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Congratulations 40th birthday

Number 40 as party picture

The 40th birthday can be a wonderful date. The family planning is usually completed and in the job one has found his place. Everyone has their space for hobbies, friends and fun. A big celebration can be planned and this special birthday can be celebrated exuberantly. Surprises for the birthday boy or girl and fancy congratulations leave a great memory of this special day. Happy 40th birthday wishes can include everything, love, happiness and health. In no case should start the 40th year of life with negative phrases from an unprofessional greeting card.

Design of greeting card for 40th birthday

There are several ways to create a greeting card. If you have creativity and crafting skills, you can make your own 40th birthday congratulations card. Those who are not so handy can purchase a custom greeting card at any stationery store, florist or gift store. Depending on your mood, there are a variety of funny and romantic birthday cards. Today, on special Internet sites, you can also select individual cards and arrange them with your own congratulations and photos.

Structure of the greeting card

In principle, the congratulatory texts should be handwritten. This looks very nice and gives the congratulations a personal touch. All congratulations start with the appropriate salutation, a saying or a poem can be placed above or below it. The congratulations should come from the heart and be tailored to the celebrant. Finally, the congratulations card is signed and perhaps versehn with the current date.

Salutation for congratulations on the 40th birthday

When addressing, it always depends on the birthday child. With family members, the name is usually mentioned, so the card becomes personal: "Dearest Karin, ..." or "Dear Jörg, ...". But also affectionate salutations such as "My dearest ...", "My darling ...", "Hello my darling ..." are possible. Among friends, a "Hello ..." or "Hi ..." is common. If the celebrant is a business associate or distant acquaintance, the salutation may be "Dear Mr. ..." or "Dear Mrs. ...".

Congratulations 40th birthday

Here you will find congratulations with which you can congratulate on the 40th birthday:

Congratulations on your 40th birthday. Good luck and health shall accompany you on your way.

Up to this point you have held up terrific - keep it up! Congratulations on your 40th birthday!

I wish you all the best for your 40th birthday today and all the happiness on earth, stay as you are. With love your ...

Happy Birthday! The very warmest congratulations on your 40th birthday are conveyed to you from the heart by your ...

The very warmest wishes for your 40th birthday send you your ... ! Stay as you are, we love you with all our hearts.

I congratulate you very much on your 40th birthday today. I wish you all the best and love ...

Your 40th birthday today is another day for me to tell you how much I love you and that I can't live without you. Your ...

No matter what number - you are simply brilliant! Congratulations on your 40th birthday!

Man, you have become quite old... - one does not see you at all! Happy 40th birthday!

We would like to congratulate you on your 40th birthday today. You are the best in the whole world. With love yours ...

You have already experienced a lot; but far from everything! Many congratulations on your 40th birthday!

Happy 40th Birthday! I hope we will be able to spend more years together happily, I love you with all my heart. Your cuddle mouse ...

I would like to congratulate you on your 40th birthday and thank you for putting up with me for so long. I love you! Your Schatzi ...

A round birthday, that must be celebrated! We just drop under the table, which one it is. Very dear birthday hugs!

40 years you are today, the birthday crowd is happy! We take the age with humor, and celebrate even stronger than before! Congratulations!

40 years old... - that sounds at least three times as wise, twice as dignified and four times as serene as 39! Congratulations on your 40th birthday!

For your 40th birthday, we wish you the 4 Gs: Serenity (a great benefit of getting older), Health (for the next 40 years), Happiness (can never hurt) and always a reason to celebrate! The warmest congratulations from ...

All the best for your 40th birthday today, as well as happiness and joy in your further life. Continue to be so strong and unwavering, do not let yourself be diverted from your path. We will always stand behind you. With love your aunt and uncle ...

We congratulate you on your 40th birthday and wish you all the best and much happiness on your way. Further success in your job and all the best in your family wish you your friends ...

You're celebrating your 40th birthday today. A reason to complain? But no, a reason to celebrate! The world needs someone like you - even and especially at 40! Happy birthday to the round birthday!

We could now rant a lot about your advanced age ... - but we'll save that for your 50th birthday, then it'll be even more fun! All the best for your 40th birthday!

