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Congratulations for promotion

Congratulations for promotion

Many people have to work long and hard for their promotion. The long-awaited career leap often brings with it many exciting changes and great opportunities: more responsibility, more varied activities, new co-workers, a managerial position, more recognition - and of course better pay. So there's no question that this important step is cause for celebration and congratulations. At you will find suitable congratulations for the promotion and tips for the greeting card.

The right greeting card for promotion

For promotion, celebratory motifs are often chosen, such as a champagne bottle with fine glasses, an impressive bouquet of flowers or a dreamlike piece of cake. For a more casual congratulations or greetings, for example from a good friend, beer mugs can be chosen as a card motif instead of champagne glasses. Impressive landscape images are also well suited, with a beautiful mountain panorama or other wide view particularly support the image of the climber. Of course, there are also many images from the world of work for promotion, with especially caricatures and funny motifs being a cheerful alternative.

Personalization of congratulations

Depending on the position from which the congratulations are written, the tone is directed. It can be serious, serious and solemn, or exuberant and cheerful. Pride, recognition and respect are also part of the greetings. Since the new position often brings new challenges and more responsibility, good wishes for the future are also important points in the greeting card. Whether boss, colleague or friend, to make the congratulations personal and individual, they are neatly put on paper with a fountain pen or other nice pen.

Congratulations on promotion from parents, friends and work colleagues

You are welcome to use the following congratulations and greetings for your greeting card.

From the whole team: Congratulations on your promotion!

I always knew you had what it takes to do more! Congratulations on your promotion!

Now it's official, official and legitimate: You've been called to higher things! Congratulations on your promotion!

We would like to congratulate you on your promotion! We wish you good luck and success in your new job!

Your many years of wonderful and hard work have finally been rewarded! The very best congratulations on your promotion from ...

I am very happy about your promotion and I would like to congratulate you very much! Keep it up and all doors are open to you!

We kept our fingers crossed for you and obviously it paid off. We would like to congratulate you on your promotion.

I can hardly believe it, I am so happy: You have been promoted! I am just mighty proud of you and very happy! Congratulations!

I have always believed in you and your talent. It's nice that your superiors have now also recognized what a valuable person you are! Congratulations and all the best for your promotion!

Isn't it wonderful when top performance is also rewarded in a top way? I congratulate you warmly on your well-deserved promotion! I am firmly convinced that you will master the new tasks with flying colors.

You have truly waited a long time for this day, patiently and conscientiously doing your work and hoping for your big chance. Now it is here! Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion!

I will miss working with you in the office, it was always a lot of fun and very inspiring. But most of all, I am very happy that your great work is now duly rewarded. You have truly earned this promotion. Congratulations!

It fills our hearts with immense joy and mighty pride to see our son/daughter blossom and flourish like this! We congratulate you on your promotion, hug you tightly and wish you continued joy and success in your work!

Life is like soccer: If you work hard, practice a lot, show creativity and finesse, and always remain helpful and down-to-earth, you will quickly be promoted to the first league! I would like to congratulate you most sincerely on this important career leap!

I have always admired your calm, friendly and always thoughtful manner. Your superiors have also recognized that there is strength in calmness and have quite rightly appointed you to a higher position - I am very happy for you and hope that you will enjoy your new tasks!

New car, new house,
Champagne rain and feast,
Today we celebrate until we can't go on,
because your promotion makes us very happy!

Congratulations on your promotion to department manager from ...

Today it is supposed to rain roses,
champagne and caviar!
Because today it is official
and it is clear to all of us:
You are a real prodigy,
You are a real star!
The bosses have also recognized this:
The promotion is now here!

Congratulations on promotion from the boss

These texts can be used to congratulate a boss or supervisor on a promotion.

I am very pleased to be able to reward your great work with this career jump. We need reliable, committed and always likeable people like you!

Anyone who works so hard and with such dedication, and always keeps his sense of humor, is born to rise! I would like to congratulate you most sincerely on your well-deserved promotion!

Let's not beat around the bush: you are brilliant and that is why you are being promoted! Congratulations and all, all the best!

A talent like yours is rare. All the more reason for us to be pleased to have you in our company and to be able to accept you in a higher position! Congratulations and all, all the best!

When hard work and a unique talent come together, excellent performance is achieved. You are blessed with this incredibly valuable combination and prove every day how valuable you are to this company. Your promotion is the only logical conclusion! We congratulate you most sincerely!

We are extremely grateful to have had you with us in the company for (number) years. Your always valuable work, your sympathetic manner and your extraordinary commitment are clear reasons for us to offer you a higher position. We look forward to further cooperation and wish you all the best!