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Birth poems

Baby feet on white velvet

A congratulation in connection with a poem is the most beautiful form of a congratulation. We have compiled an extensive collection of birth poems for you here. The verses and rhymes are perfect for the greeting card and make it a real unique.
. We have even listed for you poems for the birth of twins. You should definitely use these verses for congratulations on the birth of a small couple, because so you congratulate the parents and the little earthlings with impressive words.

Birth poems

With these birth poems or baby poems you can very easily decorate a greeting card. Your congratulations will get so romantic or even funny words of happiness.
. Another tip: Perhaps you have already thought of writing a poem for the newborn. Just get ideas from the already existing verses and personalize your congratulatory words according to your wishes.

What can be more beautiful,
than a little new life!

Children are eyes that see what we have long been blind to.
Children are ears that hear what we have long been deaf to.
Children are souls who feel what we have long since become dull to.
Children are mirrors that show what we like to hide.

When dreams take shape
and wishes become life,
then one can speak of a miracle

To the son / to the daughter comes punctually today,
the congratulations: We are delighted!
The sweet / The sweet shall with cheerfulness, laughter;
Always bring you new joy!

All dear little angels
shall always be with you,
so that evil flees from you
and no harm will ever come to you.

In every child, God dreams the dream of love,
in every child a piece of heaven wakes up,
in every child hope blossoms, the future grows,
in every child our earth becomes new.

In the storybook, there are good fairies,
who stand at the cradle of a child,
to give this little person, so new in life,
to give a lot of good wishes on the way!

The fairy tale creatures have diminished,
but good wishes are still welcome today!
To the little treasure that laughs from the cradle,
the best are offered.

To you the future shall bear blossoms,
in bright colors, shining beautifully.
Happiness and joy shall be on all days
brightly over your life!

We congratulate and wish the baby for all time
a life full of happiness and cheerfulness.

The sound of jubilation resounds loudly
for the proud parents and son:
To each other may you always keep
Love and trust - in all years.

We wish you and your child
as much happiness as your heart can hold.
And a welcome
greeting to the new earth guest.

He shall become a good boy
And to your joy thrive well.
Let him shine in the undergrowth on earth
the most beautiful sunshine of life.

But to you parents be granted
what you only wish for you and him.
In the small home shall be joy and peace
exist as the meaning of existence!

May happiness and peace accompany your young family,
we wish for all times.

Much love, peace and serenity,
we wish you for the exciting parental leave.

Two little feet move away,
two little ears that hear the word
a little creature with eyes that see,
That's creation, it makes us understand.
Two little arms, two hands on them,
that's a miracle to see.
We don't know what life will bring you,
but we'll help you succeed in many things.

Whether you bed it, whether you weigh it,
whether the child lies in a basket:
Such a child is wonderful!
Congratulations, greetings to the parents!

Sleepless nights, lots of crying,
full diapers and baby food.
That will be your program in the near future,
and now and then a burp on the dress.

Changing diapers, lots of crying,
hunger, usually at three in the morning,
fever, stomach ache, teeth coming in,
Your freedom is taken away.
Your peace is over,
but don't worry - if you want, we'll help you.

With joy we have heard,
the baby has arrived.
Gone is the time when you waited,
now we start into the new happiness!
Even if the nights are noisy for the time being,
this noise will soon subside.

I congratulate on the child blessing
and wish you happiness on all your ways.

The mother is happy, the father is beaming,
Finally the longed-for girl/boy has arrived.

A little daughter/boy so round and splendid,
we are also very happy about it.

We congratulate on your child blessing
and wish you good luck on all your ways.

Two eyes so big and pure,
no baby could be more beautiful.

Three things have remained
from paradise:
The stars of the night,
The flowers of the day
And the eyes of the children.

Love, humanly to make happy,
Approaches them a noble two,
But to divine delight
It forms a delicious three.

What a child's soul from
promises from every glance!
So rich in hope
a whole spring is not.

Children are the very highest happiness on earth;
may your child be especially happy!

The light in your eyes,
the joy in your gaze
are for us
what a ray of sunshine is for the flowers.

Whenever a child sees the light of day,
our Lord has sent a piece of himself.
It is said that love has not yet disappeared,
a new angel has found us!

Four feet, large to medium small,
walked alone for a long time.
Now, soon, at every turn,
two tiny little feet go along.

With joy we have heard,
the baby has arrived.
Gone is the time when you waited,
now we start into the new happiness!
Even if the nights are noisy for the time being,
this noise will soon subside.

If a child is born somewhere,
an angel stands beside it
and day after day and night after night,
a lifetime it now guards.

One little head, one little nose,
ten cute toes,
all around a creature
so sweet to look at.
A sucking little mouth,
silky hair,
two wondering eyes,
a dream come true.

A child, what is that?
Happiness for which there are no words,
love that has taken shape,
a hand that leads back to a world..,
that has long been forgotten.

New life is in the house,
already the world looks much nicer.
The baby should bring much joy,
Be cheerful, laugh all the time.
Be blessed with many gifts
and have a beautiful future.

Such a baby cute and small -
must be a godsend!

Poems for the birth of twins

Twins are already something very special - so special should also be your congratulations on the birth. A poem can be very helpful here.

To the pair of twins happiness and blessings!
And easily you come to this conclusion,
that because of the double joy
we must congratulate twice!

Twins - that is quite apart,
now there are two of this kind!
The parents were not modest,
good luck and joy with the two!

The stork came, wonderful!
With twins to you even.
And when he came, there was something going on,
because his package was quite large,
because it contained a double happiness
very sweet babies, two of them.
I/We wish you therefore
also double happiness and blessings!

The luck came in a double pack,
There must be a big bag
with baby diapers.
Are you also stressed at the beginning
and tired on top of it,
but the joy will be doubled,
the joy is doubled.
I congratulate on the child blessing
and wish you happiness on all your ways.

Birth congratulations and sayings

In addition to the birth sayings, every greeting card should also have a personal congratulations. With us you will find texts and templates for a very special congratulations.
In addition to the above poems, you will also find sayings for the birth with us. The quotes and wisdom come from famous people or are proverbs from different countries.