too.
But porcelain is only then not really beautiful,
when it has seen many years?
So now do not harbor any grudges,
If with the young love is perhaps an end.
Give love another fire to burn
And always esteem yourselves worth and dear.

Poem for pearl wedding / 30 years of marriage

Your marriage will last, I know that,
today exactly 30 years.
Another 30 years
without quarrel and without resentment
it will last like this; that would be great!
What shine and what gleam
shines in your room today
at the beautiful pearl festival
that God lets you celebrate joyfully.
Here in the soft glow of candles
we wish with all our hearts
that God in his goodness
will always keep you in the future.

Poem for ruby wedding / 40 years of marriage

Togetherness, togetherness,
years of security,
a little sorrow, a lot of joy!
Therefore, celebrate today
merrily, dear people:
40 years! What a short time.
Another 40 in unity
and lifelong happiness as a couple!

Poem for diamond wedding / 60 years of marriage

Sixty years together,
a whole life side by side.
There were highs and lows,
sometimes even tears.
But everything passed -
these two held together.
They fulfilled God's word,
and satisfied the longing of the heart.
They became one according to God's counsel,
They are one - without a seam.
All heartily congratulate
and go to the feast of joy.
Long live the happy couple
and live happily ever after.

Dear diamond couple!
Exactly 60 years ago today
you experienced love
back when the wedding took place.

Shining like the diamond
radiant and unbreakable
incorruptible in faithfulness,
you walked the path hand in hand.

You mastered all worries
you gave each other strength.
You two have accomplished a lot.
Now look forward to tomorrow with satisfaction.

Whatever veils the future holds,
you do not retreat from it.
Surely happiness will lead you
once to the grace wedding celebration.

The most important wedding days

Wedding ceremony Green or white wedding
1 year Cotton wedding
2 years Paper wedding
5 years Wood wedding, diligence wedding (without children also ox wedding)
6 1/2 years Tin wedding
7 years Copper wedding
8 years Tin wedding
10 years Rose wedding (ox, wood, glass, bronze, tin wedding)
12 1/2 years Parsley wedding
15 years Crystal wedding
20 years Porcelain wedding
25 years Silver wedding
30 years Pearl wedding
40 years Ruby wedding
45 years Brass wedding
50 years Golden wedding
55 years Jewel wedding, platinum wedding
60 years Diamond wedding, diamond wedding
65 years Iron wedding
70 years Grace wedding, platinum wedding
75 years Crown jewel wedding
100 years Sky wedding