Time passes, someone has already turned the clock again. You are 40 years old today, without you the world would be bitterly cold. Be strong and don't let yourself be distracted, even if some times the "sabers" clash. You are the best and our treasure, so we all give you a big kiss. Your Mausi and the children ...

Don't get angry about getting older - it only makes the gray hairs come faster! Always stay cheerful, laugh a lot and take the signs of age with dignity - and above all with a lot of humor! Congratulations on your 40th birthday!

Hello my best, I am glad to be able to go through life with you. Therefore, I wish you all the best, health, happiness and joy. May all your wishes and dreams come true. Your buddy ...

For your fortieth birthday, I wish you 12 months of fun, 52 weeks of success, 365 days of joy, 8760 hours of peace and serenity, 524600 minutes of joy and 31536000 seconds of being loved.

As long as you can laugh and find the wonderful in the everyday, as long as you can marvel, love and play, you are not old. I wish you all this with all my heart for your 40th birthday!

For your 40th birthday you will have to listen to many jokes and mocking comments... - So I wish you a lot of serenity, humor and contentment! Laughter is healthy, and laughing at yourself keeps you young at heart. The warmest congratulations from ...

Thank God the 39 is gone! She threatened a whole year with the inevitable 40!
Now the 40 is finally here, the teeth chattering wait has come to an end.... and it doesn't feel so bad! I wish you a terrific and happy new year of life!

Those who look back on their past youth with lamentation will not have anything exciting to look forward to. But if you start the new decade of your life with anticipation, humor and openness, you can expect a lot of joy, exciting encounters and valuable experiences! With this in mind, all, all the best for your 40th birthday!

So now you're leaving your thirties behind as well.... - there it becomes really hard not to talk about getting older! Just as good wine gains in class with the years, you will not get older with the years, but more mature and better! So don't be sad about turning 40, but celebrate hard and have a good time! Congratulations from ...

Who says "The most beautiful years are over!", he is old. But if you give every day the chance to become the most beautiful of your whole life, you will always stay young and never lose sight of the glow! So I wish you with all my heart a wonderful 40th birthday, and that your inner glow never goes out!

40th birthday... - the first anti-wrinkle cream, the first color conditioner for the hair, gentle peelings for mature skin, lots of fruit and vegetables, less alcohol, enough sleep - stop! You are ten years too early! Advertisements always say, "For mature skin over 50!" Lucky you, false alarm. All the best for your 40th birthday and congratulations!

Such a round birthday must be celebrated properly: So I wish you 40 colorful balloons, so that you never forget to reach for the sky; 40 thick wool socks, so that you never get cold feet; 40 good books, so that your head, your imagination and your eyes stay fit; 40 great jokes, so that you always have something to laugh about; and of course 40 thick birthday candles, so that even on rainy days a light always shines for you. Congratulations on your 40th birthday!

For your 40th birthday, we wish you: reading glasses, a cuddly blanket, a cup of chamomile tea, a hot water bottle, anti-wrinkle cream, a glass of exquisite red wine and the scent of lavender. But also: an adventure, a skateboard, a roller coaster ride, a fast car, loud dance music, one too many beers and boisterous laughter. Even though you learn to appreciate coziness and silence more as you get older, that doesn't mean you don't enjoy exciting adventures anymore! With that in mind, happy 40th birthday!

Well, the beautiful thirties are now over and I know that many are afraid of 40. But yesterday and tomorrow are not so important - what counts is the moment. And that means every single one! So enjoy today and don't worry about past youth or coming old age. If you simply live in the now, you won't even notice that you are getting older - at most wiser and more experienced. In this sense I wish you a wonderful birthday and a great new year!

Congratulations Wording Templates


I congratulate you on your 40th birthday and wish you all the best and much happiness on your way. Further success in your job and all the best in your family wishes you

Your Hanna

Hello Herbert,

the warmest congratulations to your
40th birthday from the bottom of my heart

Tina and Arnold

Birthday sayings and birthday poems for 40th birthday

Congratulations and birthday cards can also contain romantic or funny sayings, quotes and poems for the birthday. On the next page you will find suitable texts for congratulations with a saying or poem. The texts can also be used for a text message, guestbook or photo album.