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Congratulations for baptism

Child baptized with water by priest

Relatives, friends and especially the godfather should write a few lines of congratulations to the person baptized. The greeting card becomes personal with a saying or a poem or verse. On this page you will find very personal congratulations for baptism, these texts and templates can be used in your greeting card. When writing the congratulations you should pay attention to an impressive overall picture of the greeting card, so your congratulations on the birth will be remembered for a long time.

The greeting card

There are countless greeting cards to buy. Some have, according to the occasion, Christian motifs, on others you can find humorous pictures and sayings. When buying, pay attention to how well you know the parents. In the case of close relatives and good friends, whose tastes you know, you can calmly show some wit. But if you write a congratulation to someone who is not so close to you, a serious card would be appropriate.
. Of course, you can also make a greeting card yourself. You can find materials in stationery or craft store.

Personalization of congratulations

In any case, a congratulations on the christening should be written by hand. This makes the card more personal and thus better remembered. If you have an illegible writing, it would be better to practice the congratulations in advance.
. In your congratulatory text, always keep in mind the attitude to life and the situation of the person being congratulated, this way you will avoid putting your foot in your mouth. Also with ironic and with allusions you are often not well advised. Criticism is in any case not appropriate in a congratulations card.

The structure

A congratulation is usually structured like this: Salutation, naming the occasion, congratulations, wishes for the future, greeting and signature.

The salutation

At a baptism, congratulations should be addressed to the child. In addition, you can also name the parents when addressing them. In any case, the person being baptized can be addressed by his or her first name; for the parents, you must decide how close you are to them.
Here are some examples for the salutation:

  • Dear Stefan...
  • Dear little Lilly...
  • Hello my little Stefan...
  • Dear Stefan, dear parents...
  • Dear baptized child...
  • Dear godchild...
  • My dear godchild...
  • Dear Stefan, dear family Schmidt...
  • Dear Stefan, dear family Schmidt...

Congratulations for baptism

When congratulating them, you should decide whether you are well acquainted with the parents or if you have a not so close relationship. In the case of relatives and friends, you may calmly formulate with a little wit, otherwise keep the congratulations a little more factual.

I wish you all the best for your baptism. I am very happy to be able to accompany you on your journey through life. Your godfather ...

For your holy baptism all the love from your godfather. I wish you the best on your journey through life.

I wish you all the best for your baptism. I am very happy to accompany you on your journey through life and to participate in your growth and prosperity. Your godfather ...

Congratulations on your baptism. May God protect you from sorrow and danger.

God bless you and all happiness shall give you the future. Congratulations on your baptism.

Glad you are here and make our lives richer ! For your holy baptism all the love and good.

For baptism dear wishes for child and parents.

For the baptism we would like to wish all the best. Happiness and cheerfulness shall accompany Stefan forever.

May you have the happiness of the world for all time. Congratulations on your baptism.

Happiness and cheerfulness shall always accompany you. The warmest congratulations on the christening.

I wish you all the happiness on earth and God's blessings. Congratulations on your baptism.

Congratulations on your christening. May all your dreams come true.

We wish you all the best for your baptism. May an angel always be by your side on your journey through life.

I wish you a heap of love in life, mighty happiness and contentment, and a backpack full of laughter and sunshine. Best wishes for your christening.

On all your ways happiness and peace shall accompany you, this I wish you for all times.

Protected shall be your little life. All the love for the baptism.

Congratulations on the holy baptism. Children are a gift from heaven!

Congratulations on your baptism. I wish you to always remain a joyful child of God.

My dear Stefan, I am very honored to be your godfather. My deepest wish for your baptism: God bless you for all times.

To my dear godchild Marie,
on the occasion of your Holy Baptism I wish you much happiness, love, joy and health. I am very happy that I can participate in your life as your godmother. I will try to be always there when you need me. With love, your ...

To the little one baptized, Max!
Today with your baptism you were accepted into a very big family - the family of Christians! Now you are a "child of light" and we hope that your future will be truly bright and radiant. We wish you that God will protect you on all your ways!

Dear Marie,
the first sacrament, Holy Baptism, is something very special! Jesus invites you into his midst and will accompany you throughout your life. I wish you all the happiness in the world and God's rich blessing!

Dear baptized child, dear parents,
The baptism of a child is an especially beautiful reason to celebrate! Therefore, today we wish you an all-round successful day and send the little baptized the very best wishes, good luck and lots of sunshine on all his ways!

Dear Max,
Your christening should be the beginning of a wonderful life full of beautiful moments, happy coincidences, dreamlike moments and promising opportunities! This is what you wish from the bottom of your heart your ...

My dear Marie,
Today you cannot yet imagine what a great gift you have given God with your baptism. But soon you will understand and experience how beautiful it is to be a part of His family. I wish you a full and happy life! May God accompany you on all your ways.

Dear Meier family, dear child to be baptized,
We send you our warmest greetings for the joyful celebration of your baptism and wish you and your little child good luck for his future and God's blessing.

For my little angel Marie for her baptism!
I wish you that all your wishes come true, I hope that you never lose hope and I believe that you can do anything with the faith of God!

Dear baptized child Max,
may your soul and mind always remain as pure and carefree as the little white dress you are wearing today and your future as bright as the light of the candle lit in your honor today!

To little Marie and her parents!
We send the very warmest greetings to you and the sweet baptized baby! We wish sweet Marie all the best for her life's journey, much happiness and an unshakable trust in God.

For my sweet godchild Max!
Today is a great day for you and your family! First you were baptized with consecrated water and anointed with chrism. Then I lit your baptismal candle for you. The light of this candle is a sign that from today you firmly belong to Jesus Christ. Just like me, he will always be there for you and help you with words and deeds. I am very much looking forward to the time together with you! I wish you a life full of light and sunshine and all the happiness in the world. Your godfather ...

Congratulations if you are not personally present at the baptism present:

To the little main person and you we wish a wonderful celebration of baptism. Congratulations.

A magical day for the first celebration of the little baptized. All the best for the future.

Congratulations on the great celebration of the baby baptized. All the best to little Lilly and her parents.

We wish a beautiful celebration and Stefan a protected life in the family.

Congratulations and a magical celebration of the baptism.

Congratulations on the baptism. We wish the parents a magical day and the baptized a protected life.

Sayings and poems for congratulations on baptism

A congratulations card can also contain a baptism saying or poem. The congratulations will be framed by the sayings, quotes, wisdom and verses and will be something unique. The parents of the person to be baptized will recognize that you have made a special effort in writing the congratulations. The card with the saying or poem will then be kept for a lifetime and will forever be a beautiful reminder of the baptism of the offspring.