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Confirmation: congratulations, sayings and poems

Curved cross

In Latin, confirmation means "confirmation" and "confirmation". In the confirmation service both meanings are taken up, on the one hand the confirmands experience by the laying on of hands and blessing (Einsegnung) the promise of God. His yes, which He has already given to the person being baptized, is affirmed and the young person is an integral part of the church community.
On the other hand, the confirmands say yes to God and the church. In the service, they are specifically asked about their own faith, which they confirm anew.
Since the confirmation is a very important step in the life of a believer, one should arrange the Congratulations to the confirmation also accordingly. The congratulations, sayings and poems should be personal and tailored to the confirmand. A saying or poem testifies to individuality and frames each greeting card and the associated congratulations, very impressive.

Confirmation gift ideas

Since confirmation is a very important Christian event, you can make religious gifts. For example, a guardian angel or cross made of metal, glass or wood is suitable. In addition, a chain with a pendant or a Bible would also be conceivable. If one provides the objects with an engraving or an inscription, then the gifts become a personal memory.
Of course, you can also give the young person with money, in connection with a greeting card this is also appropriate in any case. But you can also fall back on wishes of the confirmand, perhaps he would like a special wristwatch, fancy clothes or a hi-fi system.