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Proverbs & poems for 50th birthday

50th birthday

Sayings and poems are an extension of congratulations on the 50th birthday. Cards can be customized with selected and appropriate sayings. Finding the right words to the birthday boy or girl is not always easy. But with a poem can be said much more than once even comes to mind. Especially funny and witty imaginative sayings convey briefly and succinctly, what the well-wisher himself can not put into words. For non-poets we have a small selection of suitable poems and sayings on our pages for you. With a little patience and ingenuity, these can be rewritten to suit the person in question. In this way, an individual word package can also be created with the help of ready-made poems and sayings.

Birthday sayings for 50th birthday

These sayings are small beginnings on the greeting cards, which serve as an introduction. Sometimes these sayings are already enough to convey his wishes to the birthday boy. "You are the best thing that could happen to me!", "Sun in your heart, happiness in your hand! With love yours ...", "At 50 life begins! Best congratulations ...", "Old as a tree, I want to become ..." or "Whether young, whether old ..."!" Do not be afraid, sayings and poems do not always have to rhyme. Be spontaneous and juggle words and phrases. Sometimes you'll be surprised at the thoughts that come to mind. Quickly jot them down on paper and eventually they will become a saying or a poem.

Sayings and quotes

These birthday sayings can introduce your 50th birthday congratulations.

At 50 you don't get older, you get better!

Joie de vivre is the best cosmetic!

Anyone who maintains the ability to recognize beauty will never grow old.

What does it mean for us women to grow old gracefully? Better to stay indecently young.

From forty to fifty is the best time to live.

It is not the years in our lives that count, but the life in our years that counts.

40 is the age of youth, 50 is the youth of old age.

Each decade of man has its own happiness, hopes and prospects.

Happy hours are the most beautiful islands in the great sea of time.

Life has taken 50 years to perfect you and make you who you are today.
Now you have 50 years to use that perfection and have a lot of fun in life.

Aging means becoming clear about yourself.

Some women celebrate their fiftieth birthday late, but more often.

Everything that is fun keeps you young.

You're in your prime when your belly starts to make a career for itself.

Birthday poems for 50th birthday

Loving poems will touch any birthday girl or boy. They tied the wishes and dreams in romantic words, making your congratulations something special.

50 years are worth
that you be honored in a special way.
That is why we want to say to you today:
It's great that we have you!

Only the best for your 50th birthday
and no hangover after the party.
This wish you ...

At 50, you look calmly
after rushed people.
Nothing else remains for you,
Walking is already difficult for you.

Hooray, father turns 50 today!
Therefore, celebrate beautifully and be quite cheerful and never forget:
The world, it turns on!

One sees with horror all around,
people are getting old and stupid.
Only you and I, even as old men
remain young and become wise.

Not long will I choose my wishes,
I humbly wish for two things:
You shall count fifty more such years
and I will always be there!

Oh horror, oh horror,
the 4 is gone.
But do not be sad, you will
already see,
with 50 `s only really beautiful!
Only one thing is important:
As you are, so it is right!

The years do not make you old
nor the gray hairs.
You are only old when you lose your courage
and you are no longer interested in anything.

You have now reached 50.
We would like to congratulate you!
If it were possible, we would
patent you!
As a friend you are a real hit,
and even if you turn gray,
we know we can count on you
at any age.

Isn't it great?
You're turning 50 today!
You're looking back on a few years now,
some sorrows, some happiness.
It has to be said clearly:
You've done a lot in all those years!
Always there when you were needed
and you stayed young, too!
Stay as you are, do not drive it so hard,
then you also make the 100 full!

He who starts each working day cheerfully,
even when the daily grind awaits him,
who likes to laugh and sing with friends,
has a drink from time to time,
then cheerful at the weekend,
and leaves everything that could be stressful,
who goes his way - unperturbed -
stays young, even when he turns 50!

50 years have passed,
not all of them were carefree.
You have done a lot of work
and never thought only of yourself.
You are now looking back on 50 years:
On joy and sorrow, on many a happiness.
And today we want to say to you:
It is good that we have you.
Stay the way you are, the way you are known
and another 50 years are granted to you.

It's strange with age:
When you're 13 and still a kid,
you know very clearly that your age starts around 20.
If you're 20 yourself, you don't think quite so stiffly,
but you think that around 30 you're ready for the bulky waste.
Thirties, already a little wiser and marked by the struggle for life,
have fixed the beginning of old age at point 40.
Forties with a tendency to brood say - dull as a bassoon - that 50 is the age limit.
50 is the age limit and from then on one is scrap metal.
But the 50s, the young, don't think about it at all.
Young are all those who still laugh, live,
love, carry on - age starts at 100.

Sorrow, be lame! Worry, be blind!
Long live the birthday boy.

Congratulations 50th birthday

In addition to the above sayings and poems, a greeting card for the 50th birthday should also contain a personal congratulations. We have compiled numerous congratulations for you, especially for the 50th. You can use these as a template or sample text